How to Buy the Best Cupcake Maker


Cupcake makers are a lot of fun, and they save you a lot of time and effort in the kitchen. Normally, you would have to heat the oven, get the baking tray out and start getting busy. Nothing of the kind is needed is all you have is a cupcake maker. Capable of making several cupcakes within a very short time, cupcake makers are easy to operate and easy to clean. If you intend to purchase a cupcake maker, and you have no idea where to start, here is a short buying guide that will help you out.

A.Cupcake Maker


A lot of the best cupcake maker reviews will tell you that these fun kitchen appliances need to be small and portable, since they cannot really rival with your full size oven. However, you need to know that you will be able to bake at least a few cupcakes for the entire family, when everyone has a sweet tooth and wants a small treat. Most models around are capable of making 6-8 cupcakes at the same time, which is quite alright for what you have in mind.



Cleaning your oven and your baking tray can be a real hassle, so a cupcake maker should be a better choice as far as ease of maintenance goes. Read as many of the best cupcake maker reviews as possible, to see which models are, indeed, easy to wash and easy to operate. Non stick plates should be a must, because no spills adhere to them and they are truly easy to wash.



Cupcake makers are a great choice when you want to save time, so a model that can bake a few cupcakes within a short period of time is preferable to one that requires a lot more. There are models on the market that can bake several cupcakes in less than 10 minutes, so you can even throw an ad-hoc party, as long as you have the right ingredients in the kitchen.



Although design is not essential for the quality of a cupcake maker, one that looks great on the counter can be a welcome addition to your kitchen. With so many quirky designs available, you will absolutely love shopping for the right one.


Top Rated Cupcake Makers in 2019


If you are interested in getting a cupcake maker, there is no better way than getting informed on the top rated cupcake makers 2019. The following three models are the best around and they enjoy a lot of popularity, being appreciated by cupcake lovers everywhere.


Sunbeam FPSBCML900


1.Sunbeam FPSBCML900What’s not to like about this cupcake maker? The type of kitchen device that will make you fall in love with it from the very first sight, the Sunbeam FPSBCML900 is ideal for any type of cupcake recipes you have stored away in your cupboard.

The model looks like a giant cupcake, so, in case you are still not convinced, you want to get this one. Your kids will definitely tip the balance in its favor. But, like in real life, looks are not all, and the Sunbeam FPSBCML900 comes equipped with a series of features and characteristics that will have you enthralled with it right away.

First things first, this model is called the best cupcake maker 2019 because it can bake 6 cupcakes in just 10 minutes. The classic shapes will help you create wonderful cupcake recipes that will make your entire family demand more. Whether you want to make cupcakes or muffins, there is no real challenger for this cupcake maker.

The lights installed on the cover will let you know when the cupcake maker is working. You will also appreciate that the non stick plates are easy to clean, so you will always be able to keep your cupcake maker in top notch condition.

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Babycakes CC-2828PK


2.Babycakes CC-2828PKA good and reliable cupcake maker must let you try different recipes and different types of cookies. This is exactly what the Babycakes CC-2828PK is capable of. Making cupcakes, brownies, mini pies, cheesecakes and many other types of mini cakes is really easy with the help of the best cupcake maker 2019, as this machine is called.

You will surely appreciate that this cupcake maker can bake 8 cupcakes at the same time, or any other recipe you might want to try out. Because of the non stick plates the cupcake maker comes equipped with, you will be able to wash the device easily and maintain it in good condition over the years.

Many of the best cupcake maker reviews around praise this particular model for the extras it comes along with. An entire decorating set is available, and the 4 different icing tips will help you make your cupcakes look as good as they taste. Other accessories include a tool for crust cutting and tools for forming various shapes. The bottom line is that your own creativity can find its way of expressing itself in making wonderful cupcakes for the entire family, custom decorated and unique.

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Holstein Housewares HF-09013E


3.Holstein Housewares HF-09013EWhen you are in the mood for cupcakes and muffins, you do not have to turn the heat on and start baking with the help of your oven. The Holstein Housewares HF-09013E is the best tool to have around when your kids are in the mood for something sweet and you do not have the time to engage in a full-fledged kitchen adventure.

It takes only several minutes for the Holstein Housewares HF-09013E to bake 6 delicious cupcakes or muffins, which means that a lot of time is saved in the process. Because it is portable, you can even take it along on trips with you, and bake some cupcakes, provided that you have a bit of space for mixing the ingredients.

You will find that most of the best cupcake maker reviews consider this unit to be a great addition to your kitchen, because of its upright storage feature. Practically, once you are done with the cupcake maker, you only need to place it upright and it will take less space than your toaster. Because of its beautiful colors, this cupcake maker will fit to any kitchen layout, and it will be an absolute hit with your kids.

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