Cook tops Price comparison


Kitchens in many houses around the world are high-tech places, where efficiency and productivity of cooking is expected and no surprises should happen. Cook top is an essential part of any kitchen; it can provide housewives with unique experience of pleasant cooking. Therefore, it is necessary to read best cook tops ratings which can help understand what product will best meet your personal requirements.


Broil King CSR-3TB 


Best Cook tops Ratings Broil King CSR-3TB professional single hot plate is one of candidates on the title of top rated cook top of 2019 year. Its technical characteristics are impressive – it is equipped with 8’ diameter tubular heating element with voltage of 120 Volts and with thoroughly designed thermostat that will provide with comfortable cooking process. Moreover, user interface allows precise choice of necessary temperature without any significant effort. Strict design of this product makes it perfectly suitable for almost any kitchen. In general, it is necessary to admit that Broil King CSR-3TB is wonderful and a professional product on its market.





GE JP328BKBB 30 Electric Cooktop, product of famous “General Electric” company, is not just a cook top for professionals; it is a real helper in cooking. With 4 coil burners of best quality which are of 5600-7500 watts power, very impressive figure for cook top, and with solid and strict design, you will have a unique experience of professional cooking. Precision in temperature setting provides with the best quality and efficiency of cooking process – you can easily follow recipes of any complexity with this product. Consequently, there is no surprise that GE JP328BKBB 30 Electric Cooktop takes a high position in best cook tops ratings.



Miele KM360LP 24


Miele KM360LP 24 sealed burner gas cook top is an embodiment of many housewives’ expectations on professional cook tops. Every burner has its own power – one of 3.400 BTU (British thermal unit), two of 6.000 BTU, and the most powerful one of 10.200 BTU – this design helps to save your gas and money while allows reaching necessary temperature as quickly as possible. Furthermore, this model is very easy for cleaning and maintenance that saves your time and extra effort. In other words, if you want to cook delicious dishes while saving money, time and effort, you should pay attention on Miele KM360LP 24 sealed burner gas cook top.



KitchenAid Architect II KGCC506RWW 


KitchenAid Architect II KGCC506RWW 30’’ sealed burner gas cooktop is presented in a lot of houses in the USA, and there are significant reasons for that. A wonderful strict and solid design is united with professional efficiency of cooking process in this product. User may choose from 4 burners of different power – 6.000, 9.000, 12.500, and 17.000 of British thermal units – in order to find an optimum ratio of used energy and necessary temperature. Each burner of this cook top is equipped with a cap made of cast-iron that can be easily cleaned. KitchenAid Architect II is a professional and reliable product for comfortable cooking.



Jenn-Air Expressions collection radiant cartridge AR141 


Jenn-Air Expressions collection radiant cartridge AR141 is different from other participants of this rating mainly because of its solid ceramic surface. Ceramics has its significant advantages – it offers safety, efficiency, easy cleaning and splendid design. All these features are possible to find in this product. The cook top is presented with two radiant elements; the little one is of 1200W power, while big one is of 2000W power. User may choose the most suitable element for his or her imminent needs. Therefore, it is possible to say that Jenn-Air Expressions collection radiant cartridge AR141 takes high position in ratings deservedly.