Buying Advice for Cutlery Sets


Having the right knives will make a difference in every aspect of your cooking, from the taste to the appearance of the dish. Some aspiring home chefs might be surprised to learn that certain knives are designed for specific uses, and food items. Now that you know that all kitchen knives are not the same, it can be confusing trying to determine exactly what you need. We have created this buying guide to help you make an informed decision so you can find the best cutlery set for 2019.


As stated in the best cutlery set reviews, you first need to familiarize yourself with the different types of kitchen knives. This can include everything from boning and steak knives, to beautifully designed Japanese kitchen blades. While these are nice to have, there are three basic knives that should be included in your cutlery set.

The best cutlery sets in 2019 includes a standard chef’s knife, along with serrated and paring blades. The larger chef’s knife is ideal for chopping meat and vegetables, and is also one of the most versatile blades in the kitchen. Smaller pairing knives can trim pieces of fat without cutting into the meat, while serrated blades are designed to be used to slice softer fruits and breads.



The materials used in the construction of the kitchen knives is also important, according to the best cutlery set reviews. While the blades can be made from a number a different materials, you do want to consider the slightly higher priced stainless steel. The construction of the blade is also important, since you do not want the blade to break off while you are using it. Cutlery sets that feature a full blade from the tip of the knife through the handle are generally stronger than other sets. The handle should also fit comfortably in your hand, and well balanced for optimum control.


Additional Considerations

While the best cutlery set reviews agree that you do need the three basic kitchen knives, you might want to consider some additional features. Some sets include storage boxes or attractive wood blocks which help you safely store and protect the blade on the kitchen knives. Cutlery sets that also include steak knives or specialty blades are ideal for budding and professional chefs.


Top Rated Cutlery Sets in 2019


Your budget and particular needs in the kitchen will help you decide which cutlery set is right for you. While we can’t tell you which one to buy, we can show you the top rated cutlery sets of 2019.


Chicago Cutlery Insignia Steel Knife Set


As stated in the best cutlery set reviews these kitchen knives are ideal for professional and beginning chefs. The 18 piece set includes everything you need to properly slice, chop, and dice any food item, and you have the added bonus of the matching steak knives. The wooden storage block not only looks great sitting on your counter, it will also protect the edges on the stainless steel blades.

The forged stainless steel is durable, rust resistant, and capable of holding its edge for an extended period of time. You also have the added bonus of the built in sharpener on the storage block. The durable kitchen knives make it easy to slice through hard, raw vegetables, and this set also features a full tang construction. The well balanced handle is comfortable to hold, and it is extremely easy to control the knife when you are cutting and dicing. This cutlery set also helps to prevent accidental cuts and nicks with the protective bolster that is forged for added strength and durability.

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Ginsu Chikara Series 07112 Cutlery Set


This name brand cutlery set is ideal for any kitchen, and includes everything you need to prep and prepare various ingredients. The large chef’s knife will chop through whole vegetables and different cuts of meat, and you also have the added bonus of the include Japanese santoku blade. Make precision cuts for added flavoring and decoration, and you will love the well balanced design. Each of the blades is easy to maneuver, including the small paring knife.

The stainless steel construction is durable and rust resistant, and the handles are also designed to be long lasting. The signature kitchen blades are forged for added strength when cutting and you’ll love how long these kitchen knives can hold a sharp edge. The three tiered wooden block fits neatly on any countertop, and will help to protect the blades from damage. With the included honing knife and kitchen shears, along with the matching steak knives, this cutlery set includes everything you need to prepare great tasting dishes that are also visually appealing.

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Cuisinart C77SS-15PK Stainless Steel Set


One of the first aspects you’ll notice about this cutlery set is the sleek modern style of the storage block. The gleaming stainless steel handles also looking striking displayed against the durable black block. The cutting blades are durable, and capable of holding an edge for an extended period of time. This lets you make precise and accurate cuts in meats and vegetables, without having to constantly stop and resharpen the blades. This cutlery set is designed to last you for a lifetime, and features a full tang blade construction for added strength and durability.

The handles are designed to fit comfortably in your hand, and you also have the benefit of the protective bolster to prevent accidental nicks and cuts on your hands. The well balanced blades are easy to maneuver, and your guests will appreciate all of the appealing dishes that you can create. You will love how easy it is to wipe the knives clean, including the ones with serrated blades. Cut perfect slices of fresh crusty bread and enjoy setting your table with the matching steak knives. With kitchen shears and a blade sharpener also included, everything you need to get started cooking all of your favorite recipes is included with this top cutlery set.

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