How to Buy One of the Best Digital Pianos under 2000


If you want high quality sound for a low cost, getting the best digital piano is always a terrific alternative to buying a more expensive acoustic instrument. The digital piano is a far cheaper solution than a real piano. In addition, it is also much lighter, so you won’t really need to do a major rearrangement of the space you intend to put the digital piano in. Many of today’s digital pianos are outfitted with fully-weighted keys, along with exceptional reverb effects and sound quality taken from the world’s greatest grand pianos.

The range of features and functions that a digital piano offers might make the decision a bit of a challenge to make, but it is still best to select carefully.

1.Yamaha ARIUS YDP-181 Electronic Piano

Number of Keys + Sound Quality

The standard number of keys on all pianos is 88, so even the best digital piano under 2000 should have that many keys as well. Unless you’re seriously planning to move no higher from playing simple tunes, anything less won’t do. A smaller keyboard may be space-saving, but it limits your repertoire.

Inversely, do ignore the manufacturer’s lure on the number of instruments and unique sounds you will be able to play. Consider if you will the fact that you may not even be able to use half of those instruments and sounds, let alone utilize a quarter of them most of the time. What you should focus on is the sound quality of those sounds you intend to use heavily. You want a rich, full sound, not something scraping, brittle or whiny, like a cheap recording of a core instrument in an orchestra.


Touch Response

Digital pianos with less than 76 keys typically come with no touch response keys. Products with descriptions that say “5 volume levels” or “up/down switch for higher/lower volume” only indicate that the keys don’t have special touch response. Premium digital pianos use dials or sliders for precision control.

Touch-sensitive keys are a manufacturing gimmick to jack up the cost of a digital piano. Most often, these types of products make you compromise on your technique.

Instead, check out products that say “fully-weighted keys”. The best ones even have the bass notes weighing a bit more heavily, to approximate the larger strings and hammers of the lower octaves of an acoustic piano.




Denoting the number of individual tones or notes that the piano can produce at a time, polyphony varies from one brand and model to another. Low-end models offer a bare minimum of 32-note polyphony, while those that create more complex sounds offer 64-note polyphony. The top-rated best digital piano under 2000 can provide either 128-note or 264-note polyphony.


What Are the Most Appreciated Digital Pianos under 2000?


If you have a budding musician at home but do not wish to break the bank just to indulge your young child’s dream, a digital piano should enable you to make your young one happy in more ways than a real piano can. The list of options can seem endless, but here are three products worth looking into.


Yamaha ARIUS YDP-181 Electronic Piano


1.Yamaha ARIUS YDP-181 Electronic PianoThe Yamaha ARIUS YDP-181 Electronic Piano is outfitted with an 88-key graded hammer weighted action keyboard that allows it to approximate the sound of a real acoustic piano. While ordinary digital pianos run out of notes when tackling fast, robust legato passages, this model will not cut off sustained notes or steal them just to make room for new ones. This unit provides a maximum of up to 128-note polyphony. Ideal for both beginner and professional players, the Yamaha ARIUS YDP-181 Electronic Piano delivers genuine piano sound and feel. You’ll enjoy playing it during practice and performances.

Remarkably authentic sound is provided by the tri-level AWM Dynamic Stereo Sampling Voices. The piano comes with a USB device port that lets you store songs recorded on the YDP-181. Providing intricate expressive control over the recorded sound is the damper pedal that performs a half-damper effect. To approximate the feel of playing on a real piano, the Yamaha ARIUS YDP-181 ensures that lower notes are played on the graded hammer keyboard with a heavier touch, and lighter playing results to greater response from the higher notes. An extra key sensor is built in to reproduce fast repetitive playing of a single note with incredible articulation.

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Kawai CE220 Digital Piano


2.Kawai CE220 Digital PianoGeared with an 88-wooden key keyboard, the Kawai CE220 Digital Piano boasts graded hammer action so the sound is as intense as the weight you press the keys with. The lower octave keys are provided with greater weight to imitate the heavier strings and hammers of a real piano, thanks to effective counterbalancing. The electronic piano uses progressive harmonic imaging sound technology as a sound source, which nicely complements the 88-key piano sampling. It provides maximum 192-note polyphony. Enjoy a detailed, clear and realistic piano sound with this device.

The convenient USB to device functionality enables you to record a song or a practice session to a USB memory stick, so you can play the song through a computer or on another instrument. When the song is loaded to your PC, you can print a score easily or just email it to a teacher or friend. The Dual Mode lets you play two sounds at one time. The Split Mode enables you to play one sound on the keyboard’s left side while playing another sound on the right side. The unique 4-Hands Mode lets you create a pair of identical 44-note pianos on the keyboard, which is perfect for duets and piano lessons.

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Korg SV188BK Digital Piano


3.KORG SV188BK 88-Key Digital PianoBuilt with a full number of 88 keys, the Korg SV188BK 88-Key Digital Piano boasts the best responsive hammer 3 (RH3) graded hammer action. It is designed to replicate the playing action and key weight of an acoustic piano, giving the KORG SV188BK better touch control and a more piano-like feel. Reproducing the finest piano sounds, the KORG SV188BK offers a combination of two grand pianos and an upright piano, all in one package. The electronic piano also provides 36 of the most popular and commonly desired vintage keyboard sounds, all reproduced with incredible fidelity.

The Korg SV188BK is built with retro-inspired performance styling and a superbly elegant matte black stage finish, with single-function knobs and switches that ensure fast and simple operation. It boasts an intuitive LIVE front panel where the single function knobs are mounted for problem-free use. It has 8 car-radio style Favorites buttons that are really easy to set. You have the option to use either an assignable foot pedal or an assignable footswitch. The instrument also ships with a damper pedal to produce a half-damper effect, and a music rack to hold your music sheets.

The KORG SV188BK is geared with ¼-inch stereo inputs and outputs for hassle-free connectivity. It also has XLR Stereo balanced stage/recording outputs plus a Headphone output.

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