Top reated Changing Tables in 2019


Changing tables are one of the essential furniture that is present in the nursery. It provides a better height boost that is more convenient for the adults when changing a baby’s diaper. Aside from that, it stores some of baby’s essentials, such as diapers and some cloths. It usually comes with a changing pad and the railings and safety straps are supposed to secure the baby when changing the diapers. Changing tables basically have the same structure and each model differs when it comes to quality and style. According to the best changing table reviews, the items listed below are the best that can be found on the market.


Delta Eclipse Changing Table


Best Changing Table ReviewsThe Delta Eclipse Changing Table is the best changing table in 2019 that is available for less than $100. The main table frame is made of solid wood and composites, with an almost-vintage cherry finish look. It is a very secure changing table which is enclosed by safety rails. The changing pad has water-resistant properties and it comes with a safety strap. The fixed shelves are spacious enough to store cloths and diapers. This changing table is guaranteed to be super durable.

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Badger Basket Baby Changing Table


According to the best changing table reviews, the badger Basket Baby Changing Table may be a little expensive but it keeps the nursery clean and organized. Aside from being a changing basket, it comes with six neatly arranged baskets that are used for storing most of baby’s stuff, such as toiletries, clothes, and diapers. The changing pads are comfy and safe. There are safety belts included and the safety rails have just the right height to keep baby secured.

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Summer Infant 2-Drawer Combo Changer


The Summer Infant 2-Drawer Combo changer may be a little subtle and low-profile than other changing tables, but when it comes to durability, it is definitely a winner. The table’s design is very straightforward, with a touch of Mocha finishing. It serves as a changing table and a drawer, where baby’s clothes and diapers can be stored. The drawers are designed with a metal glider that allows them to be opened and closed smoothly.

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Badger Basket Modern Changing Table


One of the most modern-looking changing tables is the badger basket Modern Changing table. It comes with a large hamper and three removable pull-out baskets. The changing pad on the top is comfortable enough for baby. The safety belt and rails are added to keep the child secure while changing the diaper. It is a very efficient changing table with an ample storage for all of baby’s essentials. It also has a very stylish look that makes it the best changing table in 2019 for the nursery.

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South Shore Savannah Collection Changing Table


The South Shore Savannah Collection Changing table is one of the best changing tables in 2019 with a very unique design. It has a very neat pure white finish that complements all kinds of nursery interior theme. It has shelves and drawers with super smooth polymer gliders. The changing pad does not involve a mattress as well as its accessories. Despite its construction material, the table is very solid and sturdy, and every part holds the whole changing table strongly together.

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