Top rated convertible car seats reviews


Parents understand the importance of keeping their children safe during long or short drives. A trip to grandma’s home needs to safe! This is where a solid convertible car seat delivers the right assistance. Finding the best convertible car seat 2019 can be pretty difficult but not something impossible given the multitude of great products out there. We decided to lend parents a helping hand by testing 20 of the most popular convertible car seats in U.S. During each test we took into account construction, comfort levels and safety features. After 80 hours we noticed that five products certainly stand out from the rest!


Britax USA Marathon G4 convertible Car Seat 


Best convertible car seat 2019One of the most appreciated convertible car seats comes from Britax USA, the Marathon G4. This car seat combines comfort and advanced safety features which allows parents to drive safely without worrying about the child’s wellbeing. It is designed with BritaxSafeCell technology having steel bars for the frame and base. The car seat includes energy absorbing Versa-Tether material which reduces the amount of pressure on the head, neck and spine! This car seat can accommodate children from 4 to 40 pounds in rear facing position and 20 to 65 pounds in forward facing position. In the event of a crash this convertible car seat protects the child!

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Britax USA Pavilion G4 convertible Car Seat


Going through convertible car seat reviews 2016 represents a safe investment in the wellbeing of the child during various drives. Now, it comes as no surprise to see a growing number of parents use with confidence the Pavilion G3 convertible car seat from Britax USA. This powerful car seat incorporates advanced head safety technologies and also True Side Impact Protection which protects the child in the event of a crash. The car seat is ideal for parents and caregivers due to the high-density foam for enhanced comfort. It uses Click & Safe and EZ-Buckle which maintains a proper fit to the little one.

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Diono RadianRXT Convertible Car Seat


Most of the current best convertible car seat reviews 2019 underline the efficiency of the RadianRXT from Diono. The car seat has a versatile and sleek design! This convertible car seat includes adjustable features which can accommodate children from birth to 120 pounds!It is designed to last and provide enhanced comfort every moment of the drive. The model has a highly resistant steel frame, energy absorbing EPS foam, aluminum side walls and also a 5-point harness system for proper fit! Due to the secure SuperLATCHinstallation system parents will be able to install the car seat in just a matter of minutes.

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Recaro Performance RIDE Convertible Car Seat


One of the best convertible car seat 2019 comes from Recaro, the Performance RIDE. This car seat has a solid construction with advanced safety features. The model includes HERO harness system technology and advanced memory foam for enhanced comfort. The car seat offers the highest levels of protection due to the pads present near the child’s head, neck and shoulders. This exclusive convertible car seat has the RECARO Safety Stripe System for an elegant appearance. It can accommodate children from 5 to 40 pounds in rear-facing position and 20 to 65 pounds in forward facing position.

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Chicco NextFit Convertible Car Seat


Investing in a great convertible car seat is a very big deal to any parent that wants to keep children safe and secure. For proper results we recommend the NextFit convertible car seat from Chicco! This powerful car seat is designed with advanced safety features which protect kids in the event of a crash situation. The car seat incorporates the SuperCinch LATCH tightener which provides a tight and secure fit. It also features a 5-point harness system that offers 6-position headrest, 2-position chest belt for proper fit and comfort to the little one. The model also has a removable cup holder!

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