In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best color laser printer? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. We have gathered plenty of information on various products for sale on the market by looking into reviews and ratings in expert review sites and ascertaining the data by comparing what actual owner feedback has to say about top rating products. Thankfully, after that exhaustive research and evaluation, we have been able to find what we believe is the best color laser printer both for home and for small business use, the Brother Printer MFC-L8850CDW. This amazing product delivers high quality and fast color printing, at awesome print speeds up to 32 pages per minute in both black and color, so high-impact business documents are instantly in your hands without the hassle of waiting. This is especially convenient when the printer is part of a network of computers in the workplace. With its flexible connectivity, the printer won’t just print but even scan and PC fax over a wireless or Ethernet network, or even connect locally to a single computer through USB interface. Should the Brother Printer MFC-L8850CDW run out of stock, we urge you to get nothing less than the second best option in this category, the HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M553dn.



Comparison Table


Product Print resolution Price Functions Wireless Our Rating Where to buy

Brother HL4570CDW

2400 x 600 dpi $$$$ Printing, Copying, Scanning, Fax YES A+ AMAZON


600 x 600 dpi $$ Printing No A AMAZON


600 x 600 dpi $$$ Printing YES B+ AMAZON


up to 1200 dpi $$$$ Printing, Copying, Scanning YES C+ AMAZON


600 x 600 $$ Printing YES B AMAZON



Buying Guide


You may need to work on the latest office newsletter, or just need to print out some photographs of that rare family vacation. Whether you need a printer for home use or business, choosing a color laser printer is not really that easy. To ensure consistent printing for any purpose, these are what you`d like color laser printers to be.

1.Brother Printer MFC-L8850CDW

Perfect for your general purpose

Business printing and home printing are pretty much alike. Thus an all in one for home use should be able to output not just the rare snapshot but newsletter or book report pages as well. In addition, your machine should not come with a high cost of ownership, since a simple home office or office color inkjet will suffice. Models of single function inkjets are available, as are huge machines that offer cloud printing capability, along with Web connectivity, easy-to-use intuitive touch panels and a host of other advanced features. It has now become even easier to get a personal laser printer nowadays that offers effortless setup to generate not just monochrome text but also quality graphics quickly and efficiently.

Student printers must be able to output page after page of reports, dissertations and theses in clean and clear format- and fast. If all you need is one page after another of nicely readable, clean text, a monochrome personal laser printer should do the trick. That being said, a multifunction inkjet would certainly make an immense upgrade to what a monochrome personal laser printer can do. A Multifunction inkjet can copy, fax and scan documents with ease and still deliver good quality color printing on demand. This is while ensuring that costly consumables, including ink and paper, are not wasted in any way.

If you plan to dabble in digital photography, you will have to invest in a premium quality photo-printing inkjet that outputs color prints. However, owning a dedicated photo printer offers more exciting results that can give professional photo finishing a run for the money in terms of fantastic color range reproduction. Do make sure to be guided by essential info on color management tools, paper tray options and paper compatibility. If you are to own only a single machine for regular printing but wish to make it part of a serious hobby, you should definitely get yourself a letter-size inkjet.

For copy, scan and fax capabilities, get yourself a multifunction or all-in-one machine, which can cater easily to the printing needs of a small business. This space saving wonder incorporates all four functions in a compact package and is even available in either inkjet or laser configuration. However, if budget is an issue, there’s no reason not to settle for a basic personal color laser printer.

An organization can have several business hubs, and it would be sensible to invest in workgroup laser printers to address the printing needs of each business node. Workgroup laser printers offer quick printing with their speedy processors, higher memory cache, plus advanced print engines that effortlessly provide more than 35 pages per minute. Users can enjoy an immensely upscaled personal laser unit equipped with larger input and output paper trays, capacity for network printing and toner cartridges that support reams of printouts. On the other hand, a business-class inkjet designed with network printing and wireless connectivity will make a great alternative for modest printing needs. If your organization does plenty of printing on the go, a compact mobile printer should be added to your collection of office gear. Consider models with AirPrint support.


Built with the best printing technology for your needs

Delivering clear, legible text and vivid color photo prints, inkjet printers are not quite the same as photo or snapshot printers that just generate 4×6-inch prints or even smaller ones, but plenty of inkjet makers manage to engineer their units to suit general purpose printing and reproduce decent color printouts just the same. Laser printers, on the other hand, deliver a fantastic fusion of crisp output and minimal cost per page rounded up with rapid print speeds. The photographic drum in a laser printer works much the same way as that in a copying machine. Laser printers come in cheaper monochrome versions that can be utilized for reproducing simple text and graphics. The high cost of color laser printers has been slowing down their ascent in popularity, but they seem to be getting there. Color laser printers are a viable alternative to color inkjets especially when you have to handle flier, brochure and spreadsheet printing. Multifunction laserjet machines deliver not just printing capability but also scan, copy and fax functionalities.

Photo or snapshot printers are superbly upgraded inkjets with more than four basic inks to reproduce top quality photos. Most machines of this type employ dye sublimation technology. If you want something that is easy to take along during business trips on the road, get yourself a portable printer that weighs from two to five pounds. This type of printer offers enough capacity to accommodate a sheet of paper 8.5 inches wide while typically employing color inkjet printing technology. However, don’t expect too much on print speed and image quality.

2.HP Color LaserJet Enterprise
Designed with decent specifications

Printer manufacturers use a collection of confusing acronyms to impress buyers with the specifications on their products. Consumers can easily get lost in the maze of dpi’s and ppm’s that it get overwhelming to know which one really works for their purpose. It is much later, when the printer is already in use, that the buyer gets a taste of what dots-per-inch and pages-per-minute really mean. DPI or dots per inch quantifies resolution, so the higher this number is, the better the resolution will be. More often than not, print speeds are overrated by printer manufacturers who exaggerate the figures by half. The most common form of connectivity is a USB 2.0 port. Others include wireless printing, WiFi with built-in print servers, infrared and cloud printing.

Page printing is what laser printers are designed for, while line printing is what inkjets offer. Since the computer stores the page in memory and then streams the information in small packets to the printer, line printers do not leverage print speed or memory. On the other hand, page printers build an entire page in their memory and then deliver reproduction of the whole page at once. Specifications for paper handling include the thickness, size and type of paper, along with standard and optional input and output tray holding ability. The path of paper movement is either U-pattern or L-type. A straight-through paper path is important for stiff boards or media. You want no artifacts on printouts with active contrast and range.




Top rated color laser printers in 2016


A huge number of color laser printers are now available on the market, so buying one has become more complicated that it has ever been. In order to become a more informed consumer, we urge you to look into the information provided in the buying guide above. To provide even more shopping assistance, we have showcased the best products below.


Our recommendations


Brother Printer MFC-L8850CDW


1.Brother Printer MFC-L8850CDW

Delivering top quality printing at print speeds up to 32 pages per minute in both black and color, the Brother Printer MFC-L8850CDW ensures you no longer have to wait for impressively compelling business documents. Easily the best Brother color laser printer, this model offers advanced duplex printing capability, allowing you to maximize paper and save on resources. It can scan both sides of a page in just one pass, delivering fast, two-sided copying and fax functionalities. This printer also comes with scanner function for amazing two-sided document reproduction. It is also designed with flexible connectivity that enables you to optimize your Ethernet or wireless network to print, scan or PC fax or even connect to one PC using USB. Providing convenient mobile device printing and scanning, this printer enables you to print directly from your mobile device even on the go.


Buy from Amazon for ($911.4)




HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M553dn 


2.HP Color LaserJet Enterprise

Engineered to print from the sleep mode in as fast as 9 seconds, the HP Color LaserJet Enterprise M553dn delivers two sided printout in as quickly as 1 up to 40 images per minute. Utilizing remarkably low quantities of energy, the printer employs smart media sensing and toner technology to ensure that just enough power is used with just a decent amount of resources to produce print outs of exceptional clarity and quality. This machine is the perfect one to get for your fleet, keeping everything simple, streamlined and protected. With the HP Web Jetadmin built in feature, this printer helps build business efficiency while centralizing the control of your print environment in the workplace.


Buy from Amazon for ($639)




Lexmark CS410n 


3.Lexmark CS410n

The Lexmark CS410n may be small for this printer category but it packs a punch in terms of versatility and flexibility. This network-ready model comes with a robust 800MHz dual core processor plus 256MB of standard memory prints to offer fast print speed up to 32 pages per minute. Make the most of this printer’s true 1200×1200 dpi resolution to reproduce images and graphics of excellent quality that will not fade, run or deteriorate over time. Use only Lexmark’s Unison Toner to ensure quality from the first page right down to the last one. Print up to 6,000 pages per month with fewer hassles on maintenance thanks to Lexmark’s cutting-edge paper handling technology.
Buy from Amazon for ($430.83)




Brother HL4570CDW


best color laser printerConsidered by many specialists and technicians as the best color laser printer in 2019, the Brother HL4570CDW model is perfect for any office or home business. This printer has a wireless interface, the ability to print on both sides and also can be used by multiple computers as a central printing hub, which can come in handy if more people are in office. The Brother HL4570CDW has the capacity to print color and monochrome, at speeds of up to 21 pages per minute which is quite impressive. It comes as no surprise to see this Brother model to be considered one of the best on the market today.


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HP LaserJet Pro 400 M451DW


When it comes to professional and efficient printers it comes as no surprise to see the Hewlett Packard M451DW LaserJet Pro 400 as one of the best currently available in the industry. This printer has a very fast printing speed capable of dishing out 21 pages per minute, in color or black. Furthermore, with the unique Eprint feature, the Hewlett Packard enables you to print from anywhere with your smartphone or tablet, by simply sending the document to the printer. Top rated laser printers reviews underline the effectiveness and efficiency of the Hewlett Packard M451DW printer, used at home or at the office.


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Hewlett Packard M451DN


People who want a printer that responds fast and delivers high volume within a short period of time should take a closer look at the basic structure and additional features of the Hewlett Packard M451DA model. This model comes with a 250 sheet printing tray and you can even install an auxiliary tray that can hold 250 pages which more than enough for a satisfying printing process. The Hewlett Packard M451DN has embedded the networking capability which enables it to be used by various personal computers and also has a modern look which blends in with ease in any office.


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HP LaserJet Pro 100 M175nw


HP printers are known for their efficiency and positive set of results offered to the users. To this extent the LaserJet Pro 100 M175NW wireless color printer makes no exception, reuniting professionalism and dedication to solid design. You should know that this printer is multi-functional, able to print any picture, photo or texts which you require in various activities. The printer has networking and internet capabilities, expanding the user interface and widening the printer’s ability to help you. With the Eprint access application you can print and send documents from your mobile phone to the device. It is no surprise to see this HP model regarded as one of the best color laser printer in 2019.


Buy from Amazon for ($624.88)




Hewlett Packard M451NW


Seen as one of the best color laser printers in 2019, the Hewlett Packard M451 NW LaserJet enterprise 400 model is a professional device which enables people to print fast large amounts of documents. The printer has a built-in 10/100 fast Ethernet and also wireless 802.1 b/g/n connectivity, a Hi-speed USB 2.0 port and, through the HP wireless Direct and the AirPrint support, documents can be printed with much more ease. This Hewlett Packard model is a powerful printer, perfect for offices or home businesses.


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Monochome models that customers liked also


Brother Monochrome


 Laser printers are well known for their better performances than the inkjet ones and in the long run are cheaper to run. The Brother HL2280DW Wireless Monochrome Printer fits this bill perfectly. It comes with Wi-Fi technology and an Ethernet network interface for a flexible connectivity with not just PCs. Speed is also a characteristic of the HL2280DL, being able to print 27 ppm of text document. Whether you are at home or at the office, this is a reliable laser printer that can do its job fast and with quality, ensuring great results.


Buy from Amazon for ($395)




Brother Printer DCP7065DN


 The laser technology used by the printers these days make them fast and reliable. One of the most popular laser printers of 2019 is the Brother DCP7065DN. It goes one step beyond being just a laser printer, it has a multi-function feature that allows it to do what other ones simply can`t. It doesn`t require a PC for copying, it can do it on its own. You need copies at the office done in a jiffy? No problem. The DCP7065DN can copy 27 ppm, making sure that you don`t waist not time and get back straight to work. These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this laser printer`s qualities.


Buy from Amazon for ($673.65)