Professional Buying Guide on Crimpers


Whenever you want to prepare for a party or a concert, crimping your hair immediately appears as a style alternative. In case you want to try this type of look, what you need is a good quality crimper, so you can get the job done fast, easy and without causing any damage to your hair. This buying guide is geared towards offering you essential information on how to pick a crimper, along with the top rated crimpers 2019 that women absolutely love.

Best Crimper

Plate size

One of the considerations to keep in mind when you want to decide for a crimper is plate size. 1 inch and 2 inch models are readily available, and this choice is connected with how much hair you want to crimp in one go. Some women only want to crimp a few strands, while others want to crimp their entire hair so they need a tool that is more efficient, and a crimper with a larger plate size can be a solution for them. Also, those with long hair are recommended to use 2 inch models rather than 1 inch models.


Temperature settings

One way of telling a better model from the vast majority of models available is to check the temperature settings on the crimper you intend to purchase. There is quite a simple rule to follow here: the higher the temperature a crimper can reach, the more dependable the results will be, and your crimping style will be maintained for a longer time. However, heat can be damaging for your hair, so you need to pay attention to what kind of materials are used for the plates, as you will see right away.


Ceramic plates

The industry of hair styling devices has come a long way, and now you can use such devices even if your hair is very thin and fragile. This happens due to the advanced technologies used for making them. In the case of crimpers, the ones made with ceramic plates are a better choice, because ceramic distributes heat evenly and does not create those nasty heat spots that are responsible for damaging your hair.


Top Rated Crimpers in 2019


To help you find the most suitable crimper for your needs, we searched through the best crimper reviews written by users and identified the most popular models. All these models offer outstanding results and they are much loved by women because they do not hurt your hair and provide you with the best tool for a smashing style.


Bed Head Bh307cn1 Crimper


1.Bed Head Bh307cn1 CrimperAre you planning to go to a rock concert? Then the Bed Head Bh307cn1 Crimper will help you get that rocking chic style you are after fast and easy. This crimping iron comes equipped with everything you need for styling your hair 80s style and becoming the soul of the after concert party.

The Bed Head Bh307cn1 has chrome plates that are much better than old style iron plates, whose main downside was that they could burn and hurt your hair if you insisted too much on getting results. Chrome is better than iron for several reasons, and one of them is that chrome heats up much faster, which means that you will not have to wait for the crimping iron to get hot with nothing to do on your hands.

Styling your hair has never been easier. With this crimper, you get variable heat settings – in case you do not need the full power of the tool to get the results you want – and a plate locking switch, so you do not have to keep it with your hand while you wait for the crimping style to set in place.

The flexi-cord just makes things easier and there is no wonder so many buyers consider this the best crimper 2019.

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Gold N’ Hot GH3013 Gold Tone Crimping Iron


2.Gold N' Hot GH3013 Crimping IronThe first thing you may notice about this crimping iron is its looks, since the black handles make for a nice contrast with the golden plates. However, not only its appearance will convince you that this is a good buy. Besides the raving reviews it constantly gets from users, it offers great, fast results.

The iron can heat up to 430°F and it offers consistent results that will last for three days. So, in case you are planning a wild weekend or you want to go to a festival, then you don’t have to worry that your style will not remain in place for the duration.

This 2 inch model works great for coarse hair, too, and you will absolutely love the 80s look you will get while using such a simple device.

Let’s not forget about the fast results this crimping iron is capable of delivering. It manages to heat up in just two minutes from being plugged in and it crimps your hair in just 6 seconds, unlike most crimpers on the market that need about 10-12 seconds to do the job. In case you have a lot of hair to crimp, this is obviously an advantage.

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Hot Tools Micro Crimper


3.Hot Tools Micro CrimperThe last model mentioned all the time by the best crimper reviews online is the Hot Tools Micro Crimper. With 1 inch plates, this small crimper is a great solution for those with short hair or who just want to play around crimping a few strands for a retro look. It is also a good solution for traveling, since you can easily pack it up and place it in your luggage.

Capable of heating up to 430°F, it comes with variable heat settings, so you can adjust the device until you get to the right temperature. The handle has an ergonomic design, so it is easy to manipulate around your hair without a glitch.

One of the things women want in their crimping irons is fast heating time. This model heats up fast, allowing you to start styling your hair right away, which is a must, especially when you are in a hurry. The 8 feet swivel cord allows you to move around with ease, while you are holding the tool on your hair, in order to obtain the crimping locks you are after. When you need fast, professional results without going to the beauty salon, the Hot Tools Micro Crimper is a great solution.

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