Are you in a hurry, but you want to learn about the best classical guitar available? The following paragraph will tell you the most important things you need to know to make a solid purchase. We have run a thorough research on the best classical guitars, by reading reviews from buyers and experts and comparing sales figures. Our conclusion is that the Cordoba C3M is the best model you can find right now. Built from high-quality materials, this classical guitar will help you play beautiful music. This model is handcrafted, so it is of a superior quality, as expected from a guitar created by a company dedicated to performance and reliability in its products. The nylon strings allow for more resonance, and a louder volume and the truss rod helps with easy adjustments. If the Cordoba C3M is not in stock, another great option is the Yamaha C40, a model with almost the same performance and overall quality.



Buying Guide


Centuries ago, guitars only came in their classical design, which now it is often called a Spanish guitar. If this term brings forward the image of a flamenco guitarist, think again; there are slight differences between the two, and, if you are after a classical guitar, you should know them. The choice in materials and the way sound is produced differ, so make sure to run your research before making a buy. This guide is focused on equipping you with essential information on how to get the best classical guitar for the money.

Strings – nylon or steel?

One of the first things you will need to figure out when you are shopping for a classical guitar is whether you would prefer a model with nylon strings, or steel strings. Each category has its advantages and disadvantages, so you should consider weighing them against one another before making your decision.

The main advantage of nylon strings is that they are easier on the fingers. Expect some calluses, if you are practicing every day, but fewer than what you should expect from practicing with a guitar equipped with steel strings. It is well-known that guitar teachers recommend beginners to start with this type of strings.

Also, these strings are more forgiving, so to speak. They allow some room for mistakes, so it would be safe to say that the best classical guitars for beginners should have nylon strings. They are easier to play on, and you will not have to work hard to have your guitar sound as you like it to.

There are also two disadvantages. Nylon strings are more likely to break, and putting pressure on them will wear them off. That means you will have to pay more for extras. Also, they do not produce a loud sound, like steel string guitars do. However, if you are interested only in playing classical music, that should not be a bother.

Steel strings are more durable, and they are louder but more difficult to control. Consider carrying on to a steel string guitar, after spending some time learning the ropes on a model with nylon strings.


Choice of materials

Musicians know very well the importance of good materials in the built of their instruments. Classical guitars are no exception to the rule. The first choice for someone shopping for this type of guitar would be between a plywood construction and a solid wood construction.

Plywood guitars are cheaper, but the sound they reproduce tends to be duller. However, keep in mind that the construction is still robust and you will be able to use the guitar for a long time. The best entry level classical guitar is often chosen from these two large categories.

Moving on to the choice of wood used, an ongoing debate seems to gravitate around cedar and spruce. One thing you should know is that either wood is a good choice. There are slight differences, nonetheless. Spruce guitars produce a sound that is clearer and brighter, while cedar is known for a mellower, deeper sound.


Tuning machines

A little bit you should know about tuning machines is that they differ from one another regarding the thickness of the plates. The metal the gears are made from also differs, and it can be brass or carbonized steel.


Top Rated Classical Guitars in 2019


Find the best classical guitars on the market right below. Based on consumers’ feedback and the way they are constructed, we came to the conclusion that, at the moment, they are all good deals you should try.


Our recommendations


Cordoba C3M


The Cordoba C3M is part of a famous lineup called the Iberia Series, and it lives up to expectations. This full-size classical guitar will help you get started as a beginner or will help you hone your skills as a guitarist to perfection. It must be mentioned that this is a handcrafted guitar, which means that you should expect superior quality.

The top is made from solid cedar, creating a mellower, darker sound that is loved by many guitarists. The back and the sides are made from mahogany, another great choice for superior construction. The rosewood fingerboard and bridge are also good quality and value, and they contribute to the overall superior performance of this guitar.

The nylon strings will go easy on your fingers, and you will not have to worry about calluses as much as you should when practicing with a steel-string guitar. You will notice that it will be easier for you to make the soundboard resonate when you pinch the strings. For a beginner, this is an invaluable advantage.

Another thing that must be mentioned is that the Cordoba C3M comes equipped with a two-way truss rod that helps you customize how much relief you need in the neck of the guitar.

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Yamaha C40


The Yamaha C40 is a mix between quality, price, and forgiveness towards novices. Created by a company with a long-standing tradition in creating high-quality guitars, this model is another proof of Yamaha’s dedication to always putting their customers first.

Built by craftsmen who underwent a thorough training led by names like Manuel Hernandez and Eduardo Ferrer, the Yamaha C40 offers superior quality and value. The top is made from spruce, so the sound you will obtain will be clearer and brighter. Keep this aspect in mind when you are shopping for a guitar, as it is essential that you get the type of guitar needed for the kind of music you intend to play.

The back and the sides are made from Indonesian mahogany, and also of good quality. The fingerboard is made from Javanese rosewood, providing superior stability, another important aspect for guitarists who are just starting to learn how to play. The gloss finish lends this guitar a nice appearance, and you will be proud of it.

Expect superior performance from this guitar. There is a thorough quality check system employed by Yamaha to make sure that each part of the instrument is created to perfection. For the price, this is a great choice.

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Jasmine S35


You can use the Jasmine S35 if you are just starting to play guitar, or as a second guitar, if you are already an experienced guitarist. The sound produced is bold and loud, and you will have no troubles playing it out of the box. Everything about this model spells quality, and it presents all the features you would expect from a guitar in this category.

The spruce top helps with producing bright, loud sounds, so beginners, in particular, will find it handy. The back and the sides are made from laminated Nato, and the fretboard is made from dependable rosewood. If you are looking for a guitar that is robust and easy to play, you will hardly find a better model for the price.

The neck is slim, while the guitar is full-size, helping with comfortable play. The guitar is glazed with a satin finish that, besides enhancing its looks, it also helps with producing more resonance. Sound quality recommends this guitar, and you will not be disappointed with its performance.

The chrome plated tuners are a nice addition, as well. They contribute to overall quality and value, and they help you play the guitar just as you desire. For any music style, this guitar will prove a wonderful companion.

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