If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best climbing tree stand money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best climbing tree stand on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, overall brand quality and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at the Summit Treestands Viper SD is the best because it comes with a durable and comfortable construction. The seat and backrest are padded for your comfort so you can sit still for hours, and the 4 point safety belt ensures you stay securely in the chair even if you are dealing with the backlash from a hunting rifle. It is also designed for quiet which is important when you are hunting, and since it is backed by a limited warranty you can rest assured you are making a smart purchase for the money. If the Summit Treestands Viper SD is not available you could consider the Summit Treestands 180 Max SD as your second best option for sale.



Comparison Table


Product Weight limit Price Color Backrest Our Rating Where to buy

Summit Treestands Goliath SD

350 lb. $$$ Mossy Oak YES A AMAZON

Lone Wolf Hand Climber Combo II

350 lb. $$$$ Grey No B AMAZON

Ol Man Grand Alumalite CTS

300 lb. $$ Light Smoke Grey No C AMAZON



Buying Guide


A good climbing tree stand can make a world of difference for your hunting trips. Since there are plenty of different models on the market, you most probably need to shop around a little until you find one that is a good fit for your needs. The following buying guide will help you narrow down your search and pick the best climbing tree stand 2019.

Best Climbing Tree Stand

Weight capacity

Certain aspects must be taken into consideration when you go shopping for a climbing tree stand. One of these aspects is, without a doubt, weight capacity. Most models accommodate around 300 pounds, so keep this in mind, and do not ever borrow your model to a friend that is a bit overweight. Needless to say, it could bad for anyone’s safety to try to go over the accepted weight capacity of a climbing tree stand, as falling from a considerable height may lead to severe injuries.



Is your climbing tree stand easy to move around and adjust for the perfect position? When you get that great looking trophy in your sight and you need a steady aim, a stand that fails to serve you as intended can make you miss your shot, and go back home empty handed. When you are reading the best climbing tree stand reviews, see what models are praised for their versatility and mobility. In case you want to change your hunting spot, you should be able to do it swiftly, and without any inconvenience.



Any seasoned hunter knows how important is to have a comfortable climbing tree stand, when you will be on the stakeout for hours. Great hunting spots do not come easy, and, after you finally find one, you do not want to sit in an uncomfortable climbing tree stand, waiting for your prey to come around. The more comfort a model provides, the better your hunting trip will be, as well as more productive, so keep this little aspect in mind when you plan to go hunting next time.



Top  rated Climbing Tree Stands in 2019


We have researched the most popular climbing tree stands 2019 and identified several great models that can contribute to the success and satisfaction of your next hunting trip. These are the climbing tree stands hunters everywhere appreciate and love. One of them may be exactly what you are looking for.


Our recommendations


Summit Viper SD


1.Summit Treestands Viper SD Climbing Treestand

With a stand that only weighs 20 pounds this climbing tree stand is one of the lightest on the market, but it also comes with a rugged and durable construction that can support up to 300 lbs. The mossy oak camo print will help you blend into your surroundings, and the aluminum frame is designed to be silent even when you shift positions. Backed by a five year warranty and designed for comfort and safety the Viper SD is a great choice for bow hunting or with a rifle.


Buy from Amazon for ($262.42)




Summit 180 Max SD


2.Summit Treestands 180 Max SD Climbing Treestand

Capable of supporting up to 350 pounds this climbing tree stand is a perfect choice for a big guy. It also comes with a wide seat, and the backrest is even padded for additional comfort. You can easily adjust the height of the seat as needed so you can easily keep an eye on your target. The 4 point locking harness will keep you safely seated, even if you are hunting with a rifle. With pads, straps and all of the necessary hardware included this climbing tree stand is practically ready to go right out of the box.


Buy from Amazon for ($358.99)




Summit Goliath SD


Best Climbing Tree Stand ReviewsIf you are looking for the best climbing tree stand 2019, the Summit Treestands model we review here may be just right up your alley. Designed for full frame hunters, the Goliath truly deserves its name. Capable of sustaining a weight capacity of up to 350 pounds, it perfectly accommodates most hunters and it is preferred by many for this reason, along with its great functions and capabilities.

When you are hunting and you need a tree stand that can accommodate your need to move around with ease, this climbing tree stand is an ideal choice. The wider top lets you move as much as you like, so you will not feel as if you are forced into a contraption device. After all, a tree stand must enhance your hunting experience, and not cut it short.

The best climbing tree stand reviews also commend this model on its concealment capabilities. Besides the mossy oak design that makes it blend with the environment, the model comes with sound deadening SD technology, so you will not make a sound when you move around in your seat. The four points safety harness, ropes, straps and comfortable padding contribute to this model’s popularity.


Buy from Amazon for ($319.91)




Lone Wolf Hand Climber Combo II


If you are looking for simplicity and versatility, this Lone Wolf climbing tree stand is exactly for you. Simple and straightforward, the model is easy to pack, so it is ideal for hunters who like moving around a lot. You may not find this model particularly useful, if you prefer to hunt in the exact same spot, and just leave your tree stand installed there. However, if you have multiple hunting spots, and you will surely take advantage of this Lone Wolf climbing tree stand.

The tree stand is also lightweight, weighing just 17 ½ lbs. In case you are planning hunting trips out of your state, you will find this aspect useful, and you may prefer this model over many others. The Lone Wolf climbing tree stand is very popular with hunters, and top rated climbing tree stand reviews mention this model as being one of the best choices you can make.

The aluminum platform is sturdy, but lightweight, and you will find that you have plenty of room in the seat, as it is designed to offer comfort and stability, while you are taking aim at your prey. Even without too many bells and whistles, this climbing tree stand is favored by many.


Buy from Amazon for ($354.99)




Ol Man Grand Alumalite CTS


Featuring a weight capacity of 300 pounds, the Ol’Man climbing tree stand reviewed here is not the best you can find on the market, but it is still a solid choice you should take into consideration. The most appreciated climbing tree stand reviews point out that this model is ideal for both bow hunting and rifle hunting, a reason why it is preferred by so many hunters.

Despite not having as many frills as other models, you will find this climbing tree stand to be particularly comfortable. The Comfort Tech Seating system employed on its design makes sure that your movements are not impaired in any way while you are waiting for your prey or taking aim. The same system allows cradling, for increased comfort, and you can relax while on stakeout, without worrying that the stand might break.

The model comes with sound deadening capabilities, so, when you finally get the perfect trophy in your sight, you will be able to slide the seat back without a sound. Your hunting trips will definitely be more productive and more entertaining when using this Ol’Man climbing tree stand. The components exceed industry standards for durability and safety, contributing to this model’s appeal.


Buy from Amazon for ($290.63)