Things to Consider When Buying a Top Digital Distance Measurer Kit


If you’re tired walking around with a metal tape measure and forgetting what and how you measured, it’s time to do yourself a huge favor and get any one of the devices in the best digital distance measurer kit reviews. The digital distance measurer uses an advanced system that measures the time it takes for a pulse of laser light to bounce off an object and return to the measuring device. Aside from knowing how it works, you should also know what makes a quality digital distance measurer.

Best digital distance measurer kit

Long Range

Primarily, a product highlighted in the best digital distance measurer kit reviews provides convenience, which always comes with an ability to measure long range. This makes the device highly useful for measuring distances that can’t realistically be measured using an ordinary device. Choose models with a sizable range so you lessen your workload significantly while ensuring accuracy.



The purpose of using the best digital distance measurer kit 2019 in various industries is to ensure one primary element: accuracy. Therefore, the device should be able to deliver on this aspect without question. The device should perform well in the indoor setting with minimal error and precise range data. It should be able to distinguish between objects well at a longer distance and with higher ambient light typically characteristic of the outdoor environment.

You will also want a quick response time so you won’t be sacrificing too much of your own time for doing other essential tasks in the job site. For measuring short distances, you will want a really accurate high speed timer.


Easy Use

If you can’t use the device without requiring that you enroll in an entire course of electronics engineering, it does not qualify among the top rated digital distance measurer kits 2019. The main reason for getting a digital distance measurer is convenience and ease of use. It should not make you want to just grab a conventional metal tape measure because of a sophisticated technology that feels like rocket science to understand. The device should be portable enough to slide into your pocket. A backlit screen enables measuring in poor lighting conditions. A sturdy case or rubber over-molding ensures durability.



Some models are able to store up to 20 last measurements taken in their memory. Others carry a design that enables easy measuring from edges and corners. Many units provide area and volume measurements along with a variety of measurement functions, and even allow you to add and subtract distance values effortlessly. Some models are able to do indirect measurements using the Pythagorean Theorem. Others offer measurements in feet and inches, decimal feet, inches, as well as metric units.


Top Rated Digital Distance Measurer Kits in 2019


You want a digital distance measurer that offers superb performance on the field, especially when working on projects that require exceptional accuracy in building structures. To ensure you have the best that the technology can offer, you have to do some research on the products available on the market. There are many choices, so let us help you along by suggesting three great products that are worth the money.


Bosch GLM 35 Laser Measurer


1.Bosch GLM 35The Bosch GLM 35 Laser Measurer defies the concept that small signifies incapability. This handy pocket-size measuring device offers full features including area, distance, volume, length, continuous measurement and addition/subtraction. The device measures distances up to 120 feet. Measurements are carried out in real time once the laser is activated and even as you move farther or closer from the target. The device holds the measurement when the measure button is pressed again. The operator doesn’t have to carry a calculator along to determine volume and area, as the device provides the information easily and quickly.

With the onboard backlighting, the user can see information with ample resolution even in poorly lit areas. The Bosch GLM 35 Laser Measurer is easy to use. It boasts Bosch laser technology that ensures reliable accuracy to 1/16 inch, enabling you to complete your job in seconds. The pocket size design enables easy access even in corners and edges. The device measures in feet plus inches or metric. To enable easy use out of the box, the device comes with a manual. It is powered by two triple-A batteries, which are also shipped in the package to enable out-of-the-box functionality.

The display shows little icons that make it easy to figure out what the device is doing.

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Stanley STHT77138X TLM99 Laser Distance Measurer


2.Stanley STHT77138X TLM99Capable of calculating distance, area and volume, the Stanley STHT77138X TLM99 Laser Distance Measurer is a handy device that should form part of any tradesman’s gear collection. With a range of 100 feet or 30 meters, the Stanley STHT77138X TLM99 Laser Distance Measurer offers an accuracy of +/- 3/32 inch or 2 millimeters. Thanks to the continuous measurement tracking function, you can easily determine the distance from the target in just seconds. The automatic calculations capability makes it effortless and quick to make job estimates.

The addition/subtraction function eliminates the need to bring a calculator along to perform math operations or for doing manual math while in the field. The Stanley STHT77138X TLM99 Laser Distance Measurer is a perfect piece of equipment for architects, builders, contractors, electricians, inspectors, masons, painters and remodelers. It helps the user precisely and effortlessly measure distance and calculate area and volume both for commercial and residential design and building projects. The continuous measurement tracking capability also locates the target quickly, enabling just one person to carry out measurements on a perpetually busy work site.

The TLM99 is easy to transport thanks to its handy design. It comes with a quick start manual to familiarize the user with its functions, plus two AAA batteries for out-of-the-box functionality.

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Foneso F100 Laser Distance Measurer


3.Foneso F100The Foneso F100 laser distance measurer is a handy, pocket-size device that delivers fast, easy, and accurate measurements in the field. Offering measurements in various units, the Foneso F100 provides information in inches, feet and inches, decimal feet, and metric units, to help professionals perform their tasks in a most accurate, time-saving manner. Pocket-sized for hassle-free portability, the Foneso F100 provides a more convenient, accurate and easier way to measure parameters in the job site compared to using a conventional metal tape measure. Range is what the device has in heaps, thanks to its ability to measure a distance for about 328 feet.

The Foneso F100 laser distance measurer employs state-of-the-art precision laser technology to deliver dependable data to facilitate a one-person task, even at walking out distances. When on the continuous length mode, the laser distance measurer will adjust the measurement automatically as the operator moves forward, so taking notes and repositioning the device are not necessary. It also does indirect measurements using the Pythagorean Theorem, for difficult-to-measure areas. The tool stores the last 20 measurements taken for easy retrieval and addition/subtraction function.

The Foneso F100 uses 2 triple-A batteries, which come in the package along with a carrying case for convenient portability. A user manual familiarizes the operator with the device features.

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