How to Choose a Top Deep Fryer with Basket


Buying the best deep fryer with basket in 2019 can help you save time and money. Using a skillet or a pan for frying chicken, french fries and catfish can be tedious, and the food may be cooked inconsistently. If you’ve ever thought about buying a deep fryer but can’t seem to separate the wheat from the chaff, we’re here to help. We’ve put together a short yet informative buying guide, to help you correlate your needs with the features of the unit. Check it out below.

Best deep fryer with basket

Safety first

Using a deep fryer is synonymous with being around extremely hot oil. Actually, regular models are capable of heating up oil up to 375 degrees. In order to prevent it from getting on your skin, you need to pay attention to a number of features. For example, some fryers have deep tanks or lids, which means that users aren’t forced to stick around that hot oil all the while their food is cooking.

A number of these models come with windows, which means that buyers don’t need to lift the lid in order to see how the frying is progressing.

In order to prevent kitchen burns from happening, try to stick to units that have a cool exterior. Most modern appliances in the line feature this nowadays, but better safe than sorry.


Fryer capacity

The capacity of the fryer is yet another thing to consider if you want to make the right decision. If you’re planning to use it for yourself and for a roommate, you might be better off with a 3-cup model.

By contrast, large fryers can hold up to 8 cups of food, and some are so spacious that they can fit a whole chicken at a time.

If possible, try to estimate the food quantity you’re planning to fry every time, as choosing a too small fryer will make you lose precious time, while buying a too large one may prove to be unproductive, expensive and wasteful.


Number of baskets

Generally, large fryers have a single basket. However, if you plan on buying a small unit, you might want to check out one with two baskets, as these will allow you to cook meat and french fries at the same time.


Top Rated Deep Fryer with Baskets in 2019


For your consideration, we’ve compiled a list of the three most acclaimed units we’ve come across during our research. All of the following have gathered some of the best deep fryer with basket reviews, coming from American and international customers alike. If you’re looking for convenience, durability and affordability, have a look at them.


T-Fal FR8000 Deep Fryer


1.T-Fal FR8000 Deep FryerIt comes as no surprise that the T-Fal FR8000 is a bestselling item on a variety of online marketplaces including Amazon. Since it is one of the top rated deep fryers with basket of 2019, it has acquired a wide angle of appreciation from professional and home users alike.

This unit can be purchased in two variants: a 2.2-pound one and a 2.65-pound one. This is the food capacity, as the oil capacity is 3.5 liters.

One of the most notable advantages to picking this variety is that it features an automatic oil filtration system, which drains the used oil to the bottom of the appliance. This way, the cooked food is never brown or burnt.

Other interesting features include a viewing window in the lid and handles for easy storage and transportation. As previously mentioned in the buying guide, a window can be a great help when it comes to preventing kitchen burns.

The manufacturers are offering a 1-year limited warranty on this item.

Considering that over 80% of the people who have chosen this unit were so satisfied with its performance and capabilities that they ended up providing positive ratings, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that the T-Fal FR8000 has acquired some of the best deep fryer with basket reviews.

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Secura Electric Deep Fryer


2.Secura Electric Deep FryerCompared to the previously mentioned T-Fal model, the Secura one is considerably more affordable. Nevertheless, a low price does not mean low quality in this case, as this fryer is the perfect choice for families and home users in general. In fact, the Secura variety has something that the T-Fal does not, mainly three separate baskets. Buyers have the freedom to use a large single one or two smaller ones for cooking both chicken or fish and French fries simultaneously.

The unit is made with stainless steel and has a cool to touch surface which prevents users from getting hurt while handling the fryer.

The temperature of the oil can be adjusted between 250 and 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

As is the case with the formerly described appliance, this one has a window in the lid, allowing people to visualize the progress of their cooking.

One of the advantages of buying and using the Secura Electric Deep Fryer is that it has an automatic timer that is adjustable up to 60 minutes, which makes it impossible for fire incidents to ever occur.

Over 200 buyers state that this unit offers great value for the price.

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Hamilton Beach 35021 Deep Fryer


3.Hamilton Beach 35021 Deep FryerHamilton Beach is one of the most well-known manufacturers of kitchen and dining appliances, which is why this product is up to the brand’s quality standards. Believe it or not, the Hamilton Beach 35021 is among the most affordable models in the line, as it can often be found to cost a little less than fifty dollars.

This is a small-sized deep fryer that does what it is supposed to do and does it well. Its capacity is 8 oil cups, which means that it speaks to individuals who want to cook food for themselves and for a roommate or member of their family. It is capable of preparing up to 6 cups of French fries at a time.

Just like other modern deep fryers with baskets, this one features cool-to-touch sides and a window in the lid. Furthermore, the basket of this variety can be lifted while the lid is closed. This is a feature that doesn’t can’t be found often in other models.

Let’s see what buyers had to say about the Hamilton Beach 35021. Some individuals have called it the greatest fryer for a single person or a small family. Others speak highly about the excellent insulation of the item.

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