How to Select the Best Coat Racks


Keeping jackets and coats neatly hung and organized is easy with a convenient rack. Perfect for entryways without hall closets or just to keep outdoor wear close at hand, at coat rack may be just what you need. Available in a variety of sizes and styles, the informative tips included in this buying guide can help you find the best coat rack in 2019.

Best coat rack


According to the best coat rack reviews one of the first aspects to consider is your budget. You can find stylish and functional coat racks at a range of prices, and setting a comfortable spending limit can help narrow down your choices. Your budget will also help determine the size of the coat rack and materials used in construction, and it is important to remember to not sacrifice quality simply to save a little on cost.



The best coat rack reviews agree that it is important to consider the materials used in construction. This will not only determine the strength and quality of the coat rack, it can also affect the style. Metal bodies are durable and designed to hold heavy winter coats, and often feature a modern and elegant style that looks great in almost any entryway. Wood finishes on the racks can help protect the metal from rust and corrosion, along with giving it a warm appeal. You also want to consider the strength and length of the hooks, to ensure it is sturdy enough to support the weight of your outdoor gear.



You also want to consider the design, especially if the coat rack will be placed in your entry or hallway. Coat racks with long curved tines are elegant and designed to hold heavy winter jackets, while shorter hooks can give it a contemporary look and are perfect for holding sweaters and hats. Coat racks designed with wide bases are sturdy and not as likely to tip over, which is an important consideration if there are small children around. You might want to also consider a coat rack with a convenient holder for umbrellas, which is always an advantage if you live in a rainy climate.


Top Rated Coat Racks in 2019


While we can’t choose the right product for you, we can show you the top rated coat racks for 2019. Affordable, sturdy and designed to be functional and look great, maybe one of these durable coat racks is exactly what you need.


Legacy Décor Tree Coat Hat Rack


1.Legacy Décor Metal and WoodFeaturing a modern and stylish design that is also functional, there is very little not to like about this coat rack. It is perfect for use in small entryways, and will help you keep your jackets and hats neatly organized even when you don’t have a hall coat closet. You will also appreciate its affordable price that will fit almost any budget.

This sturdy coat rack is constructed from strong metal, and comes with a circular base that will provide plenty of stability. The gently curving design will remind you of a young sapling in the spring, especially when you notice the nine hooks that are uniquely shaped like leafing branches. Standing 74″ tall and measuring 11″ wide, this coat rake is designed to fit easily into smaller spaces.

There are nine hooks to help you keep your hats and jackets neatly hung, and still leave room for your guests. The beautifully faux walnut wood finish gives the coat rack a warm appeal, while also helping to protect the sturdy metal body. While there is some assembly required, it only takes a few minutes before the coat rack is ready to be used.

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MyGift Elegant Coat Hanger


2. MyGift Elegant Black MetalWhether you live in a stately home or small apartment, this elegantly designed coat rack might be exactly what you are looking for. The unique curving rack is functional and sophisticated, and the ornate hooks add just the right touch of style. Perfect for holding purses, hats and jackets, you can easily keep your outdoor gear neatly organized with this coat rack.

There are 14 hooks climbing up the spiral that are designed to hold a variety of hanging items. Keep scarves and jackets close at hand, and always have a hat ready to grab as you go out the door. The circular base is elegant and designed to provide plenty of stability, which is always a bonus if you have curious children who might accidentally try and pull the coat rack over.

The sleek black finish gives the coat rack a modern flare, and also helps to prevent rust and corrosion from eroding the sturdy metal frame. Measuring 17″ wide and 70″ tall, you can easily hang long and short jackets from this coat rack. Designed to blend in beautifully with almost any decorating style, this spiral coat rack may be exactly what you are looking for.

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eHome Products Bentwood


3.eHome Products BentwoodStyled after the antique coat racks commonly found in Victorian homes, this convenient stand is perfect for any modern house or apartment. The graceful curing hooks and straight metal pole are elegantly modern, with just a touch of old fashion flare. Perfect for entryways and even in a corner in the living room, it is easy to keep your outdoor wear hung and organized with this coat racks.

You will appreciate the sturdy wood construction that is designed to last for years, and the walnut finish will help protect the stand from moisture and other possible damage. The appearance of dark wood also helps to give the coat rack the look of an elegant antique. Standing 71 inches tall and measuring 17 inches wide, this coat rack is definitely designed to make a statement.

There is a ring of 6 large hooks at the top that are perfect for hanging heavy winter coats and jackets. The classic coat rack also features 6 smaller hooks in a circle so you can keep track of scarves, hats and purses. The sturdy wood legs help to provide plenty of stability, and you have the added advantage of the included umbrella stand.