Most Important Features When Buying a Realiable Citrus Juicer


If you find yourself drinking orange juice very often, then getting a citrus juicer is a great idea. Even if you already have a regular juicer, one made for citrus is more adequate when the only thing you’re juicing are oranges or other members of the citrus family. Indeed, they tend to be easier to wash and to handle, which means that you’ll be done faster than if you were to juice oranges with a regular one. Since time is one of the most important things nowadays, any means by which you can save it will probably make you happier.

Here’s the thing though: you have to invest some time if you’re hoping to get the best citrus juicer 2019. It’s only by doing so that you’ll learn what are the features that make such a device great, and even better, what features make it be the best. You should also look at what the best citrus juicer reviews have to say, as the users tend to be honest indicators of how good a product really is.

A. Citrus Juicer


The first thing you have to think of is how comfortable the juicer feels to you. Indeed, this might not sound like a big deal at first, but it is, because you might have to use it for quite some time. In such cases, if a lot of effort is required from you, we’re willing to bet that you won’t be using it as often as other, more easy to use appliances.

One thing that the best citrus juicer 2019 has is a lever, which will help you get the job done in a more comfortable way. Of course, even levers don’t guarantee comfort, which is why it’s a great idea for you to double check with the best citrus juicer reviews, as they will probably mention how comfortable they felt using that particular model.



The filter isn’t a deal breaker, but you should still keep it mind. What a filter does is it ensures that the pulp from your oranges or grapefruits doesn’t get into the juice. Of course, a great juicer will give you the option to let that pulp get into the juice, if you so wish.  In fact, if you like pulp, then you would be safe getting a model that lacks a filter. If, on the other hand, you are unsure of whether you like it or not, get one that enables you to extract the pulp, just to be safe.



Another thing that you should be thinking about, and which is quite straight forward is the price of the appliance. If you drink a lot of orange juice every day, then you should invest a little more in the juicer you’re getting. This way, you’ll be making sure that it will last a long time, and that it will be very efficient.

On the other hand, if you will be using it seldom, then you will be fine investing less in it, as long as you check the best citrus juicer reviews, and you make sure that they are positive. Indeed, even if you spend less, you should still be getting a product that’s high in quality.


Top Rated Citrus Juicers in 2019


Finding a great citrus juicer is quite hard, especially since there are so many models out there, each one promising to be absolutely perfect. Since you’re making your purchase online, it’s even harder to tell just how good the product you’re about to get is. In order to help you make the decision, we looked for the best citrus juicer reviews, and found the 3 top rated citrus juicers 2019.


Breville 800CPXL


1. Breville 800CPXLIf you find yourself drinking orange juice a lot (or other citrus’ juice, for that matter), this model is the best for you. That’s because, first of all, it’s very powerful, which means that it can take on nearly anything that’s thrown at it. Not only this, but it’s also built using professional grade brushed stainless steel, which ensures that it will last a very, very long time.

Its motor has enormous strength, allowing you to juice lots and lots of oranges in just one take. Not only this, but it’s also very silent, which means that you won’t have to worry about using it early in the morning.

If you’re not a big fan of pulp, then you’ll love the fact that this model comes with a filter that will keep it away from your juice.

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New Star Foodservice 46878


2. New Star Foodservice 46878If you’re looking for a juicer that doesn’t have a motor, but which does the job perfectly well, then this one’s the one you should get. Indeed, if you find yourself making juices very early in the morning or late at night, and would like to make the smallest amount of noise possible, then this one will certainly do the job for you.

When you press on this juicer’s handle, you will be delivering a lot of pressure to the orange, which will help you get as much juice out of it as possible. Then, when you’re done with the juice, you can use the dishwasher to wash most of this appliance’s parts. As such, you’ll be saving lots and lots of time.

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Epica 1989


3. EpicaWho said citrus juicers have to cost a fortune? If you were hoping to find a model that doesn’t cost quite as much as the ones we covered before, you should have a look at this one.

Despite the fact that it’s very cheap, it comes with a motor that’s efficient and quiet, so that you won’t have to worry about the noise it makes. Also, you’ll surely love the fact that it’s very easy to use. This is very important, especially in the morning, when the last thing you’ll want is to have to spend a lot of time trying to figure out which button to press.

Finally, this top citrus juicer comes with 2 reamers, which will help you get the most juice out of different sized fruits. Indeed, this is crucial, because if you’re trying to juice a lemon with a reamer that’s meant for oranges, you won’t have much success.

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