Top rated designer diaper bags for the money


Before it doesn’t matter what bag you are using to store your children’s diapers but gone were those days now. Now every mother deserves a stylish bag to keep those baby diapers. Diaper bags vary greatly from prices to designs and styles. Here we have listed five of the best designer diaper bags for the money you allotted in buying one.


Juicy Couture Diaper Bag Tote Black


Best designer diaper bags for the money When it comes to bags Juicy Couture is considered one of the best brands because of the quality of products they make.  Mothers out there are very fortunate because this high-end bag brand designed several diaper bags for mothers to choose from. The Juicy Couture Diaper Bag Tote Black comes with many pockets that will surely help mother’s keep their baby essentials organized. It also has special compartments for keeping those baby bottles. This designer bag is being sold in the market for aprox. $1700-$1900.


Juicy Couture baby Scotty Embroidery baby bag


Numerous top rated reviews speak so good about the Juicy Couture Scotty Embroidery baby bag because of its quality and design. If you purchase this beautifully crafted bag it will come with an original receipt and a paper bag not to mention the known texture of the Juicy Couture bags that is superb in quality and definitely top of the line. This bag also comes with many pockets with magnetic locks plus pockets that are specially made for cell phones and baby bottles.



Cocalo Couture Kayla Satchel diaper bag


This diaper bag is gaining popularity in the market these days due to its sleek and stylish design plus combined with its superb quality. It comes with a beautiful design with colors that will you will surely love. This diaper bag comes with a large compartment that can surely hold your baby’s essentials. It has this solid zipper closure that will surely secure all your belongings. Another good thing about this bag is that it has an adjustable strap that ensures the comfort of the one using it. With all these positive feature that this bag has to offer this is surely one of the best designer diaper bags for the money you have.


Cocalo Couture Chloe Hobo diaper bag


This bag is made up of 100% nylon, cotton and 100% polyester liner. It elucidates beauty and durability as well as functionality and style. You can surely use this bag in any social events without worrying that it doesn’t fit in the event. It also has a waterproof canvass texture. If you are the type of mom who loves going to the beach then this bag is sure to fit you because this bag is made from materials that are ideal for those trips to the beach.


OiOi Baby Ikate Tote diaper bag


This awesome designer bag is 100% organic plus it has a waterproof cotton canvas for those unwanted water or milk bottle spills. It also has an adjustable strap for the comfort and ease of the user. Now the good thing about it is that it has a removable shoulder strap so you can choose your kind of style.