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Used in many wars around the world, the crossbow has evolved with time and technological changes to emerge as the ultimate weapon for hunting and game. Their short range has made the best crossbows for hunting real favorites for target archery. After having checked out a number of crossbow models ourselves, comparing feet-per-second, shooting accuracy ranges and pull weights, we decided to also take a serious look at expert review sites, owner feedback, sales figures, price and value for money, as well as the overall brand quality and, to gain greater insight on actual user experience, a product’s ranking in social media activity. Fortunately, after all that exhaustive research and comparison on the hunting field and off, we have proven the Barnett Ghost 350 CRT to be tops in quality and shooting efficiency, exceptionally lightweight thanks to its state-of-the-art Carbon Riser technology, and equipped with cutting-edge anti-dry fire protection that ensures safety in use. Its impressive performance on the field alone can be measured by its 350 feet-per-second velocity, a close runner-up to what the pricier best Barnett crossbow model offers.  Should this fantastic product be unavailable from your favorite online seller, you can always check out the durable, solid and just-as-good Excalibur Vixen II, which is designed for hunters with small builds, has a camouflage finish for stealth hunting and comes with the necessary accessories for hassle-free use out of the box.



Comparison Table




Buying Guide


Whether you just want to accurately hit targets in your backyard or humanely take down game, you need the best crossbow for sale. Choosing the right bow can be confusing, especially when you consider all of the different options. In this brief buying guide you will find the information you need to find the best crossbow for the money.

1.Barnett Ghost 350



The best crossbow reviews and ratings suggest first deciding on the type, and each has its own advantages. Recurve crossbows are generally easier to string and are often recommended for first time users. Compound crossbows might require a little more effort to string, but are often the first choice for hunters. These crossbows usually come with shorter limbs that make it easier to accurately fire an arrow from a tight spot, and can often shoot heavier bolts at faster speeds for a humane killing shot.



The materials used to construct the crossbow will determine its weight, and how comfortable it is to use. Limbs constructed from fiberglass or composite materials are durable and lightweight, compared to ones that use heavier steel. Stocks constructed from sturdy plastic or laminated wood won’t add any additional weight to the crossbow, and are often reinforced with small metal parts for extra durability. The design can also vary, and if you are worried about adding any extra weight you might want to consider a crossbow with that comes with a skeletal stock.



The best crossbow for accuracy and distance will have the power you need to send the arrow flying straight at the target. Crossbows are rated by the amount of weight it takes to draw the string, and this can vary dramatically between models. What you are firing at will help you determine how much draw weight you need, along with how much you are capable of pulling. You can find crossbows with a draw weights ranging from 80 pounds up to 200lbs, which is capable of propelling an arrow up to 340 feet per second.

Most hunters choose a crossbow with a draw weight around 150 pounds. This will give you plenty of power to shoot a bolt through a deer for a humane killing shot without being too difficult to draw all the way back. If you need the power you get from heavier draw weights but are worried that you might not have enough strength for a smooth pull, you might want to consider adding a rope cocking aid to the crossbow. A rope cocking aid can reduce the draw weight up to 50 percent, and ensure that you have the power you need to make accurate distance shots.

2.Excalibur Vixen II Crossbow


There are several types of sights to choose from, though most crossbows already come with one. The most common types of sights are optical or red dot, and both can dramatically improve the accuracy of your shots. Optical sights are better suited for longer distance shots, and can help you adjust for the drop in the arrow’s path that generally occurs between 20 and 40 yards. While not very practical for close shots, an optical sight can help you hit targets at a greater distance.

Red dot sights are almost standard on crossbows, and are also extremely easy to use. Simply line up the small bright dot with the intended target, and fire the arrow at the red light. Ideal for close shots or when you want to group the arrows together, a red dot sight is also a great choice for archers who are just starting out. It is recommended that you purchase a sight with the crossbow to ensure that it is compatible.


Crossbows are becoming more popular every year with target shooters and hunters. The level of skill required to accurately shot a crossbows appeals to anyone that likes to be challenged, and recent advances in technology and design have improved their performance capabilities. If you are considering purchasing or simply want to replace an old one, you can find a brief review of the best cross bow listed below.



Top rated crossbows in 2017


Our recommendations


Barnett Ghost 350


1. Barnett Ghost 350 CRT Crossbow PackageThe Barnett Ghost 350 CRT crossbow is one of the most popular best crossbows in 2017. Known for its efficiency and quality, the Barnett Ghost 350 CRT crossbow is the lightest product ever manufactured by this company. Weighing in at just 7.5 pounds due to the Carbon Riser technology, this model removes the front end weight and redirects the center of gravity towards the end of the stock, thus adding extra stability and safety during the hunt. The Barnett Ghost’s design includes crosswire strings, whiplash cams and also the powerful anti-dry fire protection which increases the operator’s safety.


Click to see the price on Amazon!




Excalibur Vixen II


Designed to better accommodate women on the hunting grounds, the Excalibur Vixen II crossbow Varizone is ideal for hunting small or medium sized animals. It offers greater control and precision during the aiming and shooting process. With a capacity to produce arrow speeds of up to 285 FPS, the Vixen II is an ultra-performing weapon destined to provide improved results even for those who lack body strength. The Excalibur package includes the Varizone multi-range scope, a solid scope mount, a 4 arrow quiver, 4 firebolt carbon arrows and the highly acclaimed “Realtree Hardwoods” camouflage system. All these top end features place this model among the present best crossbows in 2017.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($514.99)




Barnett Jackal


1.Barnett Jackal Crossbow PackageThe present top rated crossbows for hunting reviews underline the efficiency and accurate functionality of the Barnett Jackal crossbow package that includes a solid fast-detach quiver, 3-20-inch arrows and also a premium red dot sight. With a sleek, modern military-style, a durable synthetic string and also high energy wheels, the Barnett Jackal crossbow is intended for people who hunt small or medium animals in various terrains. The model can shoot at 315 feet per second with a powerful 150-pound draw weight, able to help the hunter be a lot more precise with his shots.


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Horton Crossbow Innovations Storm RDX


1.Horton Crossbow

It is easy to see why the Storm RDX is often considered the best crossbow for deer hunting. It is designed to be incredibly easy to string and assemble, and the 165 pound limbs give it the ability to fire an arrow up to 370 feet per second which is more than enough power to make a humane killing shot. You will love the sleek and stylish design of the crossbow that blends seamlessly into the brush, and since it only measures a compact 10 inches you can comfortably aim and draw from tight hunting blinds. The stainless steel ball bearings ensure a smooth pull and stable launch, and you will appreciate the lightweight design. The aluminum riser is machined to ensure a smooth performance and to reduce any unnecessary weight, and as an added bonus the Storm RDX also comes with an ACU mechanism for an even easier draw.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($999)




Barnett Buck Commander


According to the latest statistics and online surveys it seems that the Barnett Buck Commander CRT crossbow package includes one of the best crossbows 2017. This product provides a precise shot every time it is used. The crossbow utilizes the Barnsdale laminated limbs embedded in Barnett’s AVI technology, which diminishes noise by up to 30%. This feature offers a great advantage when hunting. The Barnett Buck Commander has a solid aluminum flight rail, whiplash cams and also strong crosswire strings and cables that provide a quiet and accurate shooting due to the uniquely designed ADF trigger system.


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Arrow Precision Inferno Fury


Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Crossbow KitUsers love the complete Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Crossbow Kit. It comes with 4-16 inch bolts, a fast-detaching quiver, a 3 red dot sight, padded sling and a rope cocker with extra string. It comes with an anti-dry fire trigger mechanism and thumb guard so you will not need to worry about accidental discharges. It measures 34.5 inches (without the foot stirrup) and it is 26.5 inches wide. Because it is lightweight and compact, it comprises all the convenience that users need for complete control over their shots. Like the satisfied customers who have already expressed their opinions in the best crossbows reviews, we highly recommend this particular model.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($209.99)




Barnett Quad 400


Barnett Quad 400 Crossbow PackageBarnett’s Quad 400 Crossbow Package is known worldwide for its power, speed and precise accuracy. It has been improved by using new camouflage patterns for a stealthy hunting experience. The package is composed of a 4 arrow quiver and 3 arrows, along with a 4×32 multi-reticle scope. Its weighs in at just 9 pounds which means it is lighter even than more expensive similar products. It measures 37-inches in length and it is 26.75-inches wide which offers great control even for people with smaller frames. It uses 22-Inch arrows and a 15.5-Inch power stroke which provide all the speed and power you need regardless of the situation. Users appreciate the GAM composite stock, four-pound trigger pull, and the CNC cam, which combined with a low price tag, offer great value for money.


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Horton CB880 Havoc


The top rated crossbows for hunting reviews showcase the efficiency and clean functionality of the Horton Vision 175 scope model, renowned for its ultra-compact and extra-quiet set of functions. The particularities of the Horton Vision 175 allow you to achieve a precise shooting pattern irrespective of the terrain. The Horton Vision 175 comes equipped with the Reverse Draw limb design to optimize speed, balance and also stealth during the hunt, thus setting the proper context for good results. As an additional feature, this Horton model comes with Frontal String technology, a 4 x 32 multi-range scope and a professional CNC machined riser with an integrated cocking rope grove that works really well.


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Products which are no longer available



Arrow Precision Blitz II


Best crossbows in 2017 The Arrow Blitz II Crossbow Either is a very good acquisition regardless if you want to go hunting or just target shooting without guns. Made out of aluminum, this crossbow is extremely lightweight, making it perfect for people lacking in strength. The machined wheels are also made from aluminum and perfectly complement the synthetic rear shock integrated cable/string system. This provides the Blitz II fire with extreme accuracy and increased speeds of up to 285 fps. The 4×32 multi reticle scope is the icing on the cake that will make the Blitz II your trusty companion when going hunting in the woods.