If you’re here just to find the best commercial automatic hand dryer and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. To find the best product in this category, we have evaluated ratings for various models and brands in different expert review sites for restaurant and office equipment and compared them with actual owner feedback. Out of all the products we researched on, we believe the World Dryer L-971 is the best because of its lovely aluminum brushed chrome finish applied to the metal body, which ensures lasting use without the ugly corrosion and chipping. This hand dryer utilizes an infrared sensor that turns the device on when hands are under the air outlet, thus effectively preventing the transmission of germs due to manual controls in other models. The dryer turns off automatically when hands are taken away, to conserve energy. If the World Dryer L-971 is unavailable/out of stock, you could also consider the TC Bunny AHD-1802-WT as it is the second best option.



Buying guide


If you own a restaurant, store or any other commercial establishment, you know how essential a restroom is to your customers. When it comes to hand drying, the battle between automatic hand dryers vs paper towels is always won by the former, considering how messy the latter can make any restroom and the amount of trash that can be generated by paper towels. How can you ensure you have the best hand dryer in your restroom?

High-Speed Drying

A highly-rated product in the best commercial automatic hand dryers for restaurants reviews offers high-speed drying.Your customers will love a high-speed hand dryer because it allows them to leave more quickly. It will also be better for you so the bathroom doesn’t get too busy especially during peak business hours. Furthermore, high-speed hand dryers are more energy efficient compared to standard hand dryers.

Faster hand dryers utilize less energy, usually about 1500 watts, and also get switched on for a shorter period of time, like around 15 seconds at the most. Compare those with traditional models that use 2300 watts and provide 30-second drying times, and you can imagine how much you could save.

That said, high-speed units tend to generate louder sound compared to their slower counterparts, as there appears to be a direct relationship between drying time and noise level. Although manufacturers seem to be bent on overcoming that issue, you may have to select which is the better option for your needs.


Automatic Controls

The best automatic electric hand dryer doesn’t need manual controls to run. Look for hand dryers that are infrared sensor-activated or automatic. They are more hygienic because they wouldn’t require the user to touch them. Manual controls only become fertile ground for bacterial transmission by hand.

Automatic hand dryers also save energy because they simply stop running when the user withdraws their hands from under the outlet. This is much better compared to units that operate at a specific number of seconds even when the user removes their hands after use

Push-button dryers have slowly lost their popularity to automatic units, although schools seem to prefer them as they do not have sensors that can get activated accidentally or by mischievous kids.



The best hand dryer for the money offers durability and functional design. The level of durability in a hand dryer at school restrooms will be entirely different from that of a unit in a business office restroom. Hand dryers that are expected to withstand heavy use should be of premium-quality construction and design.

Some models even come with an overcurrent protection or thermal protector and thermostat to ensure safety. Others are designed with global electrical compatibility for installation anywhere in the world. Check out models with infused antibacterial compound in their internal elements.

Since your business has to comply with certain Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines, the hand dryer in your restroom has to be chosen and installed in accordance with what is stipulated there.

While commercial hand dryers are geared for low installation, models that need to be installed high up on the wall have to be positioned in a spot where blind individuals won’t accidentally bump into them. To comply with this rule, your hand dryer should be less than 4 inches in depth. You may have to get an adapter kit to ensure compliance for a larger model.


Top Rated Commercial Automatic Hand Dryers for Restaurants in 2019


The market for hand dryers continues to grow as more and more commercial establishments are put up. The above buying guide will hopefully help you make a sensible buying decision. We have also showcased the best products below for even more help.


Our recommendations


World Dryer L-971


Designed with a cast aluminum cover plated with brushed chrome, the World Dryer L-971 is built to deliver years of dependable performance thanks to its high-end resistance to corrosion. This model protrudes less than four inches from the wall surface when mounted, thereby making it compliant with ADA regulations.

This hand dryer needs no recess mounting as it is engineered to be easily installed on standard wall surfaces. Moreover, it is equipped with an infrared sensor that switches the unit on when hands are placed under the air outlet. It also turns off automatically when hands are withdrawn, so that the device saves energy for you.

The sensor also minimizes the likelihood of germ transmission because there’s no push button control that needs to be touched to activate the drying functionality.

This model is rated for global voltage compatibility at 110v-120v and 220v-240v for trouble-free installation in any restroom in the world. Damage due to vandalism is effectively discouraged because the cover is held to the mounting base by tamper-resistant screws.

A silver-based antimicrobial compound is infused into the unit’s plastic components located internally and this helps prevent the growth of mold and biofilm to ensure long-lasting performance and functionality. During hot weather, the heating element can be switched off for user comfort.

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TC Bunny AHD-1802-WT


Engineered with a power capability rating of 1800 watts, the TC Bunny AHD-1802-WT ensures fast hand drying with its air speed of 289 km/hr or 100 mph. This means your hands are dried quickly in 10 to 12 seconds so you can be out of the restroom in less time.

It has a long sensing distance of 5 inches or more, and this can easily be adjusted one inch shorter or farther depending on your preference. To ensure long-term durability and lasting use, the hand dryer carries a waterproof grade of IPX2, which means it is protected from water drops.

This model offers a one-time work period of less than or equal to 60 seconds, enabling you to use it for prolonged drying purposes when needed. This device comes with a convenient temperature controller so you can adjust the drying temperature or simply cut the heat out at 125 degrees. Its thermal air temperature is between 95 and 150 degrees Fahrenheit for comfortable use.

The machine runs at 70 to 72 decibels so noise should not be a huge issue despite the high-speed warm airflow. This model is made corrosion-proof and is lightweight for problem-free installation and maintenance. The stainless steel finish makes this model a fantastic addition to any modern restroom.

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PENSON & CO. Instant Heat & Dry


The PENSON & CO. Instant Heat & Dry is a commercial-grade high-speed automatic dryer that answers the need for business establishments to stay customer-friendly at all times, even in their restrooms. This machine is a unique model with an elegant silver finish and stylish look that will never appear out of place in any modern toilet facility.

This model just takes 10 seconds to dry hands, thanks to its impressively powerful wind speed of 95m/s through its air outlet. This particular model comes geared with fuses for overcurrent and temperature protection, as well as a thermostat to ensure safety for your customers and your business in general.

This is an eco-friendly and pocket-friendly machine that is perfect for malls, restaurants, commercial establishments, clubs and many other locations. It comes with all the needed hardware so you can install the hand dryer right out of the package.

Designed to deliver seamless performance, this model is constructed using premium quality hardware and components. The motor offers a duty cycle of 7 years on an average use of 250 times every day. It carries an IPx1 waterproof rating and derives drying power from a PTC heating element driven by a durable AC brushed motor.

The strong motor and the waterproof rating ensure lower incidence of breakdowns or maintenance.

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