In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best chainsaw? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. We understand how having the best chainsaw can help you trim, prune and cut easily, simplifying yardwork. We collected plenty of information on the best chainsaw for sale by looking at the most popular expert review sites and checking the featured products against actual owner feedback and overall brand quality. This has helped us conclude that the best chainsaw on the market is the Makita 5012B. The Makita 5012B is a compact and lightweight machine powered by a capable 11.5-amp electric motor, for fume-free performance that won’t be earbusting. Since it doesn’t utilize gas-and-oil mixes, this chainsaw offers mess-free and virtually maintenance-free operation. A smooth chain action is delivered thanks to the special sprocket inside the end of the chain bar. Perfect for home use, this machine comes with a tough polycarbonate housing for years of dependable performance. The built-in overload protector ensures safety at all times, with double insulation and no overheating for your protection. If the Makita 5012B is unavailable, you can always go for the second best option on the market, the Husqvarna 965146701.



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Simplifying yard maintenance work, a chainsaw is a versatile piece of equipment that can be used for trimming, pruning and cutting as well as for more intricate tasks such as for carving the trees and shrubs on your property. It is handy for sawing firewood and for cutting off dead tree limbs, or for clearing trees that have fallen after a howler or storm. Easier to use than a standard hand saw, a chainsaw can be utilized for both light and heavy yard work depending on a number of factors.

1.Makita 5012B

Power Option

When pondering between an electric vs gas chainsaw, the location and size of the area to be cleared determines what power source the machine will operate on. When you want power and mobility combined, a gas-powered chainsaw should do the trick. Ranging from light-duty machines to professional-level units, gasoline-powered chainsaws can do from light trimming, pruning and cutting to bringing down large trees.

This kind of unit uses pull-start cranking and typically features a two-cycle engine that runs on a gas-and-oil mix, which you can mix for yourself or purchase premixed. It can cut smoothly and quickly compared to electric models, with a faster chain speed that entails use of less pressure. It will require fueling and maintenance to ensure consistent performance.

An electric chainsaw is perfect for light cutting, pruning and trimming plus other small tasks that need lower power and slower sawing speeds. Running more quietly than a gas-powered model, this kind of chainsaw also offers easier starting and virtually zero maintenance. Electric chainsaws can come in corded and cordless varieties. Cordless units provide easier mobility, with no power cable trailing behind you as you go about the clearing task. The battery does add mass to the machine and limits the running time and has to be recharged or replaced with a fresh one when its life cycle is over.

Corded machines are lighter and are great for beginners just learning how to use a chainsaw. There’s no need to recharge or refuel, but the unit may require the use of an appropriate extension cord to go around the work area.


Bar Length and Other Features

One way to gauge the size of a saw and the work it can carry out is looking at the bar length. With a longer bar, a chainsaw offers value for the money since it is able to cut large-diameter wood in only a single pass. Chainsaws for home use range from 6 inches of bar length on small electric units, while the larger, gas-powered units can have bar lengths 20 inches or so. Bar lengths of 20 inches or more are professional-duty models.

A higher voltage on a cordless machine, a higher amperage rating on a corded unit, engine displacement on a gas-powered model, as well as horsepower can determine the power rating of a chainsaw, and the higher the numbers are, the more power can be expected from the unit. Of course, with a longer bar length and a bigger motor, you have to expect that there’s more weight, which can mean greater vibration generated, more difficult handling along with greater safety issues. For better manageability, you may opt for a smaller and less powerful model,

To reduce operator fatigue and promote more comfortable use even for extended periods, some models are equipped with anti-vibration features. A gasoline-powered chainsaw will require less pulling force to start if it has spring-assist starting, a decompression valve or primer bulb. A wraparound front handle enables you to grip the machine comfortably.

Low or reduced kickback chains or bars provide added safety by decreasing the risk of the machine getting forced back and up unexpectedly. A narrow-tip bar or extra guard links limit the cutting area that pushes the chainsaw back or from taking a bite that is too large. Metal springs or rubber bushings between the chain, bar and engine and the handle reduce vibration that can cause operator fatigue and other safety issues. A bar tip guard is a steel attachment covering the nose of the bar that prevents kickback at the source while shortening the employable length of the bar. A chain catcher is a metal extension mounted beneath the guide bar and helps prevent the thrown chain from getting flung back toward the user.

With a trigger lock, the cutting chain stops automatically when you take your finger off the trigger, effectively preventing accidental starting. With tool-free chain adjustment, you can modify the tension on the cutting chain easily and quickly via a hand operated wheel-and-crank system that locks and unlocks the chain bar and enables it to move in and out without the need for a screwdriver or wrench, so making the proper adjustment is fast and hassle-free. The bar and chain oil level can be easily viewed at a glance so you can do prompt refilling when needed, thanks to a translucent viewing strip or tank.

2.Husqvarna 965146701

Useful Add-ons

Premium quality chainsaws come with accessories and attachments that facilitate hassle-free use. Some of these include an automatic oiler that keeps the chain lubricated sufficiently while executing cuts, eliminating the need to activate the specific functionality to ensure efficient and safe cutting.

A blade sharpener ensures that the chainsaw blade keeps its sharp cutting edge longer so you won’t have to detach it to sharpen or to replace it too soon. A shielded muffler on a gas-powered model protects the operator from burns on the hands and fingers during use. A simple feature called bucking spikes let you cut logs on a log stand or sawbuck by serving as a fulcrum on which the bar and chain can pivot downward. The life of the air filter is prolonged thanks to an air-cleaning feature that removes large debris before it gets to the filter. A carrying case or sheath enables safe and effortless transport.



Top rated chainsaws in 2019


Out of the many manufacturers and models on the market, we have found the following products to be the best chainsaws you can get for the money.


Our recommendations


Makita 5012B


best chainsawAccording to recent statistics and online surveys it seems that the Makita 5012B electric chain saw is one of the best chainsaws in 2019 in terms of efficiency and high quality. The Makita has a powerful 11.5 amp power easy to control due to the lightweight design and thus allowing the user to have complete freedom in achieving the predetermined tasks. Furthermore, the Makita chainsaw has an 11 ¾-inch guide bar and also a solid 5.550 FPM chain speed that can cut with precision any material you want without encountering any problems.


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Husqvarna 965146701


The New Husqvarna 450E with 18 inches bar, 50.2cc and 2-cycle gas powered chain saw has a SmartStart feature. This feature is very convenient because it enables the machine to start quickly with little effort. It also benefits from X-Torq, a feature which enables less fuel consumption and less exhaust emission levels. This chainsaw is also able to remove large amounts of unwanted dirt even before reaching the air filter, so you can have an easier job while cleaning the filter. This is because of its Air Injection capability, which also gives the powerful performance. To top it all off, it has a choke/stop control for more convenience.


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GreenWorks 20312 G-MAX


GreenWorks G-MAX 40V 16-inch DigiPro Brushless Chainsaw gives a very powerful performance that it can cut up a cord in just a single charge. Its remarkable cutting capability delivers 30% more torque compared to other gas-powered chainsaws, and is also helped by its high-end brushless motor feature. This brushless motor design also lessens vibration by 70%. All these features are what make peoples’ jobs convenient and fast, a well documented fact found in the best chainsaws reviews. For further support and protection, the chain brake, hand guard and quick release trigger are also included with this model. The long-lasting battery life, superb efficiency and a minimal noise make it an ideal product.


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Poulan Pro PP5020AV


top rated chainsaw reviewsReceiving high marks and good feedback from the current top rated chainsaw reviews, the Poulan Pro PP5020AV model is an efficient gas chain saw, one of the best in its category. The Poulan Pro chainsaw has a solid clean air filter system that ensures that the elements last longer, thus prolonging the life expectancy of the product. Furthermore, the chainsaw has also a completely automatic chain oiler and also is equipped with the unique DuraLife feature that enhances the performance and efficiency of this model. The Poulan Pro is very easy to use and can deliver good results without causing any problems during construction projects.


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Husqvarna 450


Best chainsaws in 2019As one of the best chainsaws in 2019, the Husqvarna 450 model is designed to fit the needs of any person involved in various construction projects and that needs a reliable tool. This 18-inch, 3.2 horsepower chainsaw is equipped with the Smart Start feature that enables the user to operate it with ease. Furthermore the Husqvarna 45a has an ergonomic structure with features like air injection technology and the highly acclaimed X-Torq engine. This Husqvarna model also has a combined choke/stop control which helps you to start the engine faster, thus gaining precious time during the actual work.


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Products which are no longer available



McCulloch MCC3516F


Currently, people are searching for efficient chainsaws that can help them get the job done within a short period of time and in a relatively comfortable manner. To this extent, the McCulloch MCC3516F electric chainsaw reunites high quality, precise functions, advanced technology and a solid design in order to deliver significant aid to the user in all kinds of tasks. The McCulloch chainsaw comes with a professional structure that includes a low kickback chain, chain brake, hand guard and also a solid 16” reduced sprocket nose guide bar, putting this model among the current best chainsaws in 2019.





Makita UC3530A


The Makita UC3530A grade electric chainsaw combines both efficiency and affordability in a smart manner, allowing the owner to make a solid investment. This model has a powerful 14-inch blade and because it is electric you won’t have to worry about CAB compliance or other related issues. The Makita UC350A chainsaw is very easy to use and through the ergonomic handles, tool-less blade and chain or the easy start option the user can control the machine with ease, thus setting the prospects for good results and no unwanted surprises. This is the reason why the current top rated chainsaw reviews speak so highly of this model.