If time is simply not a luxury you have when shopping for the best designer diaper bag, we hope this short but concise paragraph will deliver the vital information you need. We have searched the market for some of the popular and products and compared them based on quality and value. Out of all the items evaluated, we have seen that the Hip Cub – Weekender Tote performs well over the competition because it is both fashionable and functional. It features a thin stripe cotton canvas material in navy (with white), gray, and black, with a tan accent that enhances its look. Made out of durable and quality materials, this bag is built to last while making it easy to spot clean, with an interior made from polyester that wipes clean. The 9 secure pockets provide the spacious storage functionality needed for a day out with the baby. Its tremendous popularity might make the Hip Cub – Weekender Tote difficult to find at your favorite retailers but the Ju-Ju-Be Legacy Nautical Collection B.F.F. makes the second best option.



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As a parent, you can’t leave home to begin a day of adventure with your baby unless you have a decent diaper bag to hold your child’s essentials. Fortunately, diaper bag designers have been able to create totes that look like purses to carry baby’s needs on the go while making mom look fabulous enough to wear a designer dress on outings with baby. A diaper bag should not make you look like you’re on serious baby duty, but apart from the aesthetic aspect, these are the elements you would most want to find in a trusty diaper bag.

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Generous storage capacity

The diaper bag you get should have miles to go in terms of storage capacity. It should be even more so when it’s supposed to carry items for twins, or for multi-day and overnight trips. Bear in mind that storage AND organization will need to go hand in hand, so the bag should not only have a good number of storage pockets but those elements should also be thoughtfully designed to enable easy and convenient organization of baby’s things. A well-stocked diaper bag should carry the essential baby items including wipes and diapers, sacks to hold dirty nappies, a changing pad so you can do nappy changes without laying baby on a dirty surface, rash cream and sunscreen, a change of clothes, baby’s bottles or sippy cups, burp cloths, some snacks and toys, binkies and a nursing cover.

For dads and moms who can’t just leave everything behind when on an outing with baby, the bag should be able to carry essential parent items such as a cell phone, keys, a water bottle to stay hydrated since taking care of baby will be a superhero task, snacks for energy, hand sanitizer, wallet, reading material, and maybe some sunscreen and makeup and a pair of sunglasses.

You will want to make sure the bag offers easy access to different items with exterior compartments that are either zipped to prevent losing items too easily or with snaps or magnetic closure. Avoid velcro closures that cling to clothing and could cause rashes when they come in contact with baby’s delicate skin. Clear vinyl or mesh pockets make it easy to view contents. Some diaper bags are equipped with an insulated cooler section to hold baby’s feeding supplies.


Built tough for a tough job

The outside design of your diaper bag can be of eye catching patterns but unless the material is designed to handle being dragged around and getting dirty, the bag is not what you and your baby need. You want durable fabric for the diaper bag, preferably microfiber or moisture-resistant nylon for practicality, for easy wipe clean when needed, both inside and out. Vinyl bags tend to crack in especially cold weather.

You want the straps not to dig into your shoulders so wide, padded and adjustable ones should be your choice. The seams should be well-reinforced and factory-finished with no loose stitches or fraying. Any stress points on the diaper bag should be bolstered with zigzag stitching or rivets. The hardware should be strong and rigid, not flimsy and easily broken or damaged. Plastic parts should be heavy duty and closures should be secure but easy to use. Large-toothed zippers are ideal.

Check out bags that offer an antimicrobial finish to ensure baby’s health and safety. Some models even boast eco-friendly material in their construction. You want BPA-free material or organic cotton. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic has added phthalates that not only emit a strong chemical smell but can pose hazards to health.

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Design and ease of use

You may not be looking to make a fashion statement at all with your baby’s diaper bag, but you wouldn’t want people you meet on the street to be gushing how beautiful your baby girl is if your precious bundle is actually a boy. Diaper bags do come in designs for boys and for girls, but manufacturers have been able to cross the great divide by coming out with bags in neutral designs, which is much better. Besides, a bag with a neutral design enables use for the next addition to a still growing family.

Messenger, backpack, tote and sling style diaper bags are a good choice because they let you carry baby with both hands. Sternum straps add convenience and contribute to even weight distribution while carrying.

The diaper bag industry has evolved on its own, with many designer labels now carrying their own line of these totes to help parents go through outdoor adventures with baby in exceptional style. However, more than a designer diaper bag’s aesthetic appeal lies true functionality for the purpose it is to serve, and the buying guide above should help you make a wise decision based on that premise. We have also showcased the best designer diapers bags below to help you out even more.



Top rated designer diaper bags in 2019


When it comes to raising children one thing is certain: there is a strong “relationship” between parents and diapers. To this extent a professional and high quality diaper bag is needed, so that caring for the child takes on a lighter and fashionable take. A new mom experiences a lot of stress and anxiety but she also wants to feel good and appreciated for her looks. This is why the market offers a variety of designer diaper bags suitable for everyone’s fashion senses and delights. In order to procure the right information on the current products it is important for you to read the top rated diaper bag reviews so that the right one is discovered.


Our recommendations


Hip Cub Weekender Tote


1.Diaper Bag by Hip Cub

Designed to truly serve from maternity to eternity, the Hip Cub Weekender Tote offers functionality and fashion so mom can be nurturing to baby and hip at the same time. Made of thin-striped cotton canvas, this designer bag can be dragged everywhere as you enjoy baby’s day out without worrying that your child’s essentials won’t be protected enough as you carry them. Made of nothing less than top quality, strong materials, this is a solidly constructed diaper bag with an easily wipeable exterior of cotton canvas and an interior of wipeable polyester. With nine secure pockets in all, this tote is easily one of the most spacious and largest changing bags available to carry baby’s outdoor adventure essentials.


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Ju-Ju-Be Legacy Nautical Collection B.F.F. The Admiral


3.Ju-Ju-Be Legacy

The Ju-Ju-Be Legacy Nautical Collection B.F.F. The Admiral is a stylish designer diaper bag with multiple storage and carrying options. It enables easy organization of baby’s essentials on the go. You can carry it using the shoulder strap, backpack straps or top handle. This designer diaper bag features memory foam straps that won’t dig into your shoulders and instead conform to their shape for comfortable carrying. The textured fabric underneath the straps enhance comfort while preventing the bag from easily slipping off your shoulders. To safeguard baby’s health and well being, the lining of the bag is treated with Agion natural antimicrobial agent, which reduces and prevents the growth of odor-causing germs, mildew and mold. In addition, the outer fabric is coated with Teflon fabric protector that enables the exterior material to repel stains and dirt.


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Skip Hop Versa


Being a mother doesn`t mean you have to give up being stylish. There are some accessories that help you with this like the Skip Hop Versa Diaper Bag. It combines the need for space and style to give a very nice end product. The center of the bag is expandable so it becomes 20% larger. You can either hang it on the stroller or on your shoulder. And it has all the pockets you need, 11 in total. When you go out with your child you will look good and have everything you need to take care of your little one.


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Urban Mom Tote Style 


2.Urban Mom

Truly a designer diaper bag worthy of royalty, the Urban Mom Tote Style carries a stylish design and durable quality that any mom would be proud to show off. Looking like a regular purse bag, this product is made big enough to take in baby’s diapers and other necessities. It comes with a matching change pad so you won’t have to lay baby on a dirty surface during nappy changes. This makes a perfect baby registry gift that will surely be appreciated. The buckle-lock strap and magnetic snaps ensure that contents are securely held in. The internal zippered pocket holds your valuables nicely. You can use the shoulder strap or the convenient hand carry handles at your option.


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Skip Hop Grand Central


best designer diaper bagSkip Hop Grand Central Diaper Bag has a clear, wipe-clean zip pocket and webbing toy fob; which is enough for me to store my baby’s needs conveniently. What’s even more wonderful is that, it also has a section for my needs as a mom, such as zip pocket, phone pocket, and fleece-lined sunglasses pocket. As a whole it has a 3 large divided sections. I find this one really special because despite the load it can carry, you won’t have to sacrifice your style because of its modernity and portability. Whether you have lots of things to load or just a few, this flexible diaper bag is truly worth having.


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Skip Hop Chelsea Downtown


If you want to look chic every moment of the day, regardless if you walk your toddler out for a ride, you will need a fancy diaper bag. This one by Skip Hop can be worn over your shoulder or as a classic handbag in your hand or on your arm.

The item features 12 useful pockets, including four interior pockets to store all your essentials, always from your baby’s required products. The soft adjustable shoulder strap will provide you comfort and a hands-free style whenever you need both your hands to handle your baby.  The product is made from top-quality faux leather and features zipper pulls.


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Timi & Leslie Metro Messenger 


If you want to keep up with the latest fashion trends and not give away style even when you’re taking your infant out for a walk, this fashionable diaper bag is exactly what you need. The product is made from superior quality vegan faux leather and features an adjustable shoulder strap.

It comes equipped with no less than 10 pockets, including two insulated pockets to store your baby’s milk bottle properly. The changing mat is extremely useful because it also features a pocket for diapers and wipes, making this whole operation a lot more bearable and faster.


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Ju-Ju-Be Legacy Collection B.F.F.


This product is everything you need if you’re always on the run with your small children and still, need both of your hands free to handle your cute bundles of joy. The diaper bag is made from 100% polyester and features a classic black and white design that will go with most of your outfits.

What we like about this diaper bag is that it is machine washable and will easily dry naturally, without requiring an additional dryer. The Teflon-treated outer fabric won’t allow stains or dirt to deposit. Also, the Agion treatment provides full protection for the interior lining against odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew.

The multitude of resistant straps allows for multi-design use as you please. Wear it as a backpack, as a handbag or more.


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Products which are no longer available



Juicy Couture Tote Black


Juicy Couture is a well renowned fashion label bringing high quality in every model offered to the general public. This Juicy Couture diaper bag is 100% authentic coming with the real signature monogram canvas. Combining a great fashion sense with affordability this model is sold in Juicy Couture stores art around 1500$ to 2000$. This model has many pockets, a small zippered pocket in the front and also a larger one with three delicate compartments and special ones for holding baby bottles. It comes as no surprise to see this model among the best designer diaper bags.



Cocalo Couture Kayla Satchel


top rated diaper bag reviewsOne of the most beautiful bags currently available to women on the market is the Cocalo Couture Kayla model. With a sublime colour of Nova check and black, this Cocalo Couture Kaylamodel can brighten any woman’s day to day social gatherings. The bag has a large main compartment with a solid zipper closure, a large zip around the front compartment and also a pocket in the back. Furthermore, the bag has a long and adjustable strap which provides comfort to the user and great mobility, making this model one of the best designer diaper bags in 2019.



Juicy Couture baby Scotty Embroidery


Best designer diaper bags 2019Many of the current top rated diaper bag reviews speak highly of the quality and beauty of the Juicy Couture Scotty Embroidery baby bagdiaper bag. This model is 100% authentic and comes with an original receipt, paper bag and a superb texture to be cherished and displayed almost everywhere you go. The Juicy Couture diaper bag has gold toned hardware and carefully thought off Scotty embroidery on the front. It has many pockets with magnetic closure and special ones for bottles and phones.



Cocalo Couture Chloe Hobo


Most of the top rated diaper bag reviews mention the effectiveness and beauty of the Cocalo Couture Chloe Hobo Diaper Bag, perfect for any fashion conscious mom. The model is made out of 100% nylon and also has a cotton outer layer and a finer 100% polyester liner. This Cocalo model is durable and has a waterproof coated canvas texture and material ideal for trips to the beach. Furthermore, the model has a buckled front pocket and multiple elastic pockets for various things that you might need to have at your disposal.



Skip Hop Duo Essential


This textile duo diaper bag has a shoulder strap length of 51.5 inches, along with 4 exterior pockets enough to store your needs. In addition, it also has 2 multi-function interior pockets. Aside from your baby’s needs like diapers and bottles, it also holds enough space for your personal items such as cellphones, keys and wallets. Combining all this in a compact and modern design and an affordable budget, it’s not hard to find the reason for wanting this product. I first found out about this product on the best diaper bags reviews, and I’m glad to testify that what happy customers are saying about it is true. It’s called duo because it is also convertible to a stroller bag.



Timi & Leslie Hannah


A diaper bag has to have two functions, to give you a modern mommy look and to be a place where you can keep your baby essentials. The Timi & Leslie Hannah Diaper Bag has the necessary qualities to fill this role. For transporting, it has stroller straps or a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap. You can find a changing mat with a pocket for diapers or wipes, a insulated bottle holder and a very useful key fob. These many accessories cover everything you need to take so that the baby has all he/she needs in case of any little emergencies.



OiOi Baby Ikate Tote


As one of the best designer diaper bags in 2019, the OiOi baby Ikate Tote model brings a meaningful sense of fashion to the user. This baby bag is 100% organic and is made with water-resistant cotton canvas in case the water or milk bottle spills. Furthermore, the OiOi has a fixed stroller strap, double handle and a detachable adjustable web shoulder strap that ensures complete comfort to the user in any circumstance with great ease and no problems.