Christmas is a time of celebration, to receive and give presents to your loved ones. Still, a fabulous gift can make the difference between a memorable Christmas and an ordinary one. If you’re running out of ideas or if you’re looking for the best toy for Christmas to give to your kid, look no further. This compressive list we put together for you, after carefully reading all there is to know, will guide you so you find the ideal present. We discovered that the most popular item this Christmas is Dikale 05A 3D Pen for Kids. It’s a futuristic item that will spark the flame of imagination in any mind and will make sure the kid will be part of a new generation of artists. As an alternative, we recommend you Kidzlane’s Doctor Kit because it’s educative. Or if you want something more classical we discovered that Lewo Wooden Car Toys could be a choice too.



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A gift that captures the attention and imagination of a child is hard to find. You have to make sure that it’s something sturdy enough to resists their curious fingers and that offers a lot of playable hours. And if it could be educative, even better. Below we highlighted some of the most important attributes a Christmas toy must have.

It has to be smart

Playing should be both fun and educative. It has to offer tools to the child to develop heir imagination and social skills. There’s nothing better for a young mind than to discover the world, its mysteries and for toys to feed the wonder with which they see the world. A good Christmas toy has to contribute to the raising of a healthy curious young adult.

The truth is, the smarter a toy is, the brighter they’ll become. Hiding science or art lessons in toys are essential. So if they make your offsprings interested in the world and ask questions about the inner workings of life, and they make the kids have fun – then that’s what we call a win. It is proven that the sooner you put those neurons to work, the better their connection will be, thus making you smarter and quicker. Good toys have to make you work, so the satisfaction you feel is proportional.


The materials are essential

Children usually are not the easiest on their toys. They drop them, try to break them to see how they work, or they forget them in different types of weather. So durability is critical when it comes to a fun Christmas gift. Materials like wood or plastic are resistant enough but also soft, so they don’t hurt your loved ones in case of accidents. So a carefully selected palette of materials is important, to ensure that if a toy becomes your child’s favorite gift, it will be by his side for many years to come.

And durability doesn’t have to come with any downside. The materials have to respect all the health norms and to be non-toxic, even if someone will try to bite the items. They need to be children-friendly and not to break down into pieces that easily. Avoid toys that have little pieces of metal, or that have shady manufacturing sources.


It has to be interesting

One thing all toys, and maybe all things in life should be, is interesting. There’s nothing sadder than seeing someone toss aside a gift in which you invested time and money. But there are gifts that could make someone happy and thankful. Usually, kids have short attention spans, so it’s crucial for a gift to have that extra something, that thing that keeps them coming back to it.

It could be color; colorful products always seem to attract kids. It could be the sounds they make or even lights. It doesn’t matter what, but it needs to go the extra mile to capture the eyes, the mind and the heart of the gift receiver. Being interesting is what separates a toy that shapes a young life, from a gift that will be thrown the second they finish playing with it the first time.



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So these are some things you should keep in mind when it comes to choosing the best item to give this Christmas. It has to be durable, so it resists curious fingers, and it has to stimulate their neural network. It’s imperative they capture their attention enough so you can finish your tasks, and to keep them entertained long enough so you can have a break. Down below we have featured in detail some products that check all the boxes of a gift that we think you should consider.


Our recommandations


Dikale 05A 3D Pen


This 3D pen is a toy from the future. It combines the advances in technology with kid’s love of creating and being imaginative. It comes in a compact body with an adorable design – a cat, that is perfect for both girls and boys.

It has an OLED display to show the temperature of the product and lets you have total control of your creations. With just one button you can control the speed, the filament and the heat, which allows you to create any pattern you want at high rates. And since it cuts the power off after ten minutes of standby, this product is energy efficient and safe at the same time.

And what’s even better is that the product comes with two trial filaments and more than twenty patterns for 3D drawing so even beginners will create art to their taste. The thread is safe, non-toxic and is odorless, so you don’t have a bad experience. The PLA filament can be found anywhere, so that’s a bonus.

This product can make sure all the family gathers around and creates together. It’s a great way of developing puzzling abilities of young minds and having a laugh as a family.

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Kidzlane’s Doctor Kit


One the best Christmas toy this year is this doctor’s kit. It can help a kid learn the value of medicine or even inspire him or her to become one when they grow up. It can make them interested in the human body and is a great tool to teach them about the human organs and the way they interact.

This 12 piece kit has included a variety of tools that resemble the ones doctors use in their day-to-day practice. But they are child-friendly and built from safe, durable materials, and they have a simple design to appeal to their liking. They will for sure open their eyes wide with wonder and excitement upon receiving this.

The gadgets even have sound effects for a close to life experience and to spark their interest for a long time to come. And the pack also has included batteries for convenience. All you have to do is teach your child about heartbeats and coughs with the help of the realistic sounding kit.

For even more convenience it comes with a carrying case so you can take this product on holiday with you, so your offspring can play with at any time.

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Lewo Wooden Car Toys


If you want a gift that’s a bit more classical or if you want one for somebody that loves cars, then look no further. This package that includes four small ramps and four small vehicles is perfect for a car aficionado.

The product is compact and light and is made from sturdy materials that can survive any challenge. The wood is crafted with a dedication to details and is non-toxic. And so is the vibrant paint these items are covered in.

The best way to play this game is without instructions, since discovering the mechanism of any game is what makes it so fun. It offers a variety of challenges, each with a different degree of difficulty, so it keeps the players interested and captivated. This definitely is an investment since it provides so many playable hours.

What’s even cooler, is that it can be used as an educational tool to teach your kid many valuable lessons that will help him later. This way the high-quality piece could be a gift that keeps on giving for a long time.

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