How to Select the Best Chess Set


Chess is often referred to as the “think man’s game”, and has remained a popular pastime for hundreds of years. Originally played by kings and members of their royal courts, you can now find chess matches being played in parks, homes, and city centers. Before you rush out to find a game board there are a few aspects to consider, and the informative tips in this buying guide can help you find the best chess set in 2019.

Best Chess Set


One of the first aspects to consider, according to the best chess set reviews is your budget. Chess sets can vary dramatically in price, and your budget will help narrow down your choices. There are several factors which will determine the approximate price of the chess set, and how and where you are going to use it will also affect your decision. Once you have settled on a budget, it will be easier to find a chess set that is perfect for you.



As stated in the best chess set reviews there are several types of “services” to choose from, and where you are going to use it will help determine the one that is right for you. Smaller magnetic boards and pieces are ideal for use when traveling, especially if the chess set includes a convenient storage case. Other sets feature cloth boards that are easy to store at home, and there are also elegantly designed services that are meant to be displayed when not being used.



Chess sets can also include convenient extras, and your budget will help determine which ones are absolutely necessary. Included cases are ideal for storage and travel, and some higher priced boards are designed with convenient drawers that will hold all of the pieces. Felt cloths can keep carved pieces free from dust and dirt, and beginners will appreciate a chess set that includes helpful tips and instructions. Extra pieces are always a welcome bonus, especially if the set is frequently used when traveling.


Top Rated Chess Sets in 2019


While we can’t choose the right service for you, we can show you the top rated chess sets for 2019. Designed to be fun and functional, maybe one of these models is exactly what you need.


Wegiel Royal 30 European Chess Set


1.Weigal Royal 30 European Chess SetThis beautiful chess set is hand carved from sycamore and hornbeam wood, and polished to give each piece an elegant shine. The checkered board is constructed from durable beech and birch, and the entire set is carved from sustainable wood. You will love how it looks displayed on a table, and the pieces feature felt bottoms to prevent scratching the board. The felt bottoms also help the pieces stay in place during game play. The chess board also folds in half for convenient storage, and is also designed to hold the pieces inside until you are ready to play. Affordably priced and featuring exquisite details, it is easy to see why this chess set is a consumer favorite.

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Classic Game Collection Metal Chess Set


2.Classic Game Collection Metal Chess SetThis regal chess set features a durable and elegant construction that looks beautiful on any desk or table. The sturdy wood chess board is designed to withstand years of play, and it can also be used for convenient storage. The pieces fit easily inside the board when not being used, and you will also appreciate the included velvet bags that prevent the metal pieces from being scratched. You will love how the silver and gold chessmen look laid out across the board, and the sturdy pieces also feature cloth bottoms to prevent any marring on the inlaid design.

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John N. Hansen Wood Folding Chess Set


3.John N. Hansen Wood FoldingIf you are looking for a durable and affordable chess set to add to your collection of family games, this might be the perfect one for you. It features a beautiful wood inlaid chess board that will withstand years of play, and you will appreciate its folding design that makes storage quick and easy. The walnut board will also hold the chess pieces in one convenient place, so everything is always there when you are ready to play. Perfect for children and adults, you will love making family memories with this chess set.

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WE Games Best Value Tournament Chess Set


4.WE Games Best Value TournamentPerfect for beginners and more experienced players, this chess board includes the algebraic notations you need to understand and analyze your game play. You can easily learn new moves and understand game costing mistakes that might be preventing you from being able to call “check mate”. The vinyl chess board easily rolls up for convenient storage or travel, and the weight pieces are designed for stability and won’t easily tip over during game play. Designed to meet the height and weight specifications of the FIDE, this is the perfect board to start learning and perfecting your game.

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Yellow Mountain Imports Travel Chess Set


5.Yellow Mountain Imports TravelDesigned to be easily portable and to be played almost anywhere, this chess set was designed for travelers. The board is designed to be easy and convenient to pack, and will also store the chess pieces for you until you are ready to place. The silver and gold chessmen are designed to resemble standard pieces, and you will appreciate the magnetic bottoms when you are playing on the go. The magnets keep the chessmen firmly in place, and help to prevent the pieces from becoming lost along the way.

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