If you’re here just to find the best digital toddler and baby scales and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have consulted numerous baby gear expert review sites and compared the products there with actual owner feedback. After our extensive research, we conclude that the Health o meter Grow with Me HDC100KD-01 is the best because of how it provides precise weight measurements for newborns with 0.1 kilograms or 0.5 ounces accuracy. This means you can evaluate how much food your baby needs to grow to the optimal weight for their age for easy monitoring between visits to the pediatrician. This model converts to a toddler scale when your baby outgrows the baby scale. The large LCD display makes readings easy. If the Health o meter Grow with Me HDC100KD-01 is unavailable/out of stock, you could also consider the Taylor Salter 914-WHLKR as it is the second best option.



Buying Guide


Babies weigh differently based on genes, gender as well as the nutrition and health of the mother during pregnancy. Although you have to be meticulous in ensuring proper weight with a breastfed baby, it is also essential to make sure that a healthy-weight child is able to maintain their condition as they grow older. What makes top-notch weighing scales for babies and toddlers different from cheap ones on the market?


As with all other types of weighing scales, the best baby and toddler weighing scales provide accurate measurements. You wouldn’t want to be misled by inaccurate scale readings on a low-quality baby and toddler scale. Going off even by a few ounces would mean either underfeeding or overfeeding your child. Unless a weighing scale for children can provide precise measurements, ideally to a few decigrams or just under 1 ounce, you are never sure if your child is getting fed right.

This is especially important to help your pediatrician devise the perfect feeding plan for your child that should be followed to ensure premium and good-quality nutrition at all times.

You also wouldn’t want to be doing reweighing multiple times just to get the average, since what you want is the most accurate reading possible even after just a single or a couple of weigh ins. Babies and toddlers do not do too well placed on a scale since they can fret and get uneasy quickly.

A baby or toddler throwing tantrums on an inaccurate scale is even worse. It can throw off the measurements even more because of the added pressure from a protesting child. You want to be able to place your baby on the scale, read quickly and go.


Easy Use

Look for products in the best digital baby and toddler scales reviews that offer easy use. A large LCD screen makes it easy to view the reading at a glance while keeping your child still and calm on the scale. Some models have a Hold function to display the measured weight even when the child gets frisky on the scale.

Some units even ship with a growth guidance book that lets you monitor your baby’s weight and height and compare them to national averages for nutrition checking.

You also want a security lock on the infant tray for extra stability during use. A Zero function acts like a Tare feature to subtract the weight of clothing and diapers, so you get a more accurate reading every time.

Some models have a button that allows switching any time between different units of weight, whether in English or metric.



The best quality baby and toddler scale offers dependable performance as the baby grows. Many manufacturers of scales for children realize that more and more consumers now want real value for money with products that grow as their child does. That is why they have designed their products to be convertible from a lower-capacity baby scale to a more capacitive toddler scale.

It is important that you know your child’s weight as they grow, not just when they are a helpless infant. Weighing your child regularly till the toddler stage helps ensure they are getting the right nutrition at the right age.

A weighing scale is also a necessity when your child is breastfed or is a picky eater. This helps prevent obesity in overfed children and malnutrition in underfed kids.

You always want the best for your child, so investing in a good-quality weighing scale that grows with your child is of high importance. This will also help ensure that your toddler grows up to be a healthy teenager who can make wise food choices in school and even when you are not by their side.


Top Rated Digital Baby & Toddler Scales in 2019


There are plenty of choices for baby and toddler scales on the market. Although this can complicate the decision-making process, we hope the above buying guide helps you make a more informed choice. The best products are presented below for even more help.


Our recommendations


Health o meter Grow with Me HDC100KD-01


Delivering accurate weight measurements for your child, the Health o meter Grow with Me HDC100KD-01 enables parents with breastfed babies to monitor their child’s growth through the years. This product simplifies nutrition checking in the comfort of the home and between visits to the doctor.

Because a baby can be difficult to keep still while being weighed, this scale has a HOLD function that obtains the average reading even as the child keeps moving about on the scale tray. Moreover, this model comes with a Zero Out feature that deducts the extra weight attributable to clothing, diapers or the blanket.

It registers the weight in half-ounce increments for easy subtracting from the total weight obtained with the child. As an added item, a Growth Chart Book comes in the package so you can track your child’s weight and be aware of what needs to be done for proper development and nutrition.

This way, you will know if your child is feeding properly and growing healthy.

The tray can be detached to convert the baby scale to a toddler scale with a teddy bear design and a capacity of up to 60 pounds. This scale shows accurate measurements once placed on a flat, level surface.

Buy from Amazon for ($41.97)




Taylor Salter 914-WHLKR


Made of high-quality plastic, the Taylor Salter 914-WHLKR offers a maximum capacity of 45 pounds. It is suitable for use with babies and toddlers. This model is best used for monitoring the growth and development of children from infancy to the toddler stage especially when they are breastfed or have picky eating habits.

This weighing scale converts from a baby to a toddler scale with the simple detachment of the tray. No need to tinker with the circuitry or the primary components of the scale. This model measures in 0.5-ounce increments. The HOLD function keeps the weight on the LCD screen so even if your child moves around, you still get the right reading.

You won’t need to worry about weighing inaccuracies due to clothing or diapers, as this model comes with a Zero function that deducts the weight of those items, so you only get an accurate measurement every time.

This model is best for use with breastfed babies, underweight babies or picky eaters. It grows with your child from infancy to the toddler stage, helping you make healthy nutrition choices for your child.

This weighing scale is easy to use and helps you monitor your child’s weight during the critical formative years where nutrition counts a lot in ensuring optimal growth and development.

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The AFENDO® AFDEB522BW provides the perfect means to monitor your child’s growth and development. It enables you as the parent to make intelligent nutrition choices for your child. The surface of the infant tray has streamlined grooves that ensure a human ergonomic design to make baby comfortable on the scale.

Is your baby active and frisky? This weighing scale makes it easy to get accurate readings nevertheless thanks to the innovative HOLD function. Just press the button down once the child lies still even for just a few seconds.

No need to do subtractions or complicated mathematical computations on the obtained weight as this model comes with a TARE feature that lets you deduct the weight of the blanket, towel, clothing or diapers on your baby.

The large LCD readout makes the weight easy to read at any angle. The weight is displayed in increments of 5 grams and starts from a minimum of 5 grams for easy reading.

For newborn babies up to two years, this scale comes with a maximum weight of 20 kilograms, helping you check if your baby is growing well and healthily. This weighing scale has a button that enables switching from kilograms to pounds and ounces any time.

This eliminates the need to do complex unit conversions when you have to visit the doctor.

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