Top rated cycling GPS in 2019


If you are into biking and you want the best biking experience every time, you need to invest in the most functional devices that you can get. I, for one, am a biking hobbyist and I have been going through biking gear models on the internet, reading the best cycling GPS reviews. After thorough search, I have compiled five of the best models that you should consider buying. I considered all of the ratings that have been given by the customers who have tried the product. Their comments and recommendations helped as well.


Garmin Edge Touring Plus


Best Cycling GPS ReviewsThe Garmin Edge Touring Plus is a lot like the GPS navigator installed in your car. What makes it really special is its feature that allows you to choose from specific bicycle routines and settings. There are programmed bike –specific maps into its memory card, providing you an option for the kind of riding that you wish to do. With the Garmin Edge touring Plus, you can set exactly how far you want to go. These exciting features are what earned its spot on the best cycling GPS reviews.

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Garmin Edge 200 GPS-Enabled Bike Computer


One of the best cycling GPS in 2019 on the market is the Garmin Edge 200-GPS Enabled Bike Computer. It is very easy to use and you don’t even have to set it up at all. It is GPS-Enabled which allows you to calculate your exact location automatically. The Garmin Edge 200’s cool auto pause feature sets the device into pause whenever you’re not moving. It can store up to 130 hours of data for riding and it also allows you to set alerts and notifications for calories and distance travelled.

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Timex T5K615 GPS Bike Computer


This model is one of the best cycling GPS in 2019 in the market. You can take your cycling routine to the next level with the Timex T5K615. The device can measure and can store a riding history of up to 200 miles. It has ANT capabilities and it can be conveniently worn using a chest strap that has a heart rate monitor. It has a customizable display which allows you to configure at most 4 screens, showing 6 different readings for each screen. You can use it for 18 hours without having to charge the batteries.

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Garmin Edge 810 GPS Unit


If you are looking for a cycling device which has great navigation features and advanced training capabilities, the Edge 810 is the best device for you. It has connected feature which is great for live tracking, social media sharing and weather updates. It also has great mapping capabilities, and is ANT + sensor compatible. It can record data for distance, speed and ascent/descent. It has a 17-hour battery life and is extremely waterproof. With these features, there is no doubt that it is a top rated cycling GPS in 2019.

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Garmin Edge 510 GPS Bike Computer


Unlike some of the cycling GPS devices in the market, the Edge 510 is ideal for a competitive cyclist. It is very advanced and it can provide comprehensive and accurate cycling data. It is conveniently designed for extreme cycling terrains, such as canyons and steep mountains.  The Garmin Edge 510 has a very futuristic and sleek design. Aside from that, it also has live tracking capabilities owing to its connectivity features. It is extremely capable for recording speed data, distance travelled, grade, ascent/descent, and a lot more.

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