Expert Buying Guide on Desktop Processors


The heart of any computer is the processor. This makes it imperative that you check out the best desktop processor reviews to find out if your PC prospect is built with this kind of component that can handle your typical computer needs, and then some. The CPU quality is a strong indicator of how much data your computer can handle at a single time, and the rate at which that data can be handled.

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Processor Cores

There was a time when the products featured in the best desktop processor reviews were all built with a single core. That has changed nowadays, with single-core becoming the exception rather than the rule. Multi-core processors have evolved to being widely popular on the market, and this has also made them ever more common. Even modern software has been engineered to efficiently utilize multi-core processor technology. Buyers can now choose from dual-core units to octa-core (eight-core) processors like they were just there for the picking.

While a single-core CPU just has one core that handles all the data sent to it, multi-core processors integrate a greater number of elements to divvy up the CPU tasks. This will enable the processor to run faster and more efficiently. However, even if you’ve got a top-of-the-line model among those highlighted in the best desktop processor reviews, without premium software running it, the component is wasted. Do keep in mind to match core availability with the system requirements.



When going over the best desktop processor reviews, you also need to check out information on the cache of each CPU presented. Similar to the memory of a computer, the cache is probably one of the most confusing elements of the processor, as well. The cache denotes a small quantity of very fast memory that is utilized for temporary storage, allowing the computer to retrieve the targeted files very quickly. The larger the cache, the greater the storage ability for quick retrieval. The cache is denoted using three symbols: L1, L2 and L3. The more memory there is in all three caches, the more efficient the CPU promises to be.


Integrated Graphics Processing Units

A lot of modern top rated desktop processors 2019 now boast integrated graphics processing units (GPU’s). Designed to execute calculations related to graphics, the integrated GPU eliminates the need for a separate graphics card or onboard video on the motherboard for the PC to display graphics. An integrated GPU will not perform as expected if the computer is to be used for graphics-heavy programs and software.


Socket Compatibility

With the right level of socket compatibility, there is effective interface between the CPU itself and the motherboard. Make sure the installed CPU supports the motherboard socket you plan to have. AMD offers two main sockets: AM3+ for strong backward compatibility with older releases; and FM1 for use with AMD APU’s.

Mainstream processors from Intel utilize the LGA1155 socket. Enthusiast models use the LGA2011. There are lower-priced CPU’s for one socket type, which tend to be slower than others of the same type.


Top Rated Desktop Processors in 2019


The terminology alone can drive you nuts when you’re in the market for a strong and capable processor that matches your personal or working needs. That is further compounded by the sheer number of options available out there. Below are two products that offer the ultimate solution to your search for the best CPU.


Intel Core BX80646I74790K i7-4790K Processor


1.Intel Core BX80646I74790K i7-4790KServing as the flagship model for the 4th Generation Intel Core (Haswell) Processors, the Intel Core BX80646I74790K i7-4790K is truly the best desktop processor 2019 designed for enthusiasts. Engineered to deliver multi-tasking computer performance, this model is built with four cores and a maximum of 8 threads, which allow it to zip through multimedia creation and provide stellar performance in the latest games. Offering outstanding levels of flexibility and performance, this quad-core 4GHz CPU can effortlessly trounce a dual-core processor running at 4.4GHz anytime. This CPU provides lightning-fast computing performance to handle even the toughest and most demanding tasks.

Built with robust overclocking capabilities, the Intel Core BX80646I74790K i7-4790K features fully unlocked processor cores complemented with independent base clock tuning that increases its ability to achieve high core, graphics and memory frequencies while not affecting the other elements of the system. This CPU fits the LGA 1150 socket. The thermal heatsink is easy to install. The CPU has superb overclocking capability. It handles multitasking and streaming with ease. The processor is power-efficient as well. It boasts Intel’s Rapid Storage Technology that enables easy retrieval of information.

This processor features top-of-the-line components including: Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0; Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology; Intel® HD Graphics 4600 (1250 MHz). That puts enough power in your hands to perform your computing tasks with ease. The onboard Quick Sync Video enables faster video conversion. The CPU allows you to avail of useful free downloads including AIDA64, SiSoftware Sandra, Intel Tuning Utility, Real Temp, CPUID HW Monitor, and plenty more to choose from.

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AMD FD6300WMHKBOX FX-6300 Processor Black Edition


2.AMD FD6300WMHKBOX FX-6300 6-CoreThis is the best desktop processor 2019 due to how it allows you to get up to 24% better frame rates that prove to be indispensable in some of the most demanding games. With its enhanced overclocking performance, the AMD FD6300WMHKBOX FX-6300 can be pushed over 5 GHz while still managing to run smoothly. It is a very cool-running chip. The CPU can run at 28OC under load, maximizing AMD’s aggressive cooling solutions. It delivers multi-threaded performance that can easily outdo a stock Core i5 and almost managing to do the same in single-threaded performance.

Built with the next generation architecture from AMD, this CPU brings hexa-core processing to a whole new level. The processor allows faster audio recording so you can enjoy your music faster and with greater immediacy. This product may be a budget alternative but it proves to be a very capable processor that offers decent multi-threaded performance even at stock speed. You can optimize it for productivity-intensive tasks as well as enhanced gaming performance, and always while enjoying stunning resolutions.

The Black Edition status of this budget chip earns it high points, primarily due to the relatively overclocking ability that provides you with not just one but two ways, either multiplier or base clock, so you can reach the highest frequency possible. The processor’s ability to skip effortlessly at 5GHz is not a thing to be easily scoffed at, as this is a feature that is most commonly associated with top-of-the-line budget CPU’s. Power-efficient at 95 watts, the CPU supports an AM3+ socket and has a total cache of 14MB, with 6/8 L2/L3 allocation.

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