Chef knives Price comparison


A good quality knife becomes as important to a chef as durable tyres are to a car. Best chef knives reviews are geared towards providing chefs in the world over, with durable, high performance knives best suited to their needs.


Misono UX10


Best Chef knives Ratings Finding the perfect knife with the best grip and functionality is not an easy task. If you are vary of undertaking such a tedious task then you can always go for the highly recommended Misono UX10 chef knife. It is popularly known as the Gyuto knife. This Knife is equipped with a sharp Sweden steel double edged blade. The blade is completely resistant to rust and stains. On the hardness Rockwell C scale this blade shows a value in the range of 59-60. The handle is made of a highly polished wood composite giving the knife a very professional finish.



Tojiro DP series 21 cm Gyuto knife


Best chef knives ratings when reviewed depicted this blade to be immensely popular for its aesthetic as well as performance features. This knife is a must-have for any chef who wants to really indulge in a cooking experience, and produce a mouth-wateringly picture perfect meal. The Tojiro DP series 21 cm Gyuto knife shows off the Japanese advancement in technology with its VG-10 stain resistant steel blade that can virtually cut through anything. The knife also sports a black stamina wood handle and a stainless steel bolster. This quality Gyuto knife combines all these features in a very affordable package.



Masahiro 14914 MVH


The Masahiro 14914 MVH knife is a Japanese designed knife that is very popular among chefs. It is known for being able to cut through almost anything in the kitchen. Its 12 inch long blade is tapered at the edge which adds to its sharpness. This characteristic also enables the chef to cut through even the toughest of foodstuff with a relatively lesser amount of effort. Also, the cutting edge of the knife is asymmetrical: 80% on the right side and the remaining percentage on the left side. This knife is easy to yield and offers a very comfortable grip.



Shun Classic Chef’s Knife 


This really is a classic among chef knives. This belief is further reinforced by its ratings on best chef knives ratings. Shun Classic chef knife lives up to its design concept of being an indispensable help in the kitchen. This knife is very versatile in the manner in which it can be of use in the kitchen. Cutting, chopping, slicing, peeling and dicing can be done very smoothly using this knife. Its blade is extra durable due to its being made from 32 layers of high carbon stainless steel. The blade also has the stunning look of rust resistant Damascus steel.



Wusthof Classic Chef’s Knife


Wusthof Classic Chef’s Knife is a superior knife in every way. Its heavyweight 8 inch blade performs chopping and cutting tasks very smoothly. Its stainless steel blade is hand honed to achieve a razor like sharpness that can provide unparalleled cutting option. The handle is traditionally styled for an elegant look but is triple riveted for additional support and durability. This knife is easily cleaned, does not rust and can also be put in the dishwasher for cleaning. The best part about it is not that it comes with a lifetime guarantee but the ease of handling that it offers.