Tips for Buying One of the Best Digital Voice Recorders under 100


Designed to capture professional quality audio, the best digital voice recorders lso allow you to quickly and easily transfer digital files to your PC. Used in professional journalism, broadcasting, podcasting, music production, and by hobbyists, the digital music recorder offers greater functionality than a Dictaphone. These are the elements you want in this type of gear.

A.Best digital voice recorder under 100

Simple Uploading

You can use the best digital voice recorder under 100 in the same way you would use a handheld voice recorder. Uploading of the files to a computer is also simple, via mini-discs, SD cards, or internal hard drives, or as an email attachment and with a USB cable which should be included in the purchase. Some models use a docking station or a built-in USB memory stick to facilitate the upload.


Audio File Format

Audio recordings can be stored in several common file formats. MP3 files are relatively small but do have an acceptable quality in most circumstances.

Some models support WMA file format as well, and have a higher quality frequency response. Generally, more expensive digital voice recorders can support more audio file formats.


Pro Features

Check out the best digital voice recorder under 100 that comes with a dedicated line input, mic pads, an omnidirectional microphone, and a low frequency filter. Some units pause the recording when no sound is detected. An adapter lets you attach the device to your belt or a tripod. A handy built-in speaker enables you to listen to the recording. Other models save as they record so the file won’t be lost even if the battery dies during particularly long recordings.


Highest Rated Digital Voice Recorders under 100 in 2019


The market has such a huge selection of new devices that seem to come with similar features. This means you have to do a decent amount of research before making a purchase. In the midst of the confusion you may encounter in the process, we present three products that are worth the price.


Tascam DR-05 Portable Digital Recorder


1.TASCAM DR-05The Tascam DR-05 Portable Digital Recorder enables you to enjoy premium recording quality whenever, wherever. This device offers up to 96 kHz /24-bit Broadcast WAV film recording that provides better quality than that of a CD recording. It offers superb performance in capturing every audio detail. Simple to use, the TASCAM DR-05 Portable Digital Recorder records MP3 Files or WAV to the supplied 2GB micro-SD card. You can expand your recording capabilities by using a higher capacity SDHC or microSD card. Fast setting changes can be made via the Quick Menu. A pair of omnidirectional microphones is built into the unit.

The stereo microphones are engineered for natural ambient recording, with lower handling noise and rich bass response as compared to most handheld recorders. The built-in microphones of the TASCAM DR-05 Portable Digital Recorder capture a wide frequency range perfect for any type of nature, voice or musical recording. The 1/8-inch microphone input can be utilized with your own stereo microphone or for recording a line-level source. The unit comes with playback modes that enable the learning of new music.

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Olympus DP-201 Digital Voice Recorder


2.Olympus DP-201Offering up to 202 hours of recording time, the Olympus DP-201 Digital Voice Recorder is indispensable in broadcasting, journalism, podcasting and various other tasks that require superb quality audio recording. It boasts a 2-GB memory plus 80 hours of battery life, for greater and uninterrupted recording capacity. The Olympus DP-201 Digital Voice Recorder offers the same convenience and ease of use as regular analog recorders but with a greater memory capacity, a larger LCD screen plus an enhanced battery life. The use of large function buttons facilitates easier activation of features. Recording is always effortless with this digital voice recorder.

The Olympus DP-201 Digital Voice Recorder provides recordings that can be traced by dates instead of a usually messy folder system, thanks to the Calendar Search Function onboard. This makes the Olympus DP-201 Digital Voice Recorder a more practical gadget to use. The Calendar Search function can be subdivided easily so the user can do several recordings on just a single date. The unit turns itself off when not in use.

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ICD PX333 Digital Voice Recorder


3.ICD PX333Boasting a large 4GB Internal Flash Memory, the ICD PX333 Digital Voice Recorder has the ability to store podcasts, music and your own voice recordings, all in one device. This piece of equipment has a micro-SD expansion memory slot so you can have even more memory when you want to. The ICD PX333 Digital Voice Recorder allows you to set the date and time of the recordings, for convenient retrieval without a lot of confusion. It even plays an alarm so you can wake up to a variety of songs every day of the week. Enjoy excellent sound quality with easy setup of podcast downloads, or moving recordings and music to and from your computer.

The easy-use right/left button scrolls through the top level menu that takes you to the second level via DETAILS. The device offers efficient use of power from its two triple-A batteries. The external speaker lets you enjoy earphone-free playback. You can also choose to use ear phones when you want. The mic-in jack lets you add earpiece microphones so you can record meetings, lectures or conference calls for later reference with your notes.

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