An Expert Buying Guide on Center Channel Speakers


Center channel speakers are devices that can enhance the sound quality of home stereo systems. One of the most important features of these products is that they focus on the sounds that matter. By differentiating and extracting them from the back noise, they can make sure that you actually hear what the actors from any movie are saying. Yet before you go on picking a model over another, it wouldn’t hurt to check the best center channel speaker reviews. We’ve done our best to present the info a future buyer simply needs to know before making a purchase.


What to look for when buying the best center channel speaker of 2019


Is compatibility an issue?

Most people get overly excited about buying a center channel speaker and often ignore the matter of compatibility. The simplest way of realizing whether your home system will be compatible with your desired center channel speaker is to see whether they belong to the same manufacturer. Aside from that, there are a lot of technical specifications that make the difference between a speaker that’s a perfect fit and one that you could simply be without.

Some of the technical specs to consider are: configuration ratio, biwire capability, crossover frequency response, impedance and maximum input power.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Impedance (Ohm) Price Output wattage (W) Dimensions (inches) Our Rating Where to buy

Polk Audio CS10

8 $$$ 125 6.5 x 9.75 x 20 A+ AMAZON

Yamaha NS-C310BL

6 $$$$ 120 3.69 x 4.94 x 17.31 A AMAZON

Pioneer SP-C22

6 $$ 90 7.13 x 8.45 x 18.13 B AMAZON



So you’ve begun your quest for the top rated center channel speakers 2019. Good for you! The matter of size might seem like a no-brainer, but the fact is that few people actually consider it before making a purchase. For instance, you might want to place the center channel speaker in a specific spot on the furniture. But what if it’s too big to fit that spot? try to pick the right size of the item from the beginning, instead of complicating your life with exchanges and refunds.


Horizontal or vertical center channel speakers

People tend to believe that vertical center channel speakers occupy less space. It’s true, they’re not as wide as their horizontal counterparts, and will therefore take less ground space. Yet it all depends on you to realize what type you need: do you need it standing or sitting on the floor? To make a safe choice, look for the best center channel speaker reviews.


Top Rated Center Channel Speakers in 2019



Yamaha NS-C310BL


The Yamaha model we’re reviewing is also one of the best center channel speaker of 2019. Compared to the center speaker we presented above, this one is a 2-way bass-reflex device, which is especially developed to refine sound. The human ear can perceive a multitude of sounds, but when a broadcast is jammed, it can no longer make the difference between one sound and another.

This Yamaha channel speaker gets rid of any vagueness in matters of sound.

How does it manage to produce such a clear sound? The answer is pretty simple: it uses aluminum cones to propagate sound waves in a clear and crystal manner.

Aside from a high quality of sound, it comes with a great design. It’s smooth, it’s sleek and it’s thin enough to fit any furniture piece you’d like to place it in. This is an horizontal channel speaker, so make sure you have some special spot just for it.

Although it would be preferable you use it with other Yamaha sound systems, it is useful to know that the speaker reasonably fits other consoles as well.

As for customer reviews, more than 80 individuals have awarded 5-star ratings to the device.


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Infinity Primus PC351


Also among channel speakers that over time received some of the best center channel speaker reviews is this model of Infinity. The device is a 3-way dual 5-1/ 4” speaker. It comes in a simple yet chic black color and is among the horizontal models we were mentioning above.

With a beautiful finish and a stealthy design, this speaker will cross as an invisibible piece of your furniture. It will just secretly and greatly contribute to the sound of your home sound system.

Thanks to this item, even very low resonance sounds can finally be heard accurately. At the same time, the tweeted of the device, along its acoustical waveguides, are responsible for delivering high-frequency response. You just can’t go wrong with this one.

What do customers say about the product? With more than 110 5-star ratings, it would be safe to assume that the high quality of the item is well appreciated by multiple buyers. Sound quality is impressive and largely contributes to the clear audio broadcast of movies and music.

Infinity is a well-known brand on the American market and the company has a long history of manufacturing top-notch sound devices. It would be great if you could accompany the center channel speaker to the Infinity Tower Loudspeakers or to the Primus Powered Subwoofer.


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Klipsch RC-42 II Reference Series


The fresh Klipsch RC-42 has received a decent number of best center channel speaker reviews. Let’s see why that happened. First off, as we already emphasized in the beginning of our buying guide, it wouldn’t hurt if you chose to pick this center channel loudspeaker along with other Klipsch products, such as the surround speaker or the bookshelf loudspeaker.

Usually electrical devices manufactured by the same company are compatible with each other.

Secondly, the device is most appreciated for the quality of sound it offers buyers. It’s said to create an exceptional sound clarity. Yet another advantage to buying his model is its reduced size. While it may look like a small and low budget center channel speaker, it really is not. Moreover, it comes with a great design, which makes it go with classic and modern furniture.

The Klipsch RC-42 has high frequency crossover of 1700Hz and a nominal impedance of 8 ohms.

Up until now, the product has received more than 40 5-star ratings. According to various customers from all over the world, it is a truly wonderful addition to home sound systems. This channel speaker will turn a confusing sound into a crisp and clear one.


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