If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best digital piano money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best digital pianos on the market by looking at owner feedback, sales figures, and the value offered for the price of these models. Out of all the products we have looked at, the Yamaha DGX650B is the best because it is an 88-note alternative that’s worth every penny, being tailored to the needs of the modern piano player. This model comes with Yamaha technology that is world-known for offering the sound accuracy and quality you might fail to find in other units. Besides, there’s no reason to worry about connectivity when it comes to the DGX650B as you have more than enough freedom to use it with the mobile device or computer of your choice. If the Yamaha DGX650B is unavailable, you could also consider the Yamaha P45B as it is the second best option.



Comparison Table


Product No. of Keys Price Bench Weight Our Rating Where to buy

Yamaha Arius YDPV240

88-key $$$$$ Included 147 lbs A+ AMAZON

Williams Overture

88-key $$$ No 150 lbs A AMAZON

Casio AP420

88-key $$ Included 141 lbs B+ AMAZON

Yamaha DGX640W

88-key $$$ No 47 lbs B AMAZON

Casio PX830

88-key $$$$ No 80 lbs C+ AMAZON



Buying Guide


Purchasing a good digital piano these days isn’t so simple as you might have thought it to be. For one, there are many options to consider, depending on your experience and expectations. Secondly, many manufacturing brands are working toward perfecting their models, and so it might be difficult to choose between an older and a newer unit. If you’d like to get rid of the hassle that’s part of your decision process, all you have to do is go through our simple buying guide.

Yamaha DGX650B

Type of piano

One of the core reasons you might feel tempted to get the best digital piano for beginners or well-seasoned players alike is portability. Sometimes, your buying journey may not be as simple as saying yes or no to one lightweight version or the next. Any audiophile knows that sound gear and equipment is often more efficient and capable of superior performance if it’s heavy. The quality of the conductors and capacitors is greater if the manufacturing engineers don’t have to focus on designing them as small and lightweight as possible.

As such, you will have to decide between a digital piano, an organ, an arranger, a stage piano, or a workstation. While all of these alternatives have different features, there isn’t one that’s universally better than the other. Some may have built-in speakers while others have to be connected to external ones or headphones. Price differences also exist among these options, as is the case with the arranger, which is typically inexpensive compared to its counterparts. When trying to decide on one model over the next, we recommend you to estimate your requirements and your purpose as a heavy and expensive stage piano might be counterproductive and less efficient for a beginner. However, it might be just the right thing for someone who has already developed his or her piano playing skills.


Critical features

The audio quality of the product matters the most when making your final call. Since it’s rather difficult to tell whether the model you’re thinking of buying online will give you what you’re looking for on this account, we recommend checking out some of the best digital piano reviews. There are various people who have bought the same model in the past and who are eager share the experience they’ve had with it.

Another characteristic you have to be on the lookout for is whether or not the unit comes with weighted keys. Hammer weighted keys can give you the feeling that you are practicing on a full-size piano, that you’d normally find in your music classroom. This feature makes it possible for your fingers to benefit from a certain resistance on the part of the keys and ultimately, it should be what you ought to be looking for as it can make playing feel somewhat natural. The surface of the keys of most digital pianos is plastic; therefore, right from the beginning, you might notice that it’s less user-friendly compared to the keys of a concert piano.

Yamaha P45B Digital Piano


There’s a high chance that you might want to record your compositions at some point or the other. Whether you plan to do that with your computer or with your iOS or Android smartphone, it all boils down to how you’ll be connecting these devices to the piano. It’s true that all the modes and interface capabilities of the product matter a great deal, but they might all be useless if you have no means of recording the sounds some way or the other. Besides, if you plan to practice while other people are in the house, maybe you want to stick to a model that comes with headphone jacks. One way of solving the connectivity problem is by selecting a unit that features a USB port given that most entertainment devices out there are USB-capable nowadays.



Top rated digital pianos in 2019


The best digital pianos are showcased below. We’ve checked with the ratings and reviews received by these alternatives and we have come to the conclusion that they’re capable of doing their job wonderfully. Some are pricier than others so it all depends on your personal budget and whether you’re prepared to make a serious investment or a budget-friendly one.


Our recommendations


Yamaha DGX650B


1.Yamaha DGX650B

Almost no other brand is as well-known as Yamaha, and for good reason, too. The brand has been on the market for a good amount of time now, during which it has built an impressive reputation. The DGX650B has an excellent performance and even more remarkable capabilities, in spite of the fact that it might not be the most affordable piano out there. Even so, it’s undoubtedly worth all the hype that it has gathered over time since it has anything from an 88-note, weighted GHS action to 128-note polyphony. Furthermore, the unit is a winner regarding connectivity as it can be utilized with mixers, other keyboards, smartphones, and laptops.


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Yamaha P45B 


2.Yamaha P45B Digital Piano

Even though the Yamaha P45B isn’t packed with all the features of a high-end alternative, it’s definitely an option to consider since it is financially accessible and available for sale on most internet retailers’ websites these days. In spite of the fact that it doesn’t come with its own stand and is significantly more lightweight than other products, the P45B is highly recommended for rookies and eager learners as it has GHS weighted action and 64-note polyphony, as well as a dual mode that allows you to combine two instruments or voices at the same time. Moreover, the P45B is USB-capable and can be used with multiple other devices.


Buy from Amazon for ($449.99)




Yamaha YPG-535 


3.Yamaha YPG-535

The YPG-535 is the dream of every audiophile come true given that it offers unparalleled value for the cost and manages to raise up to par in terms of audio quality. The product can be purchased either as a 76-key or an 88-key alternative, depending on your needs and preferences. One of the reasons you might want to check out the specs of the Yamaha YPG-535 is that it comes with a stand and adapter, thus allowing you to avoid extra expenses spent on these items. Just like with some of the other units we’ve described, this one is USB-capable and can be utilized with many storage devices.


Buy from Amazon for ($499.99)




Yamaha Arius YDPV240


Yamaha Arius YDP-V240Every person with connection to the music world knows the Yamaha brand and its high quality products. To this extent the Yamaha YDPV240 digital piano makes no exception, combining high quality and effectiveness. The model has dynamic 64-note polyphony, 131 voices and 361 XGlite voices, 160 styles and also 30 pre-set songs that represent a solid start in the musical arena. Furthermore, due to the 6-track recorder and 88-key graded Hammer Standard keyboard the user can tap into his/her inner creativity pattern and enjoy the clear sounds of the piano.


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Casio AP420 Celviano


Best Digital Piano 2019The Celviano line of pianos from Casio is designed with professionalism and attention to the tiniest details in order to create the premise for a complete piano experience. Due to the presence of the “Ivory Touch” keyboard with 88 keys and Try-Sensor keys, the user can feel every note and detail of the sounds. The recently designed 4 layer stereo grand piano sound of the AP420 model delivers a natural and also dynamic experience for the user. The built-in SD card slot allows you to record, load and save songs and play with more confidence that nothing will be lost. The Casio AP420 Celviano is not for nothing considered the best digital piano in 2019.


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Yamaha DGX640W


Most of the top rated digital piano reviews regarding efficiency and professionalism show that Yamaha DGX640W model is one of the best, currently available to all music lovers. This model is portable, has weighted graded hammer actions, a touch of real feel imprinted in its design and functionality provides clean sounds, brought to life by a simple push of a button. Furthermore Yamaha DGX6440W delivers HQ sounds capable of delivering beautiful voices, in an incredible natural pattern. With the 237 type of digital signal processor that can be added to the primary and additional voice, this Yamaha model helps the user expand his musical creativity.


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Casio PX830 Privia


Considered by specialists and technicians as the best digital piano in 2019, the Casio PX830 model, known for its musical precision, sound clarity and solid structure, helps the user free his musical aspirations and projects. With a basic design and additional features, the PX830 model allows the user to enjoy a pure piano playing experience. Combing the pleasure of the refined matte keys and the luxurious 128-tone AiF sound source, the Casio PX830 is a reliable musical instrument that delivers high quality sounds without any discrepancies or problems in any context.


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Products which are no longer available



Yamaha DGX640C


The DGX640C digital piano is one of the most popular models among musicians, known for its clear and subtle tones. At the bush of a button, the user starts a delightful musical journey recording its performance, due to the presence of the built-in recorder. Embodying the Sweet! and Cool! Voices, the pitch bend wheel this model delivers astonishing sounds in high quality. With the Hammer Standard keyboard and the matte finish black keys, the user has the notion of playing at a real piano, thus setting the mood for a complete musical experience.