Expert Buying Guide on Commercial Leaf Blowers


A commercial leaf blower is a tool every landscaper should have, along with some business and large property owners. Considerably more efficient than a simple rake, it can help you keep almost any larger size area free of leaves and debris. Before you spend your money on the first commercial leaf blower you see, there are some factors to consider that can prevent you from making an expensive mistake. In this buying guide you will find the information you need to find the best commercial leaf blower in 2019.

Best Commercial Leaf Blower


The best commercial leaf blower reviews recommend deciding on a budget before trying to make a decision. Not only will this help to narrow down your choices, it will also prevent you from wasting your money on an expensive model with features you don’t even need. Along with deciding on a budget you are comfortable with, you also want to make sure that the commercial leaf blower includes a product warranty.



Since you are probably trying to clear a large area you want the leaf blower to have plenty of power. Leaf blowers with 2 stroke engines are capable of generating higher winds speeds, but can be too noisy to use in some residential settings. 4 stroke motors are still powerful, but are usually quieter when running. You do want the leaf blow to be capable of producing wind speeds of at least 170mph to ensure that you can easily clear off leaves and debris.


Easy to Use

Whether you are cleaning debris and leaves off of a small or large area you want the leaf blower to be easy and convenient to use. Motors that are designed to start on the first try are always appreciated, along with controls that are easy to reach. Air filters that can be easily changed can help extend the life of the motor, and keep the leaf blower operating at maximum efficiency. Padded handles can help muffle the vibrations and prevent wrist fatigue, and some commercial leaf blowers also include convenient shoulder straps.


Top Rated Commercial Leaf Blowers in 2019


While we can’t choose the right tools for you, we can show you some of the top rated leaf blowers for 2019. Designed to be powerful and easy to operate, these models are also surprisingly affordable. Perfect for home and commercial use, maybe one of these leaf blowers is exactly what you are looking for.


Hitachi RB24EAP Leaf Blower


1.Hitachi RB24EAP Commercial Leaf BlowerThis 2 stroke commercial leaf blower not only features an affordable price, it also includes warranties that can be tailored to your particular use. The 23.9 cc motor is compliant with all state and federal emissions regulations, and it is also designed to be quieter than similar models. With a 441CFM rating you can easily move heavier piles of leaves and debris, and the powerful motor is designed to be durable and reliable.

With the ability to generate wind speeds up to 170mph you can quickly clear longer driveways and walkways. The handle is designed to be comfortable to grasp, and you will also appreciate its lightweight construction. Weighing only 8.6 pounds and well balanced this commercial grade model won’t cause wrist or arm fatigue, and the trigger is designed to be comfortably held by two fingers.

The power switch will automatically return to the ON position for quick and easy starts, and the included owner’s manual will walk you through all of the operating steps. With the included nozzle that makes it easy to concentrate and aim the air flow and it ability to easily clear large piles of leaves and debris, this commercial blower might be exactly what you need for all of your landscaping needs.

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Makita BHX2500CA Blower


2.Makita BHX2500CA Commercial Leaf BlowerThere is very little not to like about this powerful leaf blower, including its affordable price and included warranty. The 4 stroke motor is compliant with all emission regulations, and the large attached muffler makes it quiet enough to use in neighborhoods. Emitting only 67 decibels when running and capable of generating wind speeds up to 145mph, this commercial leaf blower is powerful enough to keep most driveways and sidewalks clear.

It durable construction and powerful 24.5cc motor are perfect for professional landscapers, but it’s lightweight and easy to use design make this leaf blower ideal for home owners. The 17.7 oz tank can hold plenty of fuel to finish clearing larger areas, and since it is a 4 stroke engine you don’t have to spend time mixing fuel and oil. It also only weighs 9.8 pounds so you can comfortably clear larger areas without worrying about wrist or arm fatigue.

The motor automatically decompresses for a quick and easy start every time, and the included air filter can be easily replaced to extend the life of the engine. With a lever that can be locked for continuous air flow and the padded handle that is designed to absorb vibrations, this might be the most comfortable and easy to use leaf blower you’ll ever own.

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Husqvarna 560BTS Backpack Blower


3.Husqvarna 560BTS Commercial Leaf BlowerOne of the first aspects you’ll notice is the convenient strap that lets you carry the leaf blower on your back. Its lightweight design is comfortable to carry, and won’t cause any muscle or back pain. This also helps to keep your hands free, along with giving you better control over where you aim the column of air.

It should be noted that while this is a lightweight backpack style leaf blow it is heavier than some other models. Weighing 23.5 pounds, this is a factor to consider depending on who will be using the leaf blower. The powerful 65.6cc engine is capable of generating wind speeds up to 232mph, which is strong enough to move wet heavy piles of leaves. It also includes a 2 stage filter that will help prolong the life of the motor.

The 2 stroke engine doesn’t require any messy fuel mixing, and you will also appreciate the convenient padded handle. Designed for comfort and performance, this powerful leaf blower might be exactly what you need to keep larger areas free from leaves and debris.

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