If you’re here just to find the best clock radio for iPhone and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers, this short paragraph should tell you everything you know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best clock radios for iPhone on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, sales figures, and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at the Electrohome EAAC601 is the best because of its excellent features. The beautiful 3.6-inch display comes with adjustable brightness so you can set it up as you see fit. The built-in 3.5mm output allows you to hook the clock radio with your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or MP3 player. It is also capable of restoring alarm settings after power is cut off. If the Electrohome EAAC601 is out of stock, you could also consider the iHome iPL23 as the second best option.



Buying guide


Alarm clocks are mostly a thing of the past. Old radios do not cut it, either, in this day and age when more and more people prefer using their smartphones for almost everything they do, including listening to the radio and setting up an alarm. The best piece of news is that you can combine all these in a single package by getting a clock radio for your iPhone.

This guide is focused on offering you the most reliable information needed for purchasing such a device for your bedroom. The best clock radio for iPhone reviews have certain recommendations and, if you follow them, you will surely get your hands on a model that is just what you need.

How is your iPhone going to connect with the clock radio?

This is the first question you should find an answer for. Since we are not talking about clock radios in general, and we are mostly interested in offering solid information on what special features clock radios for your iPhone should have, we must start with this one. While browsing through the available models on the market, you will notice that some models come with a neat Lightning dock where you basically place the iPhone.

Others allow only USB connectivity, and they may not look as nice as the first mentioned models. Nonetheless, what you should be interested in is that the connectivity is reliable and that the clock radio is made by a company with good reputation in making consumer electronics.


What sorts of alarms are available?

The number one reason why people prefer having a clock radio is for getting to schedule its alarm so they can wake up in the morning. That means that you should take a closer look at what alarm options are available. For instance, since you are interested in buying a clock radio for your iPhone, ideally, the unit you choose should be able to determine your phone to play a certain song or to activate the phone’s alarm. Other options you may be able to find include native alarms and turning on the radio, so you can immediately wake up.

Do not forget about extras when you are evaluating all the alarm options available. For instance, the snooze function can really come in handy when you want to gradually wake up. Simply hit the snooze button and sleep in for a few extra minutes, to allow your brain to finally kick into gear.


Overall appearance

It is not unusual for such clock radios to be quite the eye-candy. Their neat visual appearance makes them a hit with buyers, and you will feel like your bedroom has just received an upgrade that does not involve spending thousands of dollars on renovations. A bright LCD screen with dimming capabilities, projections on the walls or the ceiling, and other cool extras that bring more life to an otherwise mechanical device are quite welcome, and you may just base your choice on what such extras are provided with your purchase.


Top Rated Clock Radios for iPhone in 2019


The best clock radios for iPhone are showcased below. If you are looking for a clock radio capable of hooking up with your iPhone and also offer some nice extra features, one of the following may be right up your alley.


Our recommendations


Electrohome EAAC601 


The Electrohome EAAC601 is considered by many the best clock radio for smartphones on the market, due not only to its great features, but also to the fact that it can be connected not only with your iPhone or iPad but also with Android phones and MP3 players. You can use it to listen to your favorite tunes on your phone, or you can simply use it as a radio.

The digital tuning is convenient and lets you quickly select the radio station of your choosing. Also in terms of convenience, the clock radio is capable of setting the date and time, and saving alarm preferences, even when there is no power.

The large LCD makes it easy for you to read the time, and, when you are asleep, you can dim the screen so you can doze off comfortably. A nice extra this model comes along with is the ability to project time and temperature on walls or the ceiling.

The device can swivel the projection 180 degrees, so it is easy for you to see what time is it, while you are in bed. The dual alarm option comes in handy, as it allows you to wake up to the type of alarm you want.

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iHome iPL23 


Schedule your clock radio to wake you up to the favorite tune on your iPhone, iPod or the sound of the radio. Just one look at this model may make you fall in love with it, as its Lightning dock makes it easy for you to hook up your iPhone or iPod.

The dock is too small for an iPad, but otherwise, it lets you use the clock radio in connection with your favorite Apple device. The dock is useful in two ways: while it allows you to use functions of the clock radio, such as the alarm, with your iPhone, it also serves for charging the phone so that you can pick it all in the morning with its battery full.

The radio function is handy, too. There are six presets you can use, so you do not have to fiddle with the controls in order to find your favorite stations. Another thing that must be noted is that the speakers on this radio are of high-quality and capable of providing rich, dependable sound.

Syncing the clock on your radio with your iPhone is done seamlessly, so you do not have to worry that the alarm will set off at the wrong time.

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The best iPhone clock radio reviews also recommend the IHOME iDL46WHC as one of the choices you should consider. The dock is flexible and works with your iPhone, iPod, and iPad without a problem.

The dock also serves as a charging station, which is a great plus. The USB port offers good connectivity for any 30-pin model of Apple mobile device. You will be interested in learning that the dual alarm system makes it easy to schedule the radio for setting a different program for weekdays and weekends.

As a radio, this model works like a charm. The FM radio function comes with six presets for memorizing your favorite stations, so you don’t need to worry about having to search for them constantly. Another feature that has to be mentioned is the auto sync that synchronizes the time on your phone or tablet with the time on the radio.

The USB connectivity is reliable and allows you to hook your clock radio with the device of your choice. The gradual wake up alarm system is an excellent add-on for people who are known to be picky risers. Lightning-compatible iPhones, iPads, and iPods can be easily connected with this clock radio.

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