Most Important Features for Cookie Presses


A cookie press can easily become an indispensable tool in the kitchen, if you love baking homemade cookies. The main issue is to get your cookies to look alike as much as possible, and a reliable cookie press can help you achieve the perfection you are after. Reading best cookie press reviews can assist you in getting an idea what to look for in such a kitchen helper, and it can also save you a good deal of money.



One thing you will definitely want in your cookie press is to come equipped with as many discs as possible. These will allow you to make various designs and make cookies that look as good as they taste. Generally speaking, manufacturers compete on how many different discs they can offer with their products, when it comes to cookie presses.


Ease of use

A cookie press is operated by hand, but it has to come equipped with an easy to use handle for best results. If you feel like your current cookie press is too difficult to use, and that pressing the dough through the disc seems more and more difficult, it is maybe the right time to ditch the model you currently have and go for a product that delivers as promised.


Can it be washed in a dishwasher?

Nobody wants a kitchen tool that is not easy to wash and maintain. The best cookie press reviews mainly include products that are easy to disassemble and place in a dishwasher for best cleaning results. This will mean fewer headaches for you next time you want to make homemade cookies. Even if the results are sweet, you do not want to spend a lot of time cleaning after that.


How much cookie dough can it hold?

Ideally, you should use a cookie press that can hold as much cookie dough as it is needed to fill a baking tray. If you have a smaller model, you will need to stop and refill the container as many times as you want. With larger models, however, you will not encounter such an issue, which is quite desirable.


Top Rated Cookie Presses in 2019


Do you want to make some delicious cookies? Then the following top containing the top rated cookie presses 2019 will help you make a good decision next time you go shopping. Keep the aforementioned aspects in mind and your choice will be as delightful as your cookies.


Norpro 3301


The Norpro 3301 cookie press is a bit pricier than most similar products on the market right now, but for a good reason. This is absolutely the very best cookie press 2019 and the plethora of possibilities it comes with makes it impossible to ignore.

The first thing you will notice about the Norpro 3301 is its stylish design. A deluxe cookie press made in Italy, it spells quality and efficiency through its outside appearance. The handle is made of stainless steel and it is very easy to operate. The storage container is large enough to hold cookie dough for filling your baking trays with ease, another great trait to have in a cookie press.

Another reason why this particular product is included by many best cookie press reviews, is the impressive amount of accessories. There are no less than 24 accessories available to help you create the most beautiful cookies and cake decorations. Other extras are provided, as well; a stylish instructions booklet and many recipes are included in the same package.

If you want a bit of taste of Italy, try out this elegant, beautiful cookie press. You will be able to create amazing looking cookies, and everyone will appreciate your cooking skills.

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OXO Good Grips


The main challenge for anyone trying their hands at making cookies at home is to make consistent looking cookies. A reliable cookie press should be able to let you dosage how much dough to press at one time. Of course, this is mainly an issue of acquiring a certain rhythm, so your cookies can look alike as much as possible. The OXO Good Grips cookie press is a great ally for your homemade cookie attempts that you are planning in the near future.

You will first notice the easy grip handle that lets you operate the cookie dough dropper. This is one aspect that many users appreciate in this particular cookie press, which is why you will find it mentioned by a lot of best cookie press reviews. You will encounter no problems when you will disassemble this kitchen helper, and you will be able to wash the components in your dishwasher.

12 stainless steel discs in various attractive shapes are provided. The ease of use is outstanding and makes many users think that this is the best cookie press 2019 on the market right now. If you want to know how much dough is left, the clear cylinder will let you know right away.

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Kuhn Rikon Clear


The Kuhn Rikon Clear cookie press is a kitchen helper designed for the budget minded consumer. It does not come with a lot of frills, but, for its main purpose, it is built just right. 14 unique discs made of steel are provided with the package, so you can create different designs and delight your children and your guests with cookies that do not only taste good, but also look good.

The storage cylinder holds enough dough needed for making 30 cookies, so you will find the Kuhn Rikon Clear to be handy, since you will be able to fill a baking tray with just one load. Although its outside appearance is not very impressive, this Kuhn Rikon model is efficient and convenient.

The components can be disassembled for easy washing and you can put them in your dishwasher with the rest of your dishes for easy cleaning. A nice touch is that the model comes with several recipes, to make it easier for you to start baking right away. Pastries and cakes will no longer be a challenge for you, as long as you have this great kitchen helper by your side to help you in the design department.

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