If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best convertible car seat money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best convertible car seats on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, value for money and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at, the Per Perego Convertible Premium is the best because it is a robust and comfortable car seat. Designed with side impact protection, shock absorbing foam and contoured steel back plate, as well as a contoured base, this convertible car seat is a temple of safety for children that weight up to 65 pounds. The quick-release five point harness, adjustable LATCH connectors, top tether hook and a full padded seat for infants ensure stability and comfort for your child’s transportation. If the Per Perego Convertible Premium is out of stock, you could also consider the Britax Marathon G4.1 that we found to be the best second option.



Comparison Table


Product Max Weight Price Harness Type Available colors Our Rating Where to buy

Britax Marathon G4.1

65 lbs $$ 10 pt Onyx, kiwi and more A+ AMAZON

Clek Foonf Convertible

65 lbs $$$$$ 5 pt Ink, Flamingo and more B+ AMAZON

Peg Perego Convertible

65 lbs $$$$ 5 pt Black, red and more A AMAZON

Britax Boulevard G4.1

65 lbs $$$ 5 pt Laguna, domino and more B AMAZON

Recaro ProRIDE

70 lbs $$ 5 pt Blue opal, riley and more B+ AMAZON



Buying Guide


A parent’s greatest concern is to keep her/his children safe and minimize the risks of every activity they share. When it comes to transportation, legislation has installed a lot of measurements and requirements for car seat manufacturers to make sure they apply the highest responsibility and care in fabricating their products. Buying a convertible car seat may, though, prove to be a little more complicated than randomly picking out of a lot of certified merchandise or going with the models for sale. You can find below a list of general attributes one should consider when going shopping for a convertible car seat.

Britax Marathon G4.1 Convertible Car Seat

Weight and height capacity

Some convertible car seats can accommodate children that weight up to 80 pounds and reach 57 inches in height. What you should take into consideration is that most of them have different weight and height capacities for rear-facing and front-facing positions. The bigger the rear-facing position weight limit is, the more time you will be able to keep your child rear-facing, as specialists recommend it until children are at least two years old. Also, using the car seat at its maximum weight capacity might diminish its safety function and might lead to a faster usage-related deterioration.




5-point Harness

The harness is a crucial element for a baby car seat since it is designed to keep the child in place. A 5-point on has two straps for the shoulders, two straps for the hips and another one that goes between the baby’s legs that meet through a clip in the front, limiting the movements and making sure no slipping will occur on impact.


LATCH System

The “Lower anchors and tethers for children” system is meant to fix the car seat inside the car without having to strap it down with the seat belt. It consists of lower anchor connectors that are located at the bottom of the car seat, and they are going to be attached to the vehicle’s own lower anchors. These connectors can be either hook-on or push-on, and the buyers have found the latter to be easier to use. The other critical component of the LATCH system is the tether, which will be attached to the tether anchor of the vehicle, restraining the movements of the car seat. In addition to the required LATCH, some manufacturers are producing car seats with detachable bases, making the installation process even simpler.


Side Impact Protection

Although it is not yet included as a legal requirement, some car seat manufacturers improve the safety of their product by applying layers of special energy-absorbing foam that are placed on the sides of the baby’s head and shoulders and which will work as a shock absorber in case of an accident.


Pads and pillows

A car seat should be provided with enough pads and pillows to ensure comfort and body support, especially for infants who need the best head and spine protection we can offer them. Pads can be found not only in the seat itself but also on the harness straps, reducing the stress on your child’s body.



As your little one grows, you will want to adjust the harness and straps to fit his body. You should, therefore, look for a car seat that allows you to adjust the straps without having to uninstall or disassemble the seat. A convenient feature in this sense is the upfront harness adjustment, which can be used even when the baby is in the car seat, granting you the possibility to accommodate your child just right.

Peg Perego Convertible Premium Infant to Toddler Car Seat

Easy cleaning

As every parent knows, having a child means you are compelled to do a lot of cleaning. Even though you won’t be having lunches and dinners inside the car, baby transportation can usually get pretty messy. To clean the car seat quickly and with less effort, one should consider a detachable, hand or even machine washable cover.



Top rated convertible car seats in 2016


Aside from these features, one should go through the later user reviews and consider other things such as safety ratings and car seat dimensions, since not all models are suited for small cars. We have compared convertible car seats ratings in 2019 and convertible car seat reviews in 2019. The best convertible car seats are showcased below.


Our recommendations


Peg Perego Premium


What puts this model aside from other best convertible car seats in 2019 is the materials responsible for energy absorption. The seat frame, foam and extended polystyrene are capable of protecting your child in case of a severe collision.  The adjustable latch is responsible for the stability of the seat both in the front and rear facing position.  The Side Impact Protection takes care of the head and neck without blocking the visual field of your baby. It is easy to install and clean thanks to fabric’s quality. It has a thick layer of cushioning, so don’t be surprised if your children fall asleep during the ride.


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Britax Marathon G4.1


Best convertible car seatWhen it comes to professional and advanced car seats the Britax models are not to be neglected, as they are known for their capacity to protect the full corporal integrity of the child seated in it. The Britax Marathon convertible car seat is one of the best products released by the company, reuniting the advanced and innovative technology in matters of body safety and additional comfort. With the SafeCell protection system, the EPP foam side padding and also the solid integrated steel bars, the Britax Marathon G4.1 ensures high levels of protection to the infant, keeping him in a comfortable and safe state.


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Graco Contender 65


1.Graco Contender 65 Convertible Car Seat

The main selling point of this particular car seat is the Simply Safe Adjust harness system that features an automatically adjusting no-rethread harness, making the fitting process as simple as anyone can wish. The easy-to-read level indicator and the LATCH connectors ensure an uncomplicated and rapid installation, while its 15.2 pounds  weight makes it easy to maneuver. Moreover, you can adjust the headrest to one of its eight positions with just one hand, and can use the head and body support to make your baby feel comfortable and protected. You can set assured the Contender 65 will make your child’s rides secure and pleasant.


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Britax Boulevard G4.1


While most popular convertible car seats in 2019 use the SIP design in order to keep a safe position even in severe car accidents, this model brings a new theory. The SafeCell technology prevents forward movements of head and chest so the cervical and thoracic spine will be more protected. For the same aim, a staged-release tether webbing was added at the back of the seat. Moreover, the double layer of foam around the head protects your child not only from shock but also from solid objects. Its installation takes only few minutes. The maximum recommended weight is 65 pounds.


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Recaro ProRIDE


The Recaro ProRIDE Convertible Car Seat is a model of ProSERIES of child safety seats by Recaro, which is known as the leading automobile seat designer worldwide. Aside from that, its side impact protection’s quality is unmatched. It’s really amazing how luxury, comfortability and protection can be combined in just one car seat that is so well priced. After using it, my family and I were very happy about it! The makers of this unit developed this product to specifically protect the 5 vital areas of the user: head, neck, face, torso and pelvis. Its EPS energy absorbing foam, CoolMesh Air Ventilation System and its ergonomic shell design are what particularly enhances the Recaro ProRIDE’s comfort and safety.


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Products which are no longer available



Britax Boulevard


If you are looking for a professional and efficient car seat that can fit with ease in the vehicle while also providing complete safety to the infant, this is the model for you. At least one detailed best convertible car seat review will show you that the Britax Boulevard model can offer the highest level of security to the child set within it. Due to the SafeCell safety system, the Side impact protection and the harness Ultra Guard impact management pack, the Britax boulevard convertible car seat offers the best possible protection to the infant in the case of unwanted and unforeseen crashes.



Britax Roundabout


Top rated convertible car seats in 2019 One of the top rated convertible car seats in 2019 in terms of quality and efficiency is the Britax Roundabout model. With high quality and advanced technology like the Versa-Tether, SafeCell and Britax harness system, this model represents a reliable method of providing improved safety to the infant seated in the car seat. The spine, head arms and legs of the infant are protected in the case of a side or frontal unforeseen collision. The features of the Britax Roundabout convertible car seat make this device a good investment for any family bent on ensuring protection.



Graco Nautilus 3 in 1


It can be difficult to identify a professional car seat given the high number of products currently available on the market. Still, the Graco Nautilus 3 in 1 model, one of top rated convertible car seats in 2019, can offer protection to toddlers and children from 20 to 100 pounds. Furthermore, the car seat can also be transformed into a high back booster so that through this option, people can save money in a possible new investment for a car seat that is appropriate for children heavier than 100 pounds. The basic solid structure of the device and additional features make the Graco Nautilus 3 in 1 a smart investment and addition to any home.


Evenflo Triumph Advance


Families need a professional and safe car seat with the capacity to ensure the best protection there is to the infant placed in it. The Evenflo Triumph Advance convertible car seat, through its innovative design and additional features, is able to enhance the safety of the infant passengers and thus set the context for safe car journeys and no unwanted or disturbing surprises. With the Side Impact control, a comfortable and adjustable harness system, the EPP foam insertions and also the Evenflo TensioRight chest clip, the Evenflo Triumph Advance car seat ensures the maximum protection to the user.



Clek Foonf 


Clek FoonfThe safety of children is a priority for every parent but also for manufacturers that produce car seats. Using certain materials like foam and rigid metal this item is capable of reducing the shock of a possible accidents. Also, the anti-rebound bar is responsible for the seat’s stability. It is fully recyclable and has a 1 year warranty. Although the rear-facing position is recommended, the seat can also be placed in the front-facing position for children weighing up to 65 pounds. A quick glance through the best convertible car seats reviews will convince you that this is the perfect “bodyguard” for your child.



Britax Advocate 70-G3


The Britax Advocate 70-G3 convertible car seat is praised by some of the best convertible car seats reviews mainly for its Side Impact Cushion Technology that provides energy absorbing cushions for keeping your child in a relaxed and comfortable position while giving him the best protection at the same time. It reduces side impact crash energy by 45%, keeping your child away from crash forces. This is also because of Britax Advocate 70-G3’s True Side Impact Protection feature, whose function is to distribute crash forces, protect the child from possible accidents and keeping parts of the body such as the head and neck in place. With a Base designed around the SafeCell Technology and the Integrated Steel Bars, you can be at ease knowing that your child won’t flex forward in case an accident happens, because these technologies strengthen the connection between the seat and the vehicle.