How to Buy One of the Best Digital Photo Frames under 100


Replacing the old and antiquated classic photo frames, today’s digital models come with plenty of new extra features that makes them the perfect choice for both home and office use. Unfortunately, with so many models and brands on the market, getting a new digital photo frame may be quite a daunting task. This article will give you all the needed information, helping you select the best model for you.


Image resolution

With a high image resolution, a good digital photo frame will displays the images in full color and at the best possible quality. While cheaper models may have smaller resolution, the best models come with high enough resolution, allowing them to have an excellent crystal clear picture. Keep in mind to always check and select the models with maximum image resolution.


Display size

Unlike image resolution, the display and frame size may vary according to your own preferences. While large size digital frames are perfect for displaying group images and wide panoramic pictures, smaller frames are perfect for portraits and pictures of pets and small family members. Before choosing a large model make sure you have enough space for it.


Additional features

The best digital photo frames come with plenty of additional features, including slideshows, audio and video output, a digital clock and even organizers.


Highest Rated Digital Photo Frames under 100


Helping you get the perfect digital photo frame, we searched through all the reviews available and selected three of the most praised and highly ranked models around. Earning top ranks for their image quality, design and extra features, each of these digital photo frames are today’s best buy choices in their own category.


NIX X08D Digital Photo Frame


1.NIX Digital Photo FrameSimple to use, this digital photo frames comes with an excellent range of options and extras, making it the best digital photo frame under 100 money can buy. Perfect for home or office, the NIX digital frame boasts an excellent 800×600 image resolution. At 8” in size, this digital photo frame is the perfect choice for both portrait and group images.

Adapted to any type of photo, this digital photo frame uses an internal tilt sensor to detect its position and adjust the image from landscape to portrait as required. This function, together with its medium size, makes it one of the most versatile models you can use today. Additionally, a smart motion sensor will detect your presence and turn the image on and off whenever you will enter or leave the room.

Capable of reading any type of USB memory stick and SD/SDHC cards, the NIX digital frame will automatically display all the image content from all these devices without any assistance. Equipped with a convenient and simple to use remote, this digital frame is perfect for anyone regardless of age and technical expertise.

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Micca M808z Digital Photo Frame


2.Micca M808z Digital Photo FrameDelivering perfect quality image, this digital frame is one of the few that can also play audio and video files when needed. With its smart design, the Micca M808z will read most common picture, video or audio file formats and broadcast them without any assistance on its screen and speakers.

While other models focus only on the digital pictures, the Micca M808z is one of the most versatile digital frames you will ever use. Capable of reading USB sticks and SD/SDHC up to 32 GB in size, this model will be a perfect choice for all those who love storing lots of digital memories. Its smart video function allows it to play all common video formats used by tablets and smartphones, including the widespread MP4 format. When it comes to audio, this digital photo frame will play any mp3 files creating a perfect atmosphere for your photos and videos.

Sleek, smart and functional, this model is the perfect choice for those who want maximum versatility in their digital photo frame.

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ViewSonic VFD1028W-11 Digital Photo Frame


3.ViewSonic VFD1028W-11 Digital Photo FrameOffering a large 10” display and superb 1024×600 image resolution, this digital photo frame is one of the most elegant and stylish models available for purchase right away. High resolution images and beautiful colors recommend the ViewSonic VFD1028W-11 as the best digital photo frame under 100 on sale today.

Large and stylish, this digital photo frame is one of the best when it comes to displaying group photos, big family reunions and beautiful landscape pictures. With its high image resolution, the ViewSonic VFD1028W-11 will offer the same image quality as top rank models, at a fraction of their price.

Unlike other models, this one comes with its own 128 Mb internal memory storage. Perfect for storing all those precious moments, the internal memory can be used anytime you need it. Besides its own memory, the ViewSonic VFD1028W-11 can read all USB types and a wide range of memory cards including SD/SDHC and MS/MMC.

Simple and elegant, this digital photo frame comes equipped with a comfortable remote control, allowing its user to browse through images and start a slideshow with the push of a button.

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