If you’re here just to find the best dog food for puppies and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best dog food for puppies on the market by looking at owner feedback, value for money, price, overall brand quality and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at the Taste of the Wild Grain-Free is the best because of its great benefits. Based on diet principles tributary to the wild origins of dogs, this food is created with your puppy’s health in mind. The digestive tract is protected and your puppy will grow happy and healthy. Also, it is extremely tasty. If the Taste of the Wild Grain-Free is unavailable, you could also consider the CANIDAE Life Stages as the second best option.



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Puppies can be a bit demanding when it comes to feeding and care, and their not yet formed digestive system can easily get hurt by the wrong type of food. Usually, it is not indicated to use the same type of food you are feeding your adults dogs with for the puppies, as they may not tolerate it or it may not be the best for their development. With so many types and brands of puppy food on the market available for sale, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. We are here to help you with useful information on what kind of food you should purchase for your puppy.

More calories and more protein should be present

Just like children, puppies need more protein and more calories in their diet than adult dogs. They are growing fast, especially during their first year of life and even longer than that, and the expansion of bones, muscles, and tissue must be sustained. This cannot be achieved unless you pay close attention to the food you are offering the puppies living in your household. While you should not feed a puppy the same type of food as you feed an adult dog, it is not alright to do the other way around. Senior dogs usually have certain dietary restrictions, and they should not be fed with the same calorie-packed diet.


Go as ‘wild’ as possible

Dogs come from wolves, and even if they have been domesticated for thousands of years, this does not mean that their diet is that much different from their ancestors. That is why experts in puppy nutrition often recommend dog owners to make sure that the little ones are kept on a diet that is as close as possible to what wolves eat in the wild.

There are even special brands that create formulas with this purpose in mind, so you will definitely find something appropriate for feeding your puppy.


A balanced diet is the most important thing

It is a well-known fact that you should offer your puppy or puppies a diet rich in calories and protein, but this does not mean that you should only give them meat. The formulas on the market are quite complete, and the most important competition between dog food manufacturers is to strike a balance between all the vitamins and minerals needed in the special diet of a puppy or an adult dog.

The best dog food for puppies reviews highly recommend getting a formula that really strikes a balance when it comes to this.

An organic source of protein is necessary, and this must be completed with vitamins and minerals that promote growth and healthy development in puppies. Grains, when used, should only be whole grains, and one thing you should keep in mind is that rice and barley are superior to corn and wheat.

Also, you should remember that the formula should be as clean as possible from fillers, preservatives and other substances that are not bringing any benefits to the puppy’s nutrition.


Top Raed Dog Food for Puppies in 2019


The best dog foods for puppies are showcased below. Any puppy owner who wants to offer them the best there is will feel hard pressed not to find the exact formula they need among the options offered here.


Our recommendations


Taste of the Wild Grain-Free


The Taste of the Wild Grain-Free is based on principles related to how dogs came to be domesticated and their true origins. Even if they are domesticated, dogs come from wolves and their dietary needs are not that different from their ancestors’.

What this means is that, in order for your puppy to grow healthy, you should offer him or her a diet based on certain crucial ingredients. It is already a well-known fact that the best dog food for puppies should not contain low-quality grains, as this type of food is not beneficial for a puppy’s stomach.

When dogs still roamed the wild, they did not eat any grains and their digestive system is not built for processing this type of food well. What they need most and foremost are good sources of protein. In the case of this particular formula, the high-quality protein comes from salmon, a good source of omega fatty acids, as well. Your puppy will definitely benefit from the blend of ingredients meant to promote the health of its digestive tract.

The best kind of dog food for puppies should also be rich in antioxidants, and this one contains everything that is needed for healthy development.

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CANIDAE Life Stages 


Some pet owners prefer formulas that are specifically made for puppies, while others do not mind using a formula that works just fine for all their pets. Especially in a household with multiple dogs, it is always a good idea to ensure that there is plenty of food for all of them.

In order to save you money, the CANIDAE Life Stages is created in such a way that dogs of all ages can benefit from the amount of vitamins and minerals included in the formula. Even if you do not have more dogs of different ages, knowing that you can continue to feed your dog the same kind of food it loves is very convenient.

What’s the best dry dog food for puppies? Many pet owners are wondering the same, and one simple question includes the name of this particular product. Based on high-quality sources of protein, such as chicken, turkey, lamb and fish, this food is sure to provide your puppy with all that is needed for healthy development.

This food is greatly balanced, and it includes wholesome brown rice, papaya, sage and peas, which all make the kibble taste very good. You will not find any antibiotics and fillers in this food for puppies.

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Iams Proactive Health


The IAMS PROACTIVE HEALTH is created with the needs of large breed puppies in mind. Best for puppies between 1 month and 2 years old, this is a formula that caters specifically to larger dog breeds. The omega-3 DHA is included for better development of eyesight and brain.

The extra calcium provided with the formula is ideal for healthy joints, which larger breeds usually have problems with. All the necessary minerals for building good strong bones are here included, so this formula will surely not leave your puppy wanting. This dry food is great for puppies, as it is appetizing.

The source of protein is represented by real chicken, and it is great for building muscles, without any added fat. Another source of protein is represented by eggs, another wholesome ingredient that helps with building muscle mass. You will not find in this puppy food any fillers, and all the ingredients are included for creating a balanced nutrition for your growing puppy.

All the puppies fed with this formula will be energetic, happy and more trainable, due to the special mix of ingredients. Added antioxidants help developing a stronger immune system, so your puppy can enjoy very strong health.

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