Things to Consider When Buying a Cat Tree


Cats are very energetic animals and keeping them entertained can be quite a challenge. Purchasing a cat tree for your feline friend is quite a good idea, because these toys are specially designed to help you in your quest to keep your cat happy. If you are looking for a good quality model, check out the best cat tree reviews available around the Internet to see what models are most appreciated by cat owners. Our guide will also help you decide on the best cat tree for your companion.

A.Cat Tree

Important features

The whole point of getting a cat tree is to provide your pet with a place to rest, play and exercise all day long. This means that a cat tree with plenty of features is more desirable than one that is nothing but bare bones. When it comes to features, there are a few that should not be amiss. The first is the scratching post, where felines get to sharpen their nails. Did you know that they also use this simple exercise to maintain in good shape, by stretching their limbs? The best cat tree reviews also keep in mind models that come equipped with a small condo, where your cat can rest when tired. Many levels and toys also add to the general appeal.



Another aspect that is very important is the materials the cat trees are made of. Sisal is common for scratching posts, while carpet is used for the condo and the places where the cats can rest. However, if there is too much carpet on the cat tree, your feline companion may no longer tell the difference between its toy and your carpet which may become a great alternative. Wood and corrugated cardboard are usually used for the main structure.


Assembling and maintenance

You will surely want to keep in mind how easy is for cat trees to be put together and then maintained. Usually they come with step by step instructions and they should not be very difficult to assemble. Nonetheless, you may not want a model that challenges you too much.


Top Rated Cat Trees in 2019


Here are the top rated cat trees 2019 we found while searching the World Wide Web. Fun for your cats and ideal as both exercising and resting places, they have all the great features that make a cat tree worth buying for any cat owner looking to provide their pet with the best toys out there.


Go Pet Club F32 Cat Tree


1.Go Pet Club Cat TreeOne of the most popular cat trees available right now, the Go Pet Club Cat Tree has everything you need for your cat to be entertained all the time. Seen as the best cat tree 2019, it is made of compressed wood, sisal rope for the scratching posts and faux fur.

The faux fur offers the advantage that your cat will not mistake your precious carpet with its own scratching post. Actually, the sisal rope scratching posts are a much more appealing option, so don’t be surprised to see your cat spending all day in the cat tree you brought home.

One thing that must be mentioned is that this cat tree is a good choice for smaller breeds of cats. In case you have a strong tomcat that really weighs significantly on the scale, this model may be a bit too little for its size. However, many cats love it, and even in houses with more cats, it is still a good item to buy.

A condo and a few resting places are readily provided, and there is even a hanging toy to keep your cat entertained all day long. With so many best cat tree reviews praising this model, we highly recommend it, too.

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SmartCat 3826 Multi-Level Cat Climber


2.SmartCat Multi-LevelThis toy for cats is the best cat tree 2019 you can find at the moment. Designed to fit to any door, it is a great addition to any household with a cat or more. The style is fairly simple, but also very efficient. In case your cat is already a big fan of climbing doors when they are open, why not give it a great alternative for the times when the doors are closed?

This cat climber has several levels, each with a resting place and its own scratching post made of sisal rope. Cats absolutely love this type of material, because it helps them maintain their nails sharp and in top shape. Since felines are great climbers, having such a toy readily available in your house will make you the best owner ever. You will see your cat spending all day long, resting or exercising, on the cat climber.

A bracket system makes it easy to move around, in case you want to present your cat with a new challenge once in a while. In case your cat gets bored easily, changing the place of the climber will present a new option that the cat will take right away.

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Best Choice Products “The Tabby” Cat Tree


3.The TabbyAnother item you will notice mentioned by the best cat tree reviews online is this model from Best Choice Products. Compared to the models described above, this one is more complex. With 6 different levels for your cat to play, rest, or maintain its nails in top shape, “The Tabby” is a great choice, especially for pet owners with more cats. With plenty of room around for your feline friends to play and have fun all day long, this option is one you should consider.

Besides six different levels, the model comes equipped with two condos, and nine scratching posts, so two cats or even more can use it in the same time. Some hanging ropes and toys are also readily available, and the sisal rope for the scratching posts is good to have, since it will protect your carpet and furniture against your four legged friends with itching nails waiting to scratch on everything in sight.

The materials this cat tree is made of, besides sisal rope, are compressed wood and faux fur. The compressed wood makes the structure light, but sturdy, while the faux fur is a good alternative to the carpets on the floor, so your cats will prefer it whenever they need to scratch their nails.

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