Top rated clothes dryers in 2019


With a hectic schedule and tons of other things to do in the household, you need a compact dryer that can easily and quickly dry your clothes, table cloths, bed sheets, and whatnot. You need a unit that can function even in cramped spaces like small apartments and living spaces. Well, you are in luck because I did a thorough search for the best clothes drying models and came across five of the best brands. I have been reading a lot of best clothes dryer reviews and compiled the best units according to customer ratings and feedback.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Capacity (cu. ft.) Price Ventless Item weight (lbs) Our Rating Where to buy

Smart+ Products SPP98D

2.65 $$$$$ No 44 A AMAZON

The Laundry Alternative Nina

3+ $$ YES 17 B+ AMAZON

Whirlpool LDR3822PQ

3.4 $$$$ No 100 A AMAZON

Avanti D110-1IS

3.75 $$$ No 45 B AMAZON

Sonya SYD-60E

3.75 $$$ No 48 C+ AMAZON



Smart+ Products SPP98D Compact Electric Tumble Vented Laundry Dryer


Best Clothes Dryer ReviewsAccording to the customers’ best clothes dryer reviews, this item is very convenient and clever addition to your laundry equipment. It easily dries the clothes, table linens, bed sheets, and other fabric you wash. Aside from that, it doesn’t take much room which makes it perfect for small spaces. It can be used freestanding or you can choose to hang it on the wall. It can dry up to 8.8 lbs of laundry and it has anti-wrinkle features. You can also choose Air dry or Timed Dry options, with the selection of 20-200 minutes of drying time.

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The Laundry Alternative Nina Soft Spin Dryer


If you want your clothes to dry as quickly as possible, this unit is what you are looking for. It can dry your clothes for as quickly as 30 minutes with its 1800 RPM spin speed. The Nina Soft Spin Dryer is a lot lighter than other competitor spin dryers, which is perfect for easy transport. It operates quietly, and its self-opening lid and lever-free operations make for very convenient use. It can dry up to 12 lbs of washed clothes. Being 200 times more efficient than other conventional dryer, it is really the best clothes dryer in 2019.

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Avanti D110-1IS Automatic Dryer


For houses with a rather limited space, the Avanti automatic dryer is perfect for you. It can be mounted on walls so that it can save a lot of space and is conveniently portable with a weight of only 40 lbs. The Avanti Automatic dryer has a drum made of stainless steel. It does not give off much moisture or heat. It tends to dry similar things pretty quickly together, plus your clothes come out totally wrinkle free. It is perfect for people living alone or for couples living together.

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Sonya SYD-60E Portable Compact Laundry Dryer


This compact laundry dryer allows quick drying of your washed clothes and sheets without using a lot of space in your place. It is great for small living spaces especially for apartments. The Sonya compact dryer has a very user-friendly control panel and a removable lint filter. It can dry clothes with a volume of 3.75 cubic foot. You can also choose the drying time for this unit which can be adjusted from 20 to 200 minutes. There is a larger version for this portable dryer that can carry up to 13 lbs of clothes. With all of its features and functions, it is considered as top rated clothes dryer in 2019.

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Amana traditional Electric Dyer with Automatic Dryness Control


The Amana Electric dryer has eleven cycles of drying features and it allows three options for temperatures, including Air Dry options and Energy Preferred cycles. It stops the wrinkling of your clothes with its Wrinkle prevent feature. You can choose form three timed dry options ranging from 20-60 minutes. It has a capacity of 6 cubic foot, and its super wide opening and reversible swing door is very convenient for use. With its contemporary style, it is absolutely included in the list of best clothes dryer in 2019.