How to Buy a Cold Brewed Coffee French Press


If you’ve ever experienced the tasteless, watery, acidic beverage you get when you brew hot coffee that you put in ice, you will understand why getting a cold brewed coffee French press offers the ultimate solution when you want your coffee cold. Brewing coffee with lukewarm or cold water over an extended period results in a flavorful, non-acidic beverage. These are what to look for in a French press for that purpose.

A. Cold brewed coffee French press

Filtration System

For the best coffee French press to work well at making cold brewed coffee, it will have to be built with a reliable filtration system that will trap nearly all of the sediment so you can leave the grounds intact and even use the French press as a serving vessel to drink the coffee from within a couple of days.


Frame Design

You will want your cold brewed coffee French press to have a great and innovative frame design with a durable carafe that will not easily get cracks with everyday use. This ensures that you can enjoy plenty of brewing times with terrific grounds-free coffee each time for several years and not just for a few months.



Most topselling French Press for cold brews are made using high quality borosilicate glass, which ensures resistance to thermal shock. They also boast premium stainless steel in their construction.


 What Are the Most Appreciated Cold Brewed Coffee French Presses?


It’s great to be able to enjoy a caffeine fix in the summer without adding to the heat, so a French press designed to prepare cold brews is an excellent means to enjoy that. However, like any other purchase, this will require thoughtful consideration, perhaps some research and reading. Here are three products you won’t regret getting.


Idylc Homes Kona French Press


1.KONA French PressThe Kona French Press allows you to brew and extract the essential oils of whole bean coffee or loose leaf tea into a large glass pitcher with an 8-liter capacity. Enjoy the smooth rich gourmet taste that is 100% guaranteed not to be accompanied by annoying grounds. This machine works best when combined with a manual burr coffee grinder and a cordless electric kettle. The KONA French Press is built with a unique and eye-catching insulated outer shell that will look nice on any kitchen countertop while ensuring protection from cracks and chips to the super thick clear borosilicate glass coffee pot. The portable and eco-friendly design makes the KONA French Press perfect for outdoor camping and travel.

Because it is non-electric, this French press is quiet so it makes a great piece of equipment for the office. Be assured of smooth flowing and effortless pouring to your mug with the cleverly designed sturdy handle. The BPA/BPS-free lid uses no plastic to ensure safe hot or cold brews. The detachable stainless steel filter screen infuser system ensures flavorful cold brews.

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Chef’s Star Premium French Coffee Press


2.Chef's Star PremiumThe Chef’s Star Premium 34oz French Coffee Press is engineered from premium stainless steel plus high quality heat-resistant borosilicate glass, ensuring that no plastic will ever touch your coffee again. It uses an innovative design that helps it deliver 34 ounces of great-tasting grounds-free coffee every time. The Chef’s Star Premium 34oz French Coffee Press has an attractive style that makes it perfect for bringing out to serve to your guests, for a lovely tabletop serving set. The two matching coffee cups make the set great for gift giving, as well as home and office use. The Chef’s Star Premium 34oz French Coffee Press offers an easy way to enjoy delicious hot and cold brewed coffee and tea.

Outfitted with a special double screen filter, the Chef’s Star Premium 34oz French Coffee Press ensures you will get no less than smooth and rich coffee minus the coffee grounds. The innovative brewing method it uses will ensure that you won’t have to make repeated purchases for replacement filters, unlike other coffee maker models.

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Bodum Insulated Plastic Travel French Press Coffee and Tea Mug


3.Bodum InsulatedEnjoy cold brewed coffee any time you want with the Bodum Insulated Plastic Travel French Press Coffee and Tea Mug. Perfect for on-the-go individuals, this insulated plastic travel French Press lets you brew coffee or tea and then drink it from the same container when it is ready. Made of double-wall BPA-safe plastic, the Bodum Insulated Plastic Travel French Press Coffee and Tea Mug safely keeps beverages hot or cold for hours. It has a slip-free silicone grip which is available in several bold colors. The French press is also easy to use. Simply add coarsely ground coffee, pour in hot water, and then seal the lid. Wait for the French press to do its magic, and presto! You can enjoy excellent hot or cold brews on the go.

The Bodum Insulated Plastic Travel French Press Coffee and Tea Mug has a spill-resistant lid and a built-in plunger for a no-mess, no-fuss caffeine fix. This French press is able to maintain the aroma and flavors of freshly pressed brews that are kept hot or cold to your preference.

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