In case you just want to find out about the best cocktail table, and you do not have several minutes to spare reading the research put together by our experts, you will find everything you need to know in this short paragraph. By reading through reviews from customers and users and evaluating sales figures and social media reactions, we came to the conclusion that the Emerald Home T100-0 is the best product in this category you can find at the moment. The table is made from sturdy materials, with a solid metal frame and a wood top on which you can place anything you want. Durability is always an important aspect to keep in mind when shopping for furniture, while functionality is another. The bottom shelf offers extra storage space for other items you need to have at hand. The table is easy to assemble. In case the Emerald Home T100-0 is not in stock, we recommend the Flash Furniture XA-30-COTA-GG is a second good choice to consider.



Buying guide


Having a nice cocktail table to complement the layout of your living room is extremely important. Actually, a living room would not be complete without the presence of a small table on which you can serve coffee or cocktails or small snacks for your guests.

These tables represent a good storage space for magazine, the TV remote and other items you may like having close at hand when you are spending time in the living room. There are various aspects to consider when shopping for this type of furniture, and this buying guide is aimed at offering you the best information to help you in your search.

Size and style

Since there are so many different types of cocktail tables available, you should start by focusing on aspects that are easy to spot, such as size and style. The best cocktail coffee table should not be too large, since it will tend to dwarf the entire room, making it feel imbalanced and not cozy at all. Don’t worry; you do not have to be an expert in interior decoration to know what to choose when it comes to choosing a good looking cocktail table.

The usual oblong style table should not be longer than half the couch, but do keep in mind that today, oversized square coffee tables are also very popular. If you think of placing the table in front of a sofa, as it is usually the case, choose one that is about the same height, since this is how you will obtain a streamlined, sophisticated look for your living room.

Keep in mind that people should be able to move around the table with ease, since otherwise, it will just become a cumbersome acquisition.


What are you going to use it for?

It is very important to envision what kind of function you want your cocktail table to have. Will you use it for accommodating a collection of magazines? Do you prefer to use it as the main spotlight at parties? Or do you prefer to use it for storing decorative items and make your living room look nice? The function you choose for your coffee table dictates what kind of table you will purchase.

Mission models, for instance, are a fine choice for storing books and magazines. The best cocktail table books are usually about fashion, trends, architecture or any hobby you may have. Tables that come with drawers are particularly helpful if you have a lot of things you need stored.



When you purchase a cocktail table, you need it to be sturdy and reliable. This is something that the best cocktail table reviews always recommend. The frame should be made from metal resistant to wear and tear, as well as rust.

The choice of materials for the top can be wide, but solid wood is still a preferred choice since it is durable and it does not break. Glass may be seen as a sophisticated choice, but a cocktail table made from glass can be at risk of breaking in a house full of kids.



Top Rated Cocktail Tables in 2019


The best cocktail tables that can be found on the market are showcased below. Based on the overwhelmingly positive response from buyers, these models seem to satisfy all the important requirements you may have in regards to this type of product.


Our recommendations


Emerald Home T100-0 


The Emerald Home T100-0 is loved by many buyers as it successfully combines function with style. Everything you need and expect in a cocktail table, you will find in this particular model. The design involves a solid top on which you can place snacks, cocktails and coffee and a bottom shelf, easy to use for storing various items, such as magazines and books that you want to have at hand when you are planning a relaxing afternoon.

You will notice that the table is particularly sturdy since it is made from a metal frame that grants it additional resistance and solid wood.

The overall design helps with achieving a robust, rustic look in your living room. The surfaces are made from reclaimed wood, so you will sleep well at night knowing that no new trees were cut for the making of this table.

The distressed finish just adds to its overall appeal and will definitely draw a few envious glances from your visitors. If you are looking to make a good investment, consider getting a table like this. By following the well-known recommendation in interior design that dictates that form should follow function, this model will not disappoint you.

Buy from Amazon for ($137.18)




Flash Furniture XA-30-COTA-GG 


If you are shopping for a tall cocktail table you can use as a serving spotlight for your parties, you will discover that this model has about everything you need in such a design. Its round shape makes it highly functional, as your guests will be able to flow around it, while they are having fun, heading over for drinks or chatting with one another.

The 30 inch top is made from solid birch wood, while the varnish is made from polyurethane for added durability. The varnish does not allow the beautiful wood beneath to get scratched or damaged easily.

A nice touch to this cocktail table is that it comes with one standard height column and one bar height version. This means that you can adjust its height, depending on the effect you want to obtain. It does not depend solely on your layout, and you can dictate how the room is going to be organized.

In case you want to improve the looks on this table or transform it into something fancier, consider getting a table cover and a nice tie to go with it. You will love how easy it is to take apart the table and carry it around, in case you need it for functions organized outside your home.

Buy from Amazon for ($78.43)




Flash Furniture TLH-059A-GG 


Nothing could be more straightforward than a cocktail table like this one. The Flash Furniture TLH-059A-GG is not a fancy looking table by any means, but it surely serves the purpose of serving cocktails on it. Its round shape makes it a good choice for any layout, and your guests will have no troubles going around it.

You don’t have to worry about its durability, either. Its stainless steel top does not rust and can take a lot of abuse without showing signs of wear and tear.

If you prefer a table you can carry around, you will be amazed at how easy this piece of furniture folds for easy transportation. You only need to push a button, and you will be able to fold the cocktail table with zero sweat. The floor glides are made of plastic, so they do not damage the surface you place the table on.

You can place this nice looking piece on a patio and just watch your guests flock to it for a glass of tasty beverage, or simply for hanging out. Because it is resistant to all weather conditions, it can be used both inside the home or outdoor.

Buy from Amazon for ($44.95)