What to Consider When Buying a Top Corldess Lawn Mower


If you’re looking for one of the top rated cordless lawn mowers of 2019, you’ve come to the right place. We have put together a buying guide which can help you make up your mind about the features you should look for in such a machine. One detail that must be emphasized is that your needs and preferences should always come first when it comes to finalizing a purchase. Try to correlate your expectations to the specs of the unit.

Here’s the considerations we believe are important when it comes to buying a dependable cordless lawn mower.

Best Cordless lawn mowers

Cordless lawn mower usage

There are both advantages and disadvantages to using and owning a cordless lawn mower. Energy usage and environmental impact are some of the first things that should cross your mind, as well as the initial cost of the unit. Lawn mowers such as these are electric-powered, which means that they generally use less energy than their gas-powered counterparts and have little to no negative impact on the environment. They’re also less noisy.

However, they cannot be used for mowing large yards, as this would be very time-consuming. Unless they opt for a unit that has a replaceable battery, users need to charge it before utilizing the mower, which means that they need to be prepared ahead.


Cutting radius

Electric mowers generally come with two main cutting radiuses: 14 inches and 20 inches. The second are somewhat more expensive than the first. People who have small lawns can benefit from owning a unit with a smaller radius. On the contrary, larger lawns require a larger cutting radius.


Mulching vs bagging

Mulching lawn mowers cut grass into small bits and redistribute it onto the lawn. By contrast, bag mowers collect the grass, leaving the lawn looking neatly cleaned. Mulching is better for the environment, but bagging the lawn waste doesn’t stop users from creating a compost bin and therefore, a chemical-free fertilizer.


Warranty and brand reputation

It goes without saying that choosing a trusted brand over a shady manufacturer is the right thing to do, particularly when purchasing electronics. American and Western European companies provide warranties that are at least 3 years long. These brands traditionally offer customer guarantees that allow users to replace faulty machines.


Top Rated Corldess Lawn Mowers in 2019


For your consideration, we have selected three of the most popular models on the market today. All of the following have gathered the appreciation of American and worldwide customers alike, which is why they’re known to have acquired some of the best cordless lawn mower reviews. They’re thought of as being dependable, convenient and durable.


GreenWorks 25302 Cordless Lawn Mower


1.GreenWorks 25302GreenWorks is one of the most well-known manufacturers of lawn mowers. With such a withstanding reputation, it would be difficult to think that the developers employed by the brand didn’t do their best to design a machine capable of an excellent performance. The 25302 comes in two variants: a 16-inch deck one and a twin force, 20-inch deck one. The second takes the cake both in power and in versatility.

The unit has a popular technology developed by the company, which goes by the name of Innovative Smart Cut. This particular feature automatically adjusts the runtime and the power of the machine, depending on the grass thickness.

This is a 2-in-1 product, which means that it can be used either for mulching or for bagging.

The model comes with two 40V batteries that have a runtime of approximately 70 minutes on a single charge. In fact, it takes very little time to charge the batteries, since a 4Ah one requires 120 minutes and a 2Ah one requires just 60 minutes of charging.

More than 650 people were satisfied with the quality of this unit and ended up providing 5-star ratings. Based on the ratio between the value and the price, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that this is probably the best cordless lawn mower in 2019.

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Black & Decker CM1936 Cordless Electric Lawn Mower


2.Black & Decker CM1936One of the first things that are worth mentioning when it comes to this Black & Decker model is that it is considerably cheaper than the GreenWorks one we’ve showcased above. Price does count for something, particularly for people who don’t want to spend their entire budget on a lawn mower. Nevertheless, there’s one major difference between the two units, and it stands in the 36-Volt battery. Therefore, the CM1936 coming from Black & Decker is slightly less powerful than the 25302 by GreenWorks.

This is a cordless lawn mower that has a removable battery. This specific detail gives a helping hand to users who might struggle with mowing larger lawns, as the batteries usually run out before 2-hours time. The unit can be used with additional batteries, therefore speaking to the needs of buyers who want to mow large properties.

The manufacturers are offering a 2-year warranty on this item.

The cutting height of the wheels can be adjusted by the users, by simply pulling a lever. The CM1936 is easy to start and operate and makes little to no noise.

The pack includes the lawn mower, the 36-Volt battery, the charger, the safety key, the rear-bag assembly, the mulching plug and the instruction manual.

This model has been granted some of the best cordless lawn mower reviews out there.

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Worx WG775 Lil’Mo Cordless Lawn Mower


3.WORX WG775 Lil’MoIf you’re looking for an economical mower, look no further, because you have just found it. The Worx WG775 is cheaper than its Black & Decker and GreenWorks counterparts, but this doesn’t mean that it is less top-notch.

This is a 14-inch machine that can cut up to 6,000 square feet with a single charge of the batteries. Speaking of which, the unit comes with a 24-Volt battery that is removable, therefore allowing users to benefit from the same advantage that we underlined above. No one needs to stop mowing in order to recharge the battery. Just replace it and carry on.

This is a 3-in-1 variant, as it can be utilized for bagging, mulching and rear discharge.

As is the case with other products in the line, the mowing height of this one is adjustable and can go from 1.8 inches to 3.3 inches.

The machine weighs only 32 pounds, which means that it is considerably more lightweight compared to other lawn mowers.

Even this inexpensive model has managed to gather over 50% in positive reviews, with people claiming that they have been using it for more than three seasons now and have yet to experience an issue.

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