Top rated color laser printers deals


Color laser printers are the printers of the future. Find the best color laser printers deals for you and your family. When black and white just isn’t enough, searching the best color printer can be hard. Don’t miss out on all your color printing needs with the best color printer you can find.


Brother HL4570CDW color laser printer


Best color laser printers deals

In the battle for the best color laser printers deals products, the Brother HL4570CDW model is one lap ahead. Regardless of the nature of your job, it can be used easily and efficiently for both home and office business. With a wireless interface and networking capability so as to connect with many computers, it is ideal for office work and multiple users that need to do printing tasks. Having the ability for both-sided prints either in monochrome or color, it is a reliable assistant that works quickly, providing its users with 21 pages in one minute.



Hewlett Packard M451DN color wireless photo printer


In order to get your hands on a fine printer, it would be wise to let the best color laser printers reviews give you a steer. Hewlett Packard has managed not only to include most of their printers in the best color printer deals, but also to provide respectable, efficient and top quality products. Its newest model, the M451DN, is a stylish, wireless photo printer with a 250-sheet tray capacity and possibility to add one more 250-page tray, which is more than enough for every work load. In addition, it can connect with multiple computers and work with fast response and delivery time, thus maximizing its efficiency and effectiveness.



Hewlett Packard Laserjet CE866A wireless color laser printer


Having a Hewlett Packard printer is pretty much as having a top product of the best color laser printers ratings at your services. The LHewlett Packard Laserjet CE866A is a fine, professional, solid and efficient product that is in the best color laser printers listings indeed.  Being multi-functional and with a grand variety of photo, text or picture prints adds up to overall great functionality of the LaserJet Pro. Of course, its networking capability isn’t overlooked and in fact it is a big helping hand to people working in offices where users are usually multiple and all need printing jobs to be delivered to them. Furthermore, due to advanced application, the Eprint access, you can send all your printing tasks from your own mobile phone, directly to the printer.



Hewlett Packard M451DW LaserJet Pro 400 color wireless photo printer


No one can question or have doubts over any Hewlett Packard printer, as the brand is synonymous to quality and efficiency. Most of HP color printers are considered as the best color laser printers available and the same applies to M451DW LaserJet Pro 400 model. With a capability of delivering 21 pages (colored or monochromic) in one minute, which is way too fast compared to other similar products’ page capability and the Eprint application that allows direct connection to your printer from your tablet or smartphone, it certainly is the crown jewel of HP.



Hewlett Packard M451NW LaserJet Enterprise 400 color wireless printer


Printing large workloads in a fast pace and professional manner is an absolute «must» for every printer in the best color laser printers deals.  As Hewlett Packard is a leader in printer products it has excelled once again with the M451NW LaserJet Enterprise 400 model. A rookie in HP printers should expect to have a reliable and powerful printer that makes perfect every home or office business. The particular M451NW model breaks all barriers as the best color laser printers ratings, with a Hi-speed USB 2.0 port, embedded 10/100 Ethernet, wireless connectivity (802.2 b/g/n), HP Direct and Airprint applications that only serve every user’s need, regarding document-print.