Top rated digital photo frames for the money


These days, everything has gone digital. But things like digital photo frames are cherished by all members of any family. It is common sense to have a digital photo frame. The major companies have worked hard to design a device for photo display in a colorful manner. Bright colors and clean photos indicate different time periods. This is a review of the digital photo frames, which are a step towards narrowing down the best digital photo frame there is. People use the digital photo frame as means of a gift. Read further to know more about the best digital photo frames for the money.


Pandigital PAN7000DW 7-Inch photo frame


Best digital photo frames for the money This is the top notch digital photo frame from Pandigital. It is seven inches with a LCD display. The aspect ratio of this device is 4:3. It can withhold at least 6,400 photos anytime. It’s quite impressive. The digital photo frame has a wooden black frame and it has a conventional look. It has a five in one card reader and a calendar. Furthermore, it has a clock and it combines pleasure and quality both. It also has a timer, which is programmable. You can display the desired photos and they are available in a decent price range.




Opteka OPT15 15-inch photo frame


When the question comes about crafted digital photo frame, then Opteka OPT15 is hard to ignore. It’s a product, which impresses people with its design and brilliant features. It has a slideshow mode and you can rotate the photos. It has a higher resolution. View the photos clearly and there are no complaints yet. It is on the shopper’s list of most wanted digital photo frame. The Opteka OPT15 is efficient and deemed as best available on the market. It has a 1 GB of storage memory. It lights up any day and shines all moods making it one of the best digital photo frames for the money.



Digital Spectrum 8.4 inch photo frame


This Digital Spectrum has a slim frame and this digital photo frame blends nicely with any given surrounding. One can place it in multiple locations. It has a higher resolution screen and its screen size is 8.4 inch. The faceplates are interchangeable. It can display animated images and one can play audio tunes as well. It has unique features and it can play videos in these formats namely, BMP, MP3, JPEG and MPEG. It is the ultimate digital photo frame. All in all, this product will surely have a place in hearts ofeveryone.




Sony 9-Inch LCD 15:9 Diagonal photo frame


Sony is a trustworthy name in the electronic industry and known for its expensive products. The screen is only high quality has a resolution of 9 inch. The aspect ratio of the screen is 15:9.  This digital photo frame can store at least 2000 photos at a time. It also has formats MS, XD, CF and SD cards compatible. This is a pricey and the best digital photo frame on the market. Sony is a trusted name in the industry. With Sony digital photo frame, there is ample place for storage of memories and families.



Viewsonic VDF1027w


Even View sonic has a product of its own. This modern digital photo frame is efficient and denotes high quality. The VDF 1027w-11 has a screen of 10.2 inches. It is another prized product in the market and can be placed on walls easily. It is compatible with MS Pro, SDHC and XC formats. It has an internal memory of 128 MB memory. It also can encompass MMC memory cards. As already mentioned, the screen is 10.2 inches. The resolution is 1024*600. Furthermore it has a clock feature and calendar option as well. It presents photos in a slideshow.