Top rated clock radios for the money


For some people, waking early in the morning is not easy. This can be resolved with the use of a clock radio which can give you the ease to wake up on time and not to be late at your appointments. In this post, we will provide you with the best clock radios for the money that you will surely like.


Sony ICF-CD815 AM/FM Stereo CD clock radio with dual alarm


Best clock radios for the money One of the best clock radio is the Sony ICF-CD815 clock. Aside from the function of snoozing and alarming, you can also use this Sony ICF-CD815 clock as a music player. It has a built-in CD player with CD-R/RW playback wherein you can play your favorite music. The 1.4” green LED controls and manipulate this Sony ICF-CD815 clock. The dual alarm and additional snoozing capabilities will really wake you up in the morning. Sony ICF-CD815 clock is the best clock radios for the money today.



Sony ICF-C218 automatic time set clock radio


The professionalism provided by the Sony ICF-C218 clock radio really attracts people. Besides from that, it has a classy and fashionable look that you can likely display anywhere in your room. The power saving abilities on the day and the ability to automatically set your time is really good and useful. These features give comfort and ease to the users. The 0.8-inch green LED display is readable and clear. It has also the compact battery backup that assures the right and precise time displayed on the screen.



Sony ICF-C318 Automatic time set clock radio with dual alarm


Aside from waking people on time, the Sony ICF-C318 has a calendar feature that overthrows another clock radio. A clearer and readable presentation is provided by the 0.9” green LED display for your time check. Controlling the Sony ICF-C318 is easier and adaptable. The durability and quality are really seeing on this item. With the snoozing abilities, you can be sure to awaken for your early calls and appointments. More U.S people use this Sony ICF-C318 for their daily routine.



Timex T227 Large display alarm clock radio with MP3 Line-in


The buzzer alarm of a Timex T227 clock can really wake you up in the morning. This is a good bedroom partner for people who have the hardship in waking up early. The 0.9” green LED really helps to visibly show the time even located in a dim area. The added radio feature is really amazing. It has the AM and FM radios in which you can choose the program you want to listen. The dual purpose of this Timex T227 clock really attracts the users.



Emerson CKS1702 SmartSet Alarm Clock Radio


The Emerson CKS1702 SmartSet alarm clock radio is one of the reliable clock radio for this year, according to surveys; it became one of the best seller clock radio. It has the 0.9-inch green LED display for the user to see precisely the time. This product also includes SmartSet single alarm AM/FM that is very useful for morning routines. This can be powered by batteries and can be adjusted for the sake of minimal consumption. The quality of this Emerson CKS1702 SmartSet alarm clock radio is very reliable and efficient.