Digital photo frames Price comparison


Digital photo frames make for an innovative and effective way to showcase your most cherished photos. Aside from owning one, a lot of people fancy giving it out as gifts, due to its remarkable features and amusing ambient presence. By doing some simple research, you will get to know which digital photo frame best suits your particular wants and needs.


Pandigital PAN7000DWFR 7-Inch Digital Photo Frame


Best Digital photo frames Ratings One of the frames that have the best digital photo frames ratings, the Pandigital 7-inch with its crisp LCD screen and 4:3 standard aspect ratio, can save and display approximately 6,400 regular pictures. This gadget offers a more customary look with its glossy black wood frame. It also comes with 2 photo mats in charcoal and white. The Pandigital PAN7000DWFR 7-inch digital photo frame can display practically any kind photo, which can be loaded into it via its 5-in-1 card reader. It has a clock and calendar as well that combines great quality with sheer pleasure. Moreover, its programmable timer permits you to display your photos as per your requirements.



Sony 9-Inch LCD 15:9 Diagonal Photo Frame


Considered as one of the best digital photo frames available these days, the Sony 9” LCD picture frame is designed with utmost care as well as attention towards detail. The device can hold as well as display around 2,000 photos, all thanks to its massive internal memory capacity. However, it works with other storage facilities as well, such as SD, CF, MS and XD cards. The Sony 9-inch LCD 15:9 diagonal photo frame is arguably the most aesthetically pleasing media device available in the market these days, and make for an excellent addition to any abode.



Digital Spectrum 8.4-Inch Photo Frame


The Digital Spectrum 8.4” picture frame has a sleek design which easily blends in any given environment, and its contemporary appeal helps improve the look of any room that it is placed in. The 8.4-inch high-resolution display, together with the exchangeable faceplates allows you to adjust and control the experience that you have with the gadget. Aside from displaying animated images, you can also have it play audio music and videos in BMP, MPEG, JPEG and MP3 formats. Seeing all these great features, you already know why the Digital Spectrum was given the best digital photo frames ratings.



Viewsonic VDF1027w Digital Photo Frame


If you are looking for an innovative and advanced photo frame, then this is the right product for you. The Viewsonic VDF1027w offers both quality and efficiency. It has a basic 128MB internal memory capacity, but it also works with additional storage devices such as MMC, MS Pro, XD, SDHC and also SD memory cards. This Viewsonic model has an ample 10.2” digital display screen, 1024×600 high-resolution, as well as a clock and calendar, and unique slideshow features. Owing to its slim design and light weight, you can hang it on any wall inside your house with much ease.



Opteka OPT15 15-Inch Digital Photo Frame


The Opteka OPT15 is simply an impressive device due to its exceptional design and innovative features. It has a unique slideshow option that allows you to go through specific photographs, and because of its high-resolution, all of the images will appear crisp and clear without any flaws or smudges. Given the best digital photo frames ratings by techies and consumers alike, its major selling point is its sizable 15-inch display screen. With a large screen and 1GB memory storage capacity, Opteka OPT15 makes for a truly worthy investment.