If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best cruiser bike money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have collected plenty of information on the best products for sale on the market by consulting expert review sites and comparing what they say to actual owner feedbacks. Thankfully, after exhaustive research and product evaluation and comparison, we have concluded that the Firmstrong Urban Lady is perfect for those who want nothing less than the best cruiser bikes for women because it delivers easy and relaxed riding. This is ideal for those who still believe that biking should be leisurely and not stressful thanks to the classic curvy beach design that does not compromise on product quality with its durable 17-inch steel frame and aluminum wheels. You always enjoy a cushioned, comfy ride thanks to the white-wall balloon tires plus the coaster brakes that are effortless to use. For even more comfort, the bike comes with an oversized seat supported by dual springs. If the Firmstrong Urban Lady is unavailable, there is always the second best option that’s just as good, the Sixthreezero Womens’s Beach.



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If you are particularly wild about mountain riding or bicycle racing, a cruiser bike provides the perfect riding experience for you. Developed at a time when bike sales were at an all-time low in the 1930s, this type of bike is also known as a beach cruiser originally intended as a luxury vehicle for recreation. Created to resemble a motorcycle, beach cruisers offer comfort fit and style not like their more rugged counterparts. What makes a good quality cruiser bike?

1.Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach


It offers the proper size for you to ride.

An improperly sized beach cruiser will not deliver comfortable riding. Cruiser bike sizing is pretty simple and straightforward so you won’t have to shell out hundreds just to get professional bike fitting. You simply refer to a size chart. The first thing you will have to determine is whether you want a women’s cruiser bike frame or one for men. Design is the primary difference between the two. A top tube going straight across is what you see in men’s cruisers, with the top tube starting at the head tube and ending at the top section of the seat tube. On the other hand, the top tube of a women’s cruiser starts at the top of the head tube and dips downward at the bottom or center of the seat tube. This gives the frame of a women’s cruiser the designation ‘step-through frame’, characterized by a lower standover height.

The lower standover height enables ladies wearing a dress or skirt to mount and dismount modestly or delicately. Of course, the tube style will vary between models and makers but the design of the step-through frame stays unchanged. In addition, although these are designated frame styles, they are mere suggestions and not hard-and-fast riding regulations for either men or women. Optimal comfort will always depend on the user’s preference, after all.

The frame should also be of the proper size. The wheel diameter denotes the cruiser size, as frame size only varies slightly between the two frame types especially with the same wheel sizes. Standard adult cruisers are designated as 26-inch models and are intended for women with 5’1” to 6’2” heights and men from 5’4” to 6’2” tall. Seat tube and step over heights on women’s bikes are lower due to the step through frame design, but all the other frame dimensions are basically the same as those of men’s bikes.



It offers your choice between the absence or presence of gears.

You will have to decide whether you want a model with gears or without them, depending on the type of riding you will be doing. This will also depend on whether you want a model with hand brakes or coaster brakes. A single speed model offers a classic choice. This type is a cruiser bike good for exercise and rides in areas with little uneven terrain such as around the neighborhood, on the beach or to the grocer’s. The rear hub comes with a foot, back pedal or coaster brake integrated with an internal freewheel. Offering freewheeling just like a multi-speed unit, this type activates the brake after a fraction of a revolution when back pedaled. You have a clean classic look thanks to the absence of gears. Long distance riding and biking in hilly areas is not recommended.

Multi-speed cruiser bikes can be purchased in different speeds. Six- or seven-speed cruiser bikes have front and rear hand brakes plus an external rear derailleur. The rear derailleur supports six or seven gear ratios in various configurations. You get the least resistance while pedaling from using the first gear. All other subsequent gears deliver higher resistance up to the seventh gear. For faster speeds, the higher gears are employed, perfect for biking on flat, even surfaces.

For uphill trekking, headwind riding or easy, stress-free riding, the lower gears are utilized. The standard front and rear hand brakes on six or seven speeds permit instantaneous stopping and freewheel back pedaling. A three-speed cruiser, which delivers just three speeds, replaces the external rear derailleur with a rear internal gear hub. The hub shell of the rear wheel encases the gears and lubricants within, in contrast to the exposed mechanisms and gears of derailleurs. The enclosed gears offer long and relatively maintenance-free life.


It offers your choice of frame material.

Cruiser bike frames can be made of either steel or aluminum. Steel frames make for heavier bikes with lower quality components that tend to be weak against corrosion when exposed to water. Steel-framed bikes cost less than aluminum-framed ones, which are more lightweight and comprise components of higher quality and don’t rust. Choose the frame that your budget will allow you to get.

2.sixthreezero Women's 26-Inch Beach
It has the style and accessories you want.

You may want to get a model with a basket, for carrying your riding essentials such as a smartphone, music player, tablet or hydration bottle. The bike can also have a chopper, lowrider or comfort style. Comfort style bikes combine more conventional styling with the soft ride of a cruiser. They are built with suspension seatposts and fenders. Equipped with accessories such as springer forks and bullet headlights, lowrider bikes commonly feature a retro Schwinn Sting Ray or other muscle frame. Large rear-wheel tires and suspension forks are on chopper bikes that come with hot rod paint jobs and lower center of gravity.



Top rated cruiser bikes in 2019


There are plenty of choices on cruiser bikes so the consumer may not find it so easy to get one. We highly recommend looking into the buying tips presented in the guide above so you can enjoy a smoother buying experience. To help you even further, we have showcased the best products below.


Our recommendations


Firmstrong Urban Lady 


1.Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach

Sized for women from 5 to 6 feet tall, the Firmstrong Urban Lady offers effortless riding with its smooth and easy pedals. You have three different gear options available, ensuring customized riding for the type of biking you do on your preferred terrain. There are rear coaster brakes on the single- and three-speed models.

The seven-speed unit offers both front and rear handbrakes to increase riding versatility. The oversized seat is equipped with double coil springs to deliver a soft and smooth ride. The grippy whitewall tires are made wide enough to absorb the impacts due to uneven terrain. A classic curvy steel model, this bike comes with 24- or 26-inch aluminum wheels that are rust proof.


Buy from Amazon for ($204.99)




Sixthreezero Women’s Beach


Best Cruiser Bike ReviewsKicking off the list for the best cruiser bike reviews is the sixthreezero original and staple model. The sixthreezero is known for its durability, as well as its tasteful sense of style and sophisticated vibe. There are beautifully accented rims in its 26-inch white wall tires, which accentuates its aesthetic value.

It is perfectly comfortable and it has a neatly stitched bubble saddle and grip. The sixthreezero’s pretty appearance is a contrast to its endurance and performance on the road.


Buy from Amazon for ($291.08)




Huffy Nel Lusso


The Huffy bike combines elegance with practicality. Design-wise, it is a standout since it features a black body with red wheels, a combination that makes sure you will be noticed. The materials the manufacturer chose to construct it from are sturdy and won’t bend in time.

Moreover, the bike’s seat and handles are ergonomic, and they have a nice texture that will enhance the riding experience. Also, note that the seat is comfortable and resistant to wear so you can keep using the same bike for years to come. The product also comes with a very handy basket which will be ideal for shopping sessions.


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Firmstrong Urban Man


2.Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser

Perfect for long distance casual riding, the Firmstrong Urban Man is made for a tall man who loves riding around town, by the beach or simply anywhere on a paved path. Employing a top-of-the-line Shimano internal gear-shifting system, this model offers a smooth biking experience.

The classic cruiser frame design is complemented with a large dual spring saddle along with balloon tires for a smooth and comfortable ride. Stopping is easy using simple backpedaling. Pressure is taken off the back since the rider sits upright. Available in two sizes, this bike can be bought in 24-inch or 26-inch models. This single-speed bike is perfect for casual riding.


Buy from Amazon for ($199.99)




sixthreezero Cruiser


Another model that is praised for its classic design is this sleek one. The curvy bike has a 9-inch durable steel frame, which makes it ideal for riding in all types of scenarios, including at the beach or around the neighborhood.

Many improvements have been brought to the original design, so now the model keeps your back and shoulders comfortable, and it also rocks handlebars with foam grips. The pedal-backward coaster brakes make sure you can easily stop the bike, and it also comes with a rear rack, in case you want to ride it to the local farmer’s market.


Buy from Amazon for ($199.99)




Firmstrong Bruiser


The colors of this unit are masculine and powerful. The bike lets you switch seamlessly between its three speeds, and it is very responsive when changing directions. A unique thing about its design is the balloon tires that allow for a cushioned ride, especially on bumpy roads.

The coaster breaks are easy to use and efficient, and the leather handlebars will allow you to ride it for long periods of time without your hands hurting. This transforms the bike into the ideal tool for your commute or leisure purposes. It also rocks an oversized seat with dual springs for enhanced comfort.


Buy from Amazon for ($279.99)




Schwinn Men’s Sanctuary – Not available


From the reviews for the Sanctuary 7-speed cruiser bike, it comes out as a great bike which is perfectly comfortable to ride on with its convenient multiple gears.

The package that it comes with is very well packed and wrapped. It is pretty easy to assemble and the manual is really helpful and accurate. This model is designed for leisure bike rides and quick runs to the nearest convenience store. It is truly the best cruiser bike in 2019.




Schwinn Women’s Sanctuary – Not available


For quick tours around the neighbourhood or running simple and quick errands nearby, this bike is perfect for you. The Schwinn Cruiser bike is designed for comfortable riding and it has a rack which is great for carrying cargo. The full metal fenders keep you from getting stained with mud whenever it rains.

It allows quick gear shifting with its SRAM twist shift. This bike also has a very lightweight alloy wheel and a comfortable wide cruiser saddle. Considering its being a 7-speed cruiser bike, the price is perfectly reasonable.



Huffy Men’s Deluxe – Not available


The Huffy Cruiser bike is one of the bikes in the market that is most convenient and easy to manage. Its adjustable front basket and rear rack is really convenient, especially for people who usually carries some cargo. It has a comfortable spring saddle and safe and comfortable density grips.

The fitted braces in its flared fenders will definitely keep you clean and dry during rainy days. The bike is pretty lightweight and it provides you with a very stable ride. With these features it is absolutely a top rated cruiser bike in 2019.



Diamondback Della Cruz Girl’s – Not available


Another best cruiser bike in 2019 that you will find on the market today is the diamondback cruiser bike. Its single speed simplicity can definitely bring you to your farthest biking destinations.

Just like most of the top end models in the market, it has a coaster brake, a very comfy spring saddle, and front and rear fenders. According to most of its reviews, it is the perfect bike for ten year olds. The bike is very easy to assemble and the package is complete.