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If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best cordless tools money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. After looking at hundreds of owner feedback, consulting numerous expert review sites and even checking out social media activity for certain brands, we have been able to gather tons of information on the best cordless tools on the market. This extensive research and comparison has led us to the DEWALT DCK590L2, which is undoubtedly the best among the combo kits you can get for the money. It comes with five essential tools including a premium hammer drill, a circular saw, a ¼-inch impact driver, a reciprocating saw and an LED work light, so you have everything you need in just one package. The included tools all carry a compact and ergonomic design without compromising on performance and power. The tools also feature DEWALT-engineered electronics built into the switches, ensuring maximum life by protecting them from overloading, overheating and extensive discharge when in use. Should the DEWALT DCK590L2 be out of stock at your favorite seller, we recommend getting the second best option in this product category, the Makita LXT601.



Comparison Table


ProductNo. of piecesPricePower SourceBattery Cell TypeOur RatingWhere to buy

Makita LXT601

6 – hammer drill, circular saw, reciprocating saw, impact driver, angle grinder, flashlight $$$$BatteryLithium IonA+AMAZON

Porter-Cable PC418C-2

4 – circular saw, reciprocating saw, drill/driver, flashlight$$$Cordless ElectricNiCADBAMAZON

Makita Bare-tool BSS611Z

1 – circular saw$$BatteryLithium IonAAMAZON

Dewalt DCK210S2

2 – screwdriver, impact driver$$BatteryLithium IonB+AMAZON

Hitachi KC18DG6L

6 – hammer drill, impact driver, reciprocating saw, angle grinder, circular saw, lantern$$$$$BatteryLithium IonCAMAZON



Buying Guide


People choose to buy cordless tool kits for sale online because they provide convenience, as you won’t have to check out several different power tools and compare them against the same types and models out there. This simplifies the buying process, since you simply have to check out ratings and reviews for brands to find the best product on the market. It pays to know what you are getting by checking out the tools in the kit to ensure that they carry the following elements.


Essential Power Tools

Combo kits are typically marketed as tool sets with anywhere from 5 to 15 items in all. They include any of these tools that use same batteries: a hammer drill; a rotary hammer; an impact driver; a right angle drill; an angle grinder; a circular saw; an impact wrench; a metal cutting saw; a reciprocating saw; a sander; a screwdriver; a blower. The kit can also ship with accessories such as: a worklight, lantern or flashlight; a rechargeable battery pack; rechargeable batteries; a rolling tool bag or contractor bag; a radio.

The combo kit is a fantastic purchase because it comes with an array of tools that the owner can use to handle various tasks, whether the job needs just one tool for a specific purpose or several tools for different purposes. Hammer drills are hugely popular for DIY enthusiasts due to their power and capability for quick drilling while requiring little effort from the operator. Otherwise known as a rotary hammer, a hammer drill delivers hammering action to penetrate brittle material such as masonry, concrete or stone.

An impact driver is another popular tool in combo kits. Delivering a sudden and strong rotating force, this tool employs durable screwdriver bits and socket sets for taking out stuck, stiff or cross-threaded large nuts and screws. It can also tighten loose screws when a standard screwdriver can’t handle the task sufficiently. Motorized impact drivers offer greater efficiency and speed compared to a manual screwdriver, reducing operator fatigue.

A reciprocating saw employs a persistent push-and-pull reciprocating blade motion to deliver efficient cutting action. Utilized in demolition and construction work, a reciprocating or sabre saw is also useful in emergency services. It features a large blade that resembles that of a jigsaw. The handle promotes comfortable and easy sawing on a vertical surface. It can have variable cutting speeds controlled via a sensitivity trigger or dial.

A circular saw is equipped with a spinning metal blade or disc with sharp teeth that cut through stock. It is designed for both right- and left-handed use, providing ergonomic applications. Otherwise known as a skil saw, a circular saw is geared for wood cutting but a variety of discs can be fitted to the tool to accommodate tougher materials.



Combo kits come with a variety of tools that accommodate the same battery or battery type, so products with lifetime battery warranty make a sensible purchase. All combo kits except the least expensive ones ship with two batteries, allowing you to use one while charging the other. Small and light, lithium ion batteries have longer life than nickel cadmium ones. Although lithium ion batteries cost more, the extra price you pay is worth it down the road. Lithium ion batteries operate tool at top power levels longer, can sit for months while holding a charge and have two or three times greater charge cycles compared to their nickel-cadmium counterparts.

Check out combo kits with smart chargers, which allow quick charging at 15 minutes or standard charging of only 1 hour, compared to the lengthy 3 to 5 hours used by conventional chargers. A smart charger also allows you to adjust the charge according to your needs. A battery charge indicator acts as a meter that lets you view how much power is left in the battery, so you can promptly recharge the fuel cells when needed.

2.Makita LXT601


The included power tools in the combo kit should ideally offer variable speed ranges that deliver greater twisting force and more torque to drive screws or penetrate material with more power at high speed. A variable speed trigger enables easier starts to hole boring. You can reduce maximum torque with an adjustable clutch so screws will not get driven far too deep into soft wallboards or softwoods. Reversible speeds prove to be handy when handling a stuck drill bit.

Some tools feature a second or assist handle that enables you to hold them steady with both hands, perfect for applying a counteracting and controllable twisting force for loosening or tightening.



Top rated cordless tools in 2017


There is a large variety of cordless tools combo kits on the market. Fortunately, we have found the following to be the best cordless tools combo kit for the money.


Our recommendations





Providing endurance and ease of use, the DEWALT DCK590L2 comes with all the essential power tools you can use fully in your workshop without having to buy each tool individually. The switches on the included tools offer long life by helping protect the machines from getting overly discharged while in use, as well as protecting the tools from overloading and overheating for your safety. The lithium-ion batteries deliver greater runtime compared to other models. The charger has earned Energy Star certification for its dual voltage capabilities. The slim ergonomic handles on the tools themselves prevent easy onset of operator fatigue while the built-in LED work lights mounted above the triggers provide sufficient illumination and visibility.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($529)




Makita LXT601


best cordless toolsAs one of the best cordless tools in 2017, the Makita LXT601 18-volt LXT 6-piece lithium-ion cordless combo kit, in short period of time becomes an efficient assistant during any of the construction projects you might undergo. With the LXT lithium-ion battery and carefully designed charging system that produces 430-percent total lifetime work with 2.5x cycles which is more than enough for a precise working program. The basic package of the Makita includes the BHP452 ½ hammer driver-drill with a powerful 4-pole motor with 450-inch torque, a BSS611 6-1/2-inch circular saw, theBJR182 reciprocating saw and also the BML185 4-position flashlight.


Click to see the price on Amazon!




Porter-Cable PC418C-2


 Best cordless tools 2017A hard working man loves his power tools and tries to improve his collection with every chance he gets. The Porter-Cable Cordless 4-Piece Combo Kit is a very good addition to that collection and can do the toughest jobs. This set contains a drill/driver, a circular saw, a reciprocating saw and a flashlight. You can drill almost any surface, cut anything even in tight spaces and at night time too. This cordless tool set has so many advantages and they always aim at making your work a lot easier and faster to finish.


Click to see the price on Amazon!




Makita Bare-tool BSS611Z


As one of the best cordless tools in 2017, the Makita BSS611Z 19-volt LXT lithium-ion cordless 6-1/2-inch circular saw helps the user get the job done fast and without any hassle at all. This model has a built-in motor that delivers around 3.700 RPM force for precise and fast cutting through wood. The Makita BSS611Z has a large 2-1/4-inch cutting capacity at 90 degrees and an Energy Star 30-minute fast charger that allows a 430% total lifetime work which is quite impressive to say the least.


Click to see the price on Amazon!




Dewalt DCK210S2


People know full well that Dewalt products have efficiency and dedication embedded in their very core to provide precision during any work. To this extent, the DCK210S2 12-volt max screwdriver/impact driver combo kit makes no exception, permitting users to optimize their working pattern and enjoy good results. With a compact and lightweight design, the 6-1/4-inch bodies can be maneuvered better and with greater ease, thus getting the job done faster. Furthermore, with the impact driver of 79-pounds of torque and the screwdriver of 160-unit watt output, this combat kit is just what you need in respect to a productive effort during the work-project.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($185.99)




Hitachi KC18DG6L


Most of the top rated cordless tools reviews underline the solid structure and high performance of the Hitachi KC18DG6L 18-volt lithium-ion tool combo kit, known for its capacity to offer precise action in any construction task. The KC18DG6L HXP lithium ion batteries maintain three times more charge cycles than other products in its category, thus allowing you to save precious hours of work. The combo kit includes 6 tools, the DV18DL hammer drill, WH18DL impact driver, CR18DL reciprocating saw, G18DL 4-1/2 grinder, C18DL 6-1/2 circular saw and also the impressive UB18DL lantern.


Click to see the price on Amazon!




Milwaukee 2207-21P


top rated cordless tools reviewsCurrently, the majority of the top rated cordless tools reviews emphasize on the positive characteristics of the Milwaukee 2207-21P M12 12V cordless Fork meter with 2410 cordless drill combo kit in helping the user obtain great results in any of his construction projects. The drill has two speeds (0-1.500 and 0 to 400 RPM) that sustain a 35 per cent faster drilling due to the powerful motor. Furthermore, the 2207-20 M12 fork meter is the perfect multitasking instrument for electricians who need to determine the voltage and current faster. This combo kit is a great addition to any builder or home renovator.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($447.61)