Expert Advice on How to Buy a Channel Mixer


Essentially, the products described in the best channel mixer reviews are designed to combine and process audio signals, then route them to anywhere they need to be delivered. When buying these types of products, you may have to consider a number of important factors, so keeping informed about those elements is key to making a successful purchase.

Inputs and Outputs

How you plan to use the product you pick out in the best channel mixer reviews determines the type and number of inputs and outputs the unit should have.

To illustrate, when using a mixer for live sound mixing events, you will need to ensure that your machine has the ability to handle a hodgepodge of microphones plus other devices that connect to it. In addition, the unit should also support the main and monitor speakers. Moreover, the mixer may also serve to drive the main and monitor speakers with power.

Record mixing purposes require knowing the number of performers and instruments to be captured at one time. I/O calculation should integrate other devices as well, to ensure a consistent signal chain and recording process. Look for top rated channel mixers 2019 that support microphone preamps, signal and effects processors, monitor speakers, headphones, and instruments directly connected to the mixer using direct injection (DI) boxes.


Mixer Types

Offering greater versatility compared to their digital counterparts, analog mixers also provide ease of use and are generally of lower cost. Physical knobs, switches and faders control functions, making operation more intuitive.

Digital mixers produce instant response to signal routing, aside from providing extensive and versatile signal dynamics and an amazing variety of effects. A touch of a button creates preprogrammed effects and routing. Some models have software plug-in compatibility that promotes tone-shaping capability.

Software mixers are widely used for recording, as they allow virtual instrument integration, as well as drum loops, samples and plenty of other elements into any production.

Powered mixers in the best channel mixer reviews offer effective live performance handling when the main and monitor speakers are without power. These types set you free from having to transport and set up power amps.


EQ Capability, Bus and Signal Routing

The ability to tweak sound to finer levels is required in studio recording. This may need the use of multiband parametric equalizers. Live sound mixing in its simplest form needs non-complex high frequency, mid and bass control.

Look for the best channel mixer 2019 that can support signal and buses routing for recording purposes. Special-purpose mixes including feeds to headphones, monitors, recording gear and external effects mixes require greater routing flexibility plus signal pathways.


Top Rated Channel Mixers in 2019


You may have to seek expert advice from a professional music maker or musical director to obtain enough information on the best channel mixers on the market. If you are a serious DIYer, you may need to do plenty of reading to make sure you become a more informed buyer. Or refer to the products described in the next paragraphs.


Alto Professional ZMX122FX Mixer


The Alto Professional ZMX122FX undoubtedly stands head and shoulders above the rest in the best channel mixer reviews thanks to its revolutionary built-in Alesis effects to produce live sound. It is the perfect device to use for mobile audio/video, deejaying and home studio purposes. This compact mixer has a total of 16 inputs, which includes a wide array of 1/4-inch, RCA and XLR jacks. The RCA inputs and outputs are perfect for connectors to enable seamless integration of audio-video gear.

The Alto Professional ZMX122FX’s aux sends and returns 1/4-inch jacks to allow problem-free integration of outboard processors plus a lot more. This is a really versatile mixer whose mic inputs offer +18V Phantom Power on the ultra-low noise discrete mic pre-amps. It is compatible with dynamic and condenser mics, giving you plenty of recording options. Get incredibly smooth sound quality minus the buzz, hiss and electronic noise. For a four-piece band, the Alto Professional ZMX122FX provides enough inputs for immediate response and a little room to expand.

This remarkable channel mixer is portable and easy to use, according to many users. It offers great value for small performances. The effects are exceptional, and they are built-in, too. The mixer has excellent build quality incomparable to other brands on the market.

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Mackie PROFX12 Compact Effects Mixer


Legendary Mackie durability at a pocket-friendly price. That’s what this best channel mixer 2019 offers to the music making professional. The Mackie PROFX12 12-Channel Compact Effects Mixer offers the most complete set for the compact effects mixers segment. Great for small performing acts, this channel mixer is also made for solo performances and small venues that work better without hoards of outboard gear. With Mackie’s high-headroom, low-noise mic pre-amps, you can get pristine signal delivery.

The LED metering and 60mm faders on each channel monitor levels, keeping them in check. Use the three-band active EQ and the built-in RMFX 32-bit processor that brings 16 gig-designed effects to further enhance the mix. You can also tune mains and monitors using the seven-band stereo graphic EQ and capture the mix. Or you can stream house music from your laptop via the built-in USB I/O. This top-of-the-line compact mixer boasts an innovative ‘USB Thru’ switch that enables impressive recording and live setup when utilizing performance software such as Reason and Ableton Live.

This device has everything you need to make gigs sound terrifically exceptional. It is remarkably easy to operate. Housed in the ultra-tough enclosure are all the right tools, plus extra impact resistant side cheeks to keep your investment protected from the punishment of transport.

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Behringer Q1202USB Mixer


Buyers love how the Behringer Q1202USB 12-Channel Mixer connects directly to your computer through the built-in stereo USB/Audio Interface. This means the device can maximize the computer’s general programming efficiency to make the most of its remarkable built-in features. With the Behringer Q1202USB 12-Channel Mixer, you have four class-leading XENYX Mic Preamps that make the system comparable to stand-alone complex boutique pre-amps. The machine offers a small enough footprint for musicians who want to bring their recording setup to different locations.

The Behringer Q1202USB 12-Channel Mixer is a David among the many Goliaths in this specific product category. It has Neo-classic British three-band EQ’s to give you warm and melodic sound. It ships with free audio recording, podcasting and editing software, as well as a total of 150 instrument and effect plug ins that you can download at the manufacturer’s specified website. Get crystal clear audio plus support for up to four microphones. This channel mixer offers great value for money, making it the product of choice for a long period of time.

The Behringer Q1202USB 12-Channel Mixer works great with Windows 8 devices. Record audio tracks using this revolutionary sound board built with the right kind of features you need for your particular purpose.

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