Things to Consider When Buying a Top Crank Radio


No emergency kit is ever complete without one of the products found in the best crank radio reviews. Not having electricity is bad enough, but being without any form of connection to the outside world is much worse. Unfortunately, you can’t just pluck this type of gear off the shelf without knowing what to look for.

Best Crank Radio

Basic Reception Capability

People who live in areas often visited by storms and other natural catastrophes will want a unit from the best crank radio reviews that delivers NOAA alerts and other warnings. Shortwave and two-way radios will only push the cost up, so if you don’t really need them, why bother paying for radios that have them?

A standalone AM/FM receiver would be sufficient. NOAA alerts are sent via AM Radio, while the FM band enables you to tune in to local FM stations.

Important information can be obtained from the longer range AM radio should the FM stations be rendered inaccessible.

Some models carry both Public Alert and NOAA NWR standards. Choose the one that you believe will best serve you during emergencies.



Multiple Power Sources

Many of the top rated crank radios 2019 offer extra power sources including a car charger, a solar panel or battery backup operation. When you have electric power, an AC adapter offers sustained energy source. Power draw gets higher when you use more features. It is best to look for models that offer more than hand cranking to get going. Some models come with rechargeable batteries that can be recharged through AC power or hand cranking.


Usable Features

The best crank radio 2019 carries the features you want to help you survive a period without power or easy means of communication. It can offer charging for your devices or may be equipped with a battery pack with an external device jack for powering tablets, phones and other devices. Some models have a built-in flashlight, solar panels as an extra power source, and toughened housing to survive impact. Others come with a headphone output for private listening, an Alert system that broadcasts emergency weather alert for your specific area, or an alarm clock.


Top Rated Crank Radios in 2019


Like we said earlier, a hand crank emergency radio is not something you should simply pick out from the shelf and pay for at the counter. In order to ensure a sensible purchase, you may need to compare a number of models to find what will work best for your needs. If that is not something that you find easy to spend time on, we recommend getting any one of these quality units that each offer great features.


American Red Cross FRX3 Hand Crank Radio


1.American Red Cross FRX3 Hand Crank RadioThe American Red Cross FRX3 Hand Crank Radio runs on solar power and can also be hand turbine powered, enabling you to keep it running during critical situations. It offers AM, FM and weather alert station reception so you are never out of range when disaster hits your area. The hand crank radio keeps you prepared for any emergency situation in your location. It pulls in all seven NOAA weather band stations. When the ALERT system is switched on, this unit automatically broadcasts emergency weather alerts specific to your area including tornadoes, hurricanes and severe storms.

Get ten to fifteen minutes of flashlight and radio use by setting the solar panel to catch the sun’s rays or spinning the hand crank. This radio also comes with DC power and triple-A battery alternatives. The integrated USB smartphone charger offers a critical power source for your communication devices. Just connect your phone using the USB port and the radio dump charges to your device. The radio’s glow-in-the-dark locator enables you to find it easily in the dark. The LED flashlight and red flashing beacon are useful for emergencies. The headphone output enables private listening.

The internal rechargeable nickel metal hydride battery powers up through hand cranking and the solar panel.

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Midland XT511 Crank Radio


2.Midland XT511 Crank RadioThe Midland XT511 Crank Radio is designed to be durable to suit its application for emergency situations. It helps you stay in touch no matter what the environment throws at you. The Midland XT511 Crank Radio is engineered for dynamo cranking of its batteries without the need for access to electricity. The built-in flashlight provides illumination in the dark. This radio has a built-in USB port that enables you to connect your phone or other devices to facilitate dump charging so you are never without a means to communicate during critical emergency situations. Interference or eavesdropping is prevented thanks to the radio’s 121 privacy codes.

The Midland XT511 Crank Radio equips you with seven FRS, seven FRS/GMRS, and seven GMRS channels, so you have many UHF channel options. It also offers five separate call alerts that identify incoming calls from your group area, plus an e-VOX feature with 3 sensitivity levels for hands-free, voice-activated operation. Locate active channels using the channel scan. Use the keypad lock to secure your settings. The auto squelch feature eliminates annoying background noise during communication. The keystroke tones enable you to know you are hitting the keys.

The alarm clock lets you keep to your regular schedule even when you have no idea where you are or what time of the day it is.

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Epica Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio


3.Epica Emergency Hand Crank RadioThis self-powered emergency hand crank radio from Epica handles your communication needs when the power goes out. The multi-purpose device comes with a compact, water-resistant design that offers suitable use for adventure travels or camping. The built-in nickel metal hydride batteries can be recharged in any of three ways. You can manually crank the hand turbine for one minute to get about 20 minutes of battery life. Expose the large solar collection panel to sunlight to get optimal recharging. Or connect the device via the supplied DC and USB cords to an AC/DC converter or a computer.

The Epica Hand Crank Radio is geared with discharge protection so it can efficiently use hand cranking power. The built-in battery has an average life of three years when used for three hours a day. Stay in range of local radio stations to get emergency instructions or news reports. The radio also provides seven channels of NOAA weather alerts. Enjoy volume and clarity in noisy settings thanks to the dynamic speaker. This hand crank radio keeps your critical communication devices such as cell phones and other small digital gadgets powered up for a few minutes via the USB port.

The radio ships with three output adaptors: a female adaptor along with a mini and micro USB adaptor, so you can use what is on hand.

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