If you’re here just to find the best deck box and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have amassed plenty of information on the best products for sale on the market by looking into expert review sites and checking out what actual owner feedback says about those different products. Thankfully, after all the exhaustive research and product comparison, we have found what we believe is truly the top rated product in this category, the Suncast DBW9200. Designed to be tough for outdoor use, this deck box is available in either 73-gallon or 99-gallon capacity, making it perfect for pool supplies and other paraphernalia that should not be left exposed to the elements out in the yard. It can even be used to store cushions, magazines and other reading materials, garden tools and other patio accessories. Easy to assemble in just 5 minutes, the deck box also boasts an impressive contemporary design to bring harmony and style to any outdoor setting. If the immensely popular Suncast DBW9200 runs out of stock, we highly recommend the second best option in this category, the Lifetime 60012.



Comparison Table


Product Interior capacity (gallons) Price Color Material Our Rating Where to buy

Lifetime Products 60012

130 $$$$$ Brown/Black High-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic A+ AMAZON

Rubbermaid 5E39

128 $$$$ Sandstone Weather resistant plastic A AMAZON

Suncast DB5000B

50 $$$ Mocha brown Plastic B AMAZON

Suncast PB6700

50 $$$ Light Taupe Resin B+ AMAZON

Rubbermaid 5F21

80 $$ Sandstone Plastic C+ AMAZON



Buying Guide


If you are to maintain a clutter-free porch, patio or deck, you had best invest in a premium quality deck box. While being designed to store and protect outdoor items such as seat cushions, pool toys, garden tools, yard games and more, a deck box can also serve as a beautifying element to any outdoor setting or to supplement your patio or deck with seating support in the event that your outdoor gathering brings in more guests. What do you really want to find in a deck box?

1.Suncast DBW9200

Top quality materials in its construction

The common stylish option in deck box material is wicker or rattan. This type easily adds a sophisticated look to any outdoor living area. It can bring a touch of traditional or coastal style to your outdoor furniture set depending on the color and design of the deck box itself. Rattan or wicker deck boxes cost more than either plastic or resin but durability is a come-on despite the higher price.

A more expensive option is wood, which offers an all-natural, organic look. Deck boxes made of wood typically utilize cedar, teak, eucalyptus and other moisture-resilient wood types in their construction. Consumers can simply select from a variety of finishes including java, mahogany, espresso, cherry and oak. Wooden deck boxes can be quite heavy so make sure you place them in a specific spot that you intend to keep them on for a long time.

Plastic deck boxes are lightweight and won’t suffer from the usual issues that other materials cannot sufficiently address, including denting, peeling, or corrosion. Plastic deck boxes can still look attractive after some time, if you take proper care of them. They may be your cheapest option, but they can come with faux wood paneling that will easily blend in with the outdoor setting. Plastic deck boxes are easy to move around so you can change their location whenever you feel like it.

Resin deck boxes are another budget-friendly option. The material comes in a variety of natural colors so resin deck boxes can round out your collection of landscape-oriented outdoor equipment. The most popular hues are white and brown.



Highly useful features

You will want the deck box to boast a weather resistant finish and construction. This is especially important since the piece of outdoor furniture will be left exposed to the elements 24/7. Make sure to choose a style that can withstand outdoor exposure, with no crevices or similar configurations that can only gather molds and mildew after prolonged exposure to moisture, dew or rain.

You will also want the deck box to be lockable in the event that you use it to store valuable outdoor equipment such as pool cleaning tools or power and gardening tools. Check out models with wheels for even more convenience, and that can prove to be useful when you want to transfer the box indoors or just change its location on the patio. Side handles allow effortless lifting when needed. Some deck boxes also double as coolers, which is very useful if you like serving nice and cold beverages while entertaining guests and family.

2.Lifetime 60012

Most practical style and capacity for your needs

Traditional deck boxes easily provide double-duty purpose. They add extra seating plus storage to your extended living space. Cushion bins are usually longer and are designed to store and protect items with fabric, such as pillows and chair and lounge cushions. Storage benches look like outdoor benches. Most models even have arms and padded cushions, adding a dash of decoration to a backyard patio, garden or front porch. Storage benches make you feel like you’re just at the park enjoying the view.

The capacity of a deck box refers to its inside dimensions and this is where the size of the product is determined. It is best to either measure the inside of the box on all sides if you’re buying from a brick-and-mortar store, or to read the product description if you’re shopping online. This is to make sure you can get exactly what you need for storage. Bear in mind that electronics should not be stored in an outdoor deck box. They belong indoors or for electronic tools, in the tool shed.



Top rated deck boxes in 2019


Consumers have a variety of manufacturers and models to choose from when shopping for deck boxes. Because the wealth of choices can easily overwhelm you, we urge you to go through the above buying guide for a more informed shopping journey. We have also showcased the best products below for a smoother buying experience.


Our recommendations


Suncast DBW9200 


1.Suncast DBW9200

The Suncast DBW9200 assures you of durable craftsmanship and unparalleled quality because it is a US-made product. This awesome plastic deck box comes with a very attractive mocha brown wicker design that will enable it to blend in easily with the rest of the decor in your outdoor patio, deck or garden. The box comes with a large 99-gallon capacity so it can easily accommodate a variety of tools, outdoor supplies, yard games and other items you may decide to put in it for storage and protection from the elements. This product is perfect for storing cushions as well, providing a water-tight enclosure for fabric materials.


Buy from Amazon for ($102)




Lifetime Products 60012


best deck box 2019Considered by thousands of satisfied customers as one of the best deck box 2019, Lifetime Products 60012 extra-large deck box is made out of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic and also powder-coated steel hinges. It is ideal for any household that needs a bit of extra room. The 60012 model has an interior capacity of 139 gallons and the inside dimensions are of 57 inches long by 20.75 inches wide by 23.75 inches high which is more than enough to put anything you need there. Furthermore the model comes in a beautiful dual colour tonality of brown and tan.


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Rubbermaid 5E39


Most of the present top rated deck box reviews emphasize on the great functionality and solid design of Rubbermaid 5E39 extra-large model, product known for its ability to hold many items that lie around the house. The model has 16.2 cubic feet of storage space and also with a solid grid floor that helps to keep the tools in place with ease. Furthermore Rubbermaid 5E39 is made out of rugged high-density polyethylene construction that will make the deck box resist chips, crack or peat. Rubbermaid is ideal for any home, backyard or attic.


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Suncast DB5000B


top rated deck box reviews Most of the present top rated deck box reviews underline the solid built and carefully designed structure of Suncast model, known for its capacity to accommodate many things with ease. This deck is ideal for storing various gardening tools, athletic equipment, old toys or outdoor garden décor. The Suncast deck box has a poly-resin construction for enhanced durability and also with the capacity to resist fading and rust. The box is not affected by rain because of the designed lid that keeps the water from reaching inside. In addition to its solid design Suncast can hold by up to 50 gallons of gear.


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Suncast PB6700


With a unique design with dual functions of a bench and deck box, Suncast PB6700 is ideal for people that want to combine utility with efficiency. This patio bench and deck box has a 50-gallon storage capacity which is more than enough to put various items that incommode you around the house. The model is easy to install, taking no more than 5 minutes to put it together. Suncast PB6700 bench/deck box has a stay-dry design and also a long-lasting resin construction that place the model among the best deck box 2019 with the approval from hundreds of satisfied owners.


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Rubbermaid 5F21


Recent polls and online statistics have named Rubbermaid 5F21 deck box with seat as the best deck box 2019, due to its sturdy design and solid structure. This storage box comes with hinged lid and seat that allow the user to control and access it better. In addition Rubbermaid 5F21 has hasps for clear locking lid that makes it a lot easier to make the content of the box safer. Rubbermaid 5F21 is maintenance-free and also crack-resistant even in cold temperatures, trait which is quite impressive.


Buy from Amazon for ($96.93)