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If you’re here just to find the best die cut machine and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have gathered plenty of information about different products for sale by looking into reviews and ratings in expert review sites and comparing the data in them with what actual owner feedback says. Fortunately, after all that exhaustive research and evaluation, we’ve been able to find what we believe is the bestselling product in this category, the Sizzix 657900 Big Shot. Finished in an attractive powder blue and teal color scheme, the machine comes with an extended multipurpose platform that holds the material you’re working on. Longer than the original multipurpose platform, this element carries information on what products to use, as well as the different tabs and the sandwich you need to create and cut the different items you have. This is aside from providing extra work surface. Incredibly versatile, this portable machine cuts and also embosses on a wide variety of materials from paper to fabric. Since there’s a likelihood that the Sizzix 657900 Big Shot will easily run out of stock, you can confidently get the second best product, the Cricut Explore Air.



Comparison Table


ProductDisplayPriceDimensionsOther FunctionsOur RatingWhere to buy

Sizzix 655268 Big Shot

No$$14 x 12 x 6 inchNoA+AMAZON

Silhouette Cameo

YES$$$$21 x 5.5 x 6 inchDesigning, CraftingAAMAZON

Cricut Expression 290300

YES$$$$25.8 x 9.5 x 12 inchDesigning, CraftingB+AMAZON

Cricut 29-0001

YES$$$17.8 x 9.7 x 12.9 inchDesigning, CraftingBAMAZON

Cricut Expression 2

YES$$23 x 9.4 x 11.3 inchDesigning, CraftingC+AMAZON



Buying Guide


There’s nothing quite like a paper die-cut machine to make paper crafting more enjoyable and much easier. By industrializing die cutting, these machines allow you to put your own personal stamp on projects or even make money out of them. Now what makes die cut machines superior to manual cutting or store-bought cutouts?
1.Sizzix 657900

A convenient choice on machine type

Manual die cutting machines are immensely popular among serious crafters, being around much longer than their automated counterparts. Manual models need the die to be lined up with the paper, which is then aligned in turn between the cutting pad or board. Of course, you will need to ensure that the die is set up properly. The sandwiched die is then fed through the machine using a simple crank. You will not need to exert plenty of force to make the mechanism work, but you will have to ensure correct die set up. Generally greatly versatile, manual models accommodate a wider variety of dies, even the non-branded ones. Lighter, easier to transport and more budget-friendly, manual die cut machines comprise a rolling base linked to a side crank that you simply turn to move the base that serves like a conveyor belt under the blade and die cutting press. Manual die cut machines just require you to position the paper under metal dies that will press, cut or emboss any design onto the foam or paper.

Automatic or computerized die cut machines need less effort from the user and work pretty much like a printer or scanner. The die cutting materials are placed on a sheet of light adhesive paper to ensure stability while the design is being carved out by the die-cutting blade. You don’t have to load dies manually since die cartridges are store-bought and electronically loaded into the machine. The electronic interface allows you to create designs on a computer that are then processed in the cutter, which does the prep work and the cutting by itself. Electronic die cut machines can handle paper and vinyl lettering along with embossing and engraving on different types of materials such as leather, fabric and metal. They do require basic familiarity with computers for downloading software or storing information. Electronic machines are pricier, with the die cartridges custom-made for every machine.


Convenient availability of materials and dies

Die cut machines are widely utilized for stickers, stamps, labels, quilting, card pieces and scrapbooking. Top rated models can produce elaborate lace patterns that can be exasperating to cut using a knife or a pair scissors. The die cutter should churn out a uniformly and neatly cut design on the workpiece, whether paper or cloth. Always get a die cutting machine that works on the kind of materials you prefer to use, which can be fabric, vinyl or paper. Some premium models even accommodate sheet metal, leather, foam, plastic, paperboard, fiberboard, foil, cloth, fiber and rubber. More advanced die cutting machines are needed by quilters to handle various thicknesses and textures of fabrics. Most die cutting machines can serve the needs of scrapbookers just fine.

A die cutting machine should be supplemented with other items as well, and these include dies. Most machines ship with a few dies but you can select from a huge variety of other dies available for your unit. These will include shapes, letters, numbers and figures, licensed cartoon characters and logos. Check out both the smallest and largest dies available on the market so you have a greater variety of options. Bear in mind that not all machines can support larger dies, which are used as backgrounds. Die cutter machine manufacturers sell dies exclusive for use with their products, but some dies can be used with more than a single machine. Do your own research on dies compatibility for your machine. This is where manual die cutters offer versatility since they can accommodate dies produced by other manufacturers, even the unbranded ones. Automated or computerized machines tend to be restrictive in this aspect because of the software programming factor.

2.Cricut Explore

Cutting performance and ease of use

A die cutting machine will need more than enough cutting force to handle the material it is designed for. It will have to exert the exact amount of pressure to the workpiece. It should leave scored edges and uniform, clean lines. It can also be used to engrave, emboss and pierce or draw custom or premade designs. Thin material will need low pressure. Some machines are geared with a low cutting force that makes them suitable for handling tough materials like leather while still being able to work with cardstock and other paper materials. Machines with a high cutting force of about 900 grams or higher offer more versatility.

You want a machine that is easy to set up. It should be easy to transport from one location to another without easily damaging the die cutter. You will want the machine to be easy to store as well. Electronic models may come with the needed software but should also be compatible with the most widely used standalone die cutting software. The cutting width needs to be at least 12 to 15 inches to handle scrapbooking projects as well as most other materials. Narrower cutting widths restrict your options on letter and image sizes.




Top rated die-cut machines in 2017


There are plenty of choices on die cutter machines that can be used for projects, and this can complicate the buying experience for the average consumer. We urge you to look into the tips presented in the above buying guide to help you become a more informed shopper. We have also showcased the best products below for even more help.


Our recommendations


Sizzix 657900 Big Shot


1.Sizzix 657900

A consistent top rated product, the Sizzix 657900 Big Shot is easy to operate. It produces neatly cut shapes and elegantly embossed textures. With just a few turns of the crank, you can make a rich variety of fascinating shapes for different purposes. The supplied multipurpose platform is designed to accommodate embossing folders and almost the entire Sizzix product library or any other brand with up to 6 inches width, along with other embossing and die cutting tools. This Sizzix die-cut machine ships with a pair of standard cutting boards as well. The multipurpose platform comes packed with full instructional guides that can help you create amazing textures and shapes to showcase your creativity.


Click to see the price on Amazon!




Cricut Explore Air


2.Cricut Explore

Every serious crafter should have the Cricut Explore Air to power their creativity. This die cutter machine is an electronic model that interfaces with your home computer and enables you to cut and write using customized templates or even to design your own using the free downloadable Cricut Design Software. It offers an easy-to-use system that cuts with amazing precision while offering high versatility thanks to the twist dial feature that allows you to make material selection from paper, vinyl and iron-on to cardstock, fabric and poster boards. This machine brings your creativity to the fore with the wide range of material sizes you can work on from ¼ inch to 11.5 x 23.5 inches, perfect for home decor, scrapbooking, card making and more.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($182)




Cricut Cuttlebug V2 Green 


3.Cricut 2000293

Versatile enough to accommodate the dies you already own, the Cricut Cuttlebug V2 Green is any serious crafter’s dream machine. It can cut and emboss on a wide variety of crafting materials. The product ships with all the elements you need to embark on a highly enjoyable journey into creativity. You get not just the Cricut Cuttlebug Die Cutter and Embosser but also two cutting pads, a spacer and a 5×7 flower embossing folder. The suction cups on the bottom ensure stability while working. This machine boasts a cool compact fold-and-store profile to enable effortless transport and storage in less space compared to competitor machines with large footprints.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($120)




Sizzix 655268 Big Shot


Best die-cut machine reviews

Most of the latest top rated die-cut machine reviews underline the efficiency of the Sizzix 655268 Big Shot cutting and embossing roller machine, a product known for its high quality features and fluid functionality. This portable shape-cutting and embossing roller-style machine helps you put your ideas into reality in any circumstance without causing any problems at all. Furthermore, due to the unique design, the Sizzix 655268 die-cut machine can accommodate with ease a wide range of crafting materials starting from paper and ending with fabric.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($170)




Silhouette Cameo


The majority of the latest top rated die-cut machine reviews underline the efficiency and precise functionality of the Silhouette Cameo Electric cutting tool. The Silhouette Cameo comes equipped with a solid 12 inch cutting mat, a swift cutting blade, 50 exclusive cuttable designs. This model comes with complete access to thousands of downloadable designs and can cut up to 12-inch wide and 10-feet long. You should also be aware that the die-cut machine can cut with accuracy a variety of materials starting from vinyl to fabric.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($239.99)




Cricut Expression 290300


The Cricut Expression 290300 personal electronic cutter is probably the best die-cut machine in 2017, helping the user develop his/her creativity to new heights. This electronic cutting machine is ideal for scrapbooks, classroom décor and many other projects. You should know that the Cartridge system requires no computer and can cut with accuracy from ¼ inch to 23 – 1.2 inches. The model also comes with a user friendly and easy to read LCD screen with 6 modes and 4 functions like portrait or landscape orientation.


Click to see the price on Amazon!




Cricut 29-0001


Making models will be as easy as pie once you begin to use the Cricut 29-0001 personal cutting machine, a product known for its efficiency and fluid functionality. This portable electronic cutting machine is ideal for making greeting cards, scrapbooks and other more delicate paper crafts. Furthermore, the device can cut with precision letters, shapes and phrases and works with ease with vellum, paper, cardstock and also vinyl. This is probably the reason most of the present top rated die-cut machine reviews gave it high marks on each analysis.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($179.99)




Cricut Expression 2


Considered by thousands of people as one of the best die-cut machine in 2017, the Cricut Expression 2 electric cutting machine is an expression of quality and professionalism. The model has 12 in x 24 inch cutting capability, with great precision and is also compatible with all Cricut cartridges. You should also know that theCricut Expression cutting machine has a larger, faster, full-color LCD touch-screen display with stylus and there is no keypad overlay required. This is the reason why so many people are using the Cricut Expression 2 cutting machine.


Click to see the price on Amazon!