In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best hedge trimmer? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. We have gathered plenty of information on different hedge trimmers by consulting numerous expert review sites and crosschecking product claims with actual owner feedbacks. This exhaustive product comparison and evaluation led us to what we believe is the number one unit for sale on the market, the BLACK+DECKER LHT2436. If reliable power is what you want, this model delivers thanks to its hardworking 40-volt lithium ion rechargeable battery that drives the 24-inch dual-action blade to run a long time and with greater cutting power for the toughest cutting jobs and with less vibration compared to single action blades. Definitely a leader among the best cordless pole hedge trimmers, this model is equipped with a shearing blade that can make short work of branches up to ¾ inch thick. You won’t have to suffer from quick onset of operator fatigue because of the full wrap-around handles that provide a comfortable area to grip no matter what the cutting orientation may be. If the BLACK+DECKER LHT2436 is out of stock, we do not hesitate to recommend the second best option, the Toro 51496.



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Handheld trimmers are for orchids and other delicate plants but for the most challenging cutting tasks in a modern garden or lawn, there’s nothing like a good quality hedge trimmer to carry out the demanding job. With the variety of hedge trimmers on the market today and the helpful tips from consumer reports, it should be a virtual walk in the park to buy this kind of equipment. However, what makes the best hedge trimmers quite different from the rest?


They come with either gasoline or electric power source-and use the power efficiently.

The type of energy a hedge trimmer uses can determine how well it will run to fully address your garden maintenance needs. Electric models can operate on a direct flow of electricity while connected to an AC socket. Others come with battery included, which you will have to recharge on an AC socket.

Corded electric models are lightweight, quiet, relatively inexpensive, and run with sustained power as they are continuously plugged into an electric socket. Maintenance is not a huge issue since they do not have motors that have to undergo regular oil changing and such. Less costly to maintain, corded electric models need a simple push of the button to start. They may have less cutting power than gas-fed machines but they can still get the job done. Make sure that when using a corded model, you are within range of an AC socket. You will want the hedge trimmer to have a long cord, which is long enough to allow you to work unimpeded.

An electric cordless hedge trimmer also offers effortless maintenance while being emission-free. Using just a limited supply of electricity, this type is best when you want to cut back on utility expenses. Check out models with energy saving features. Easy to carry, cordless machines also offer effortless start up. These types are quiet, so you should remain friends with your neighbors even when you trim your hedges early in the morning. The maximum running time is not stellar, which is usually between 30 to 45 minutes. This type is best if you don’t have much to trim on your property.

Gasoline models offer faster cutting, greater cutting power, effortless carrying and more versatility to handle even wet shrubs. You can’t use an electric model during wet weather, but a gas-powered machine can do the job. You can work on a large property without worrying about power cord length, availability of wall sockets or sufficient charge, as this type delivers a longer amount of time for cutting and sustained cutting power as well. In terms of trimming speed and convenient portability, a gas powered hedge trimmer is your best bet. For the avid environmentalist, a gas-fed hedge trimmer may not be the best option due to the fuel mixing and emissions that come with use.


They deliver exceptional performance-driven cutting power.

Most hedge trimmers can handle at least ½-inch thick branches, but the premium ones can go as far as cutting ¾-inch thick branches. This eliminates the need to use a trusty Asian bolo knife or machete or to reach for a manual pruning saw or chainsaw to handle tree branches that aren’t so thick. For small hedges, you want a 46-cm hedge trimmer blade. To handle a medium size hedge, a blade 47 to 56 cm long should do fine. For a large shrub, you need a blade 57 cm long or greater. Do check out the width of the tooth gaps of the blade. A 20mm width between the gaps should be enough for 20mm-thick branches and stems, and wider tooth gap will be necessary to handle thicker branches. Hedge trimmers are designed for soft growth stems and branches and not those with wider woody growth.

2.Toro 51496

They have features that no handheld clipper is equipped with.

The best hedge trimmer for the money comes with features that make the job easier to do. Some models are equipped with a hedge clipping collector, an attachment that keeps the clippings from falling back into the shrub during the cutting process. A tray is fixed to the blade side and you simply tip it after making a cut. Some models are double-position machines that enable handle adjustment to accommodate inline cutting or cutting at a right angle with the blades for effortless level hedging along the top of the shrub minus a ladder.

Even heavy-duty models should come with an automatic brake, an innovative safety feature that guarantees instantaneous stopping of the blades when the trigger is released. A hand guard protects you from flying debris while cutting and keeps the blades away from your arms and hands. A rotating blade makes it easy to cut around walls, fences and shrubs. A lock-on switch reduces fatigue while cutting. Continuously pressed switches are a safer option when you have to work with children or pets around.



Top rated cordless hedge trimmers in 2019


There are dozens of hedge trimmer manufacturers, all of whom promise fantastic specs and cutting power, which can surely overwhelm the consumer and make the shopping experience more stressful. We hope the buying guide above can help you make a more sensible buying decision. We have also showcased the best products below for an easier shopping journey.


Our recommendations


Black & Decker LHT2436


Best Cordless Hedge Trimmer ReviewsTrimming your hedge has never been this easy with the Black and Decker Hedge Trimmer. It has earned a lot of positive comments from the customers’ best cordless hedge trimmer reviews. Its 40V Lithium ion battery is powerful and can last for long run-time which allows you to finish your tasks completely and without charging interruptions. It does not vibrate wildly like some of the other trimming devices. The Black and Decker trimmer has a really comfortable and strong grip that allows you to cut cleanly in all possible orientations. With its battery fully charged, you can cover up to 6000 square feet of hedges to trim.


Buy from Amazon for ($119.34)




Toro 51496


With its 24-inch dual-action blades, you won’t even question why the Toro 51496 is the best cordless hedge trimmer in 2019. Its long 24-inch blade is perfect for extended reach, not to mention its cordless feature is a great factor for easy access around hedges from every possible orientation. The Toro hedge trimmer is pretty lightweight and has an ergonomic handle that can rotate 90 degrees. This trimmer property also makes for minimal vibration. The package comes with an instruction manual that is very easy to follow.


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If you need a device that is efficient when trimming the lawn, this is the product for you. The item is effortless to move around as it has a cordless design that is highly appreciated by its current users.

Furthermore, the product runs on a 20-volt lithium-ion battery that is powerful enough for most trimming jobs. The powercut option that the model comes equipped with allows the user to cut through jams with just the push of a button. Additionally, the 22-inch blade of the unit ensures less vibration for a constant operation.

The device comes provided with an ergonomic handle that has premium soft grips, which provide the user with plenty of comfort; plus, he or she will have more than enough control over the trimmer.


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Worx WG255


With its impressive innovation and versatility, the Worx cordless hedge trimmer is no doubt a top rated cordless hedge trimmer in 2019. It is conveniently designed to do hedge trimming quickly and precisely. It is pretty lightweight and its ergonomics is perfect for easy and comfortable use. It doesn’t vibrate as hard as the other units, thanks to its hardened steel blade with dual-action features. The blade is made of aluminum which makes it totally rust-proof. The Worx WG255 is absolutely the perfect trimmer for your beautiful garden.


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Makita LXHU02Z LXT


If you are looking for the best cordless hedge trimmer in 2019, the anti-vibration model of Makita LXT is the perfect one for you. Its five cushions placed within the motor housing minimize the vibration, making it really comfortable for use. It has an indicator light that serves as a warning system which stops the motor automatically to signal the user that the battery needs to be recharged. It has a convenient ergonomics, it is pretty lightweight, and it has a rubberized soft grip.


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Products which are no longer available


GreenWorks 22632A


Take care of your lawn like a boss with Greenworks Hedge Trimmer. It has an advanced fade free power and it performs really well especially at maximum power. It cuts precisely with its 22-inch dual action steel blade and can cut through all kinds of hedges with ease. The rotating rear handle plus the easy electric start button makes it a very convenient trimmer. With its 40-volt battery you can use it long enough to do the job completely and without any interruption for charging.


Designer Habitat VonHaus  


1.VonHaus 20V

The VonHaus hedge trimmer by Designer Habitat Ltd. is a powerful 20-volt machine with a 1.5ah lithium battery included for convenient cutting minus the clutter of cords and the tedious fuel mixing. This model easily cuts through twigs and branches up to 0.59 inch thick at an exceptional speed of 1400 RPM to make short work of your yard maintenance task. You get cordless hedge cutting performance from an ergonomically designed lightweight machine built for comfortable task completion thanks to the soft grip rubber handle. Your safety is guaranteed with the large hand protector or guard and the blade brake for stopping on demand, plus blade cover for easy transportability.